Loving Myself

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“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” – Andre Gide

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I’ve written a previous post about when I discovered how much I enjoyed time spent with my hands down my pants during puberty.  Privacy was at a premium when I was at boarding school, so sometimes being in the shower was the only alone time I could secure.


I’ve written several posts and stories about the kind of joy involved in using shower time for masturbation.  I tend to make the most of the stimulation from the drumming water, the warmth of the water awakening my erogenous zones and the slip and slick created as the water runs between my legs.  I keep myself waxed smooth nowadays and take pleasure from stroking and soaping my labia.


Back in the day though, I used to gain a lot of pleasure from the hair that covered my mound, especially when taking a bath. I would lather & rub the soap through my soft pubic curls, smoothing them left and right until my labia began to tingle. Then I’d begin to tug rhythmically on the hairs, pulling downward to drag on the outer lips.  This pulling motion would let warm water inside me, warming my folds, increasing the tingling. My gentle pulling would become more insistent. I’d feel my clitoris swelling, longing to be touched. With continued tugging at the hairs, up and down the edge of my slit the tingling built like a wave which would suddenly break over me, whereon I’d throb and twitch through my orgasm. My slippery juices would mingle with the bath water.


@Aguyinpanties tells me about his adventures wearing women’s underwear. At the point where he starts touching himself through and under the fabric, he becomes aroused envisaging a woman playing with herself.  “Not only do I like the look and feel of my hand going into the knickers but I also love to tease myself through them, kind of grazing my fingers along the crotch as I imagine a woman might. Maybe inaccurate in reality but certainly something I enjoy!”

I deliberately keep my knickers on while touching myself, stroking through the fabric or pulling it aside to access my sensitive fleshy areas, just like @sub_bee in the sexy photo prompt.

My fantasy is that my panties can’t protect me from wandering hands. I love the tease to my butt when pulled tight underwear chafes between my butt cheeks, rubbing at my anus. @Aguyinpanties reports that same feeling excites him – lacy fabric in particular. Sometimes I imagine I’m being watched as I play, perhaps commanded to bring myself to climax by my man.


Nowadays I own a lot of toys of different textures, shapes and sizes, but it’s nice to go ‘old school’ occasionally. I remind myself how much pleasure I used to give myself with the simple touch of my own hands.  It might take a little longer to reach my pinnacle of joy, but why not enjoy the scenic route? There’s no need to rush.

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  1. Another great mental image for my collection Posy – I’m almost tempted to try on women’s panties for you! 🙂

    1. I love thinking you have a ‘catalogue’ of mental images of me! I’m sure you’d look great in scanties!

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