Saucy ducks with butt plug

When I’m Home Alone

Saucy ducks & butt plug

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It’s not as hard as it used to be, finding time to myself so I can indulge in some self pleasure. I know masturbation is good for me, releasing endorphins and providing a sense of well-being.


I’m a wife and mother, but now my family is older, they have their own lives to live. They are often out of the house for hours at a time so I don’t even have to be sneaky about it. I really prefer to indulge myself (combining my love of erotica reading, sex toy play and self pleasure) when I have an empty house.


My OH doesn’t mind, in fact he finds it rather exciting that I grab my pleasure when I want it. In fact he often benefits from things I’ve learned when experimenting by myself.  He is equally happy with my ever growing arsenal of sex toys and accoutrements to spice up sexy time, I’ve even made sure he has a few of his own to use anytime the fancy strikes.


I like to have music on in the background, I find it off-putting to hear sounds from neighbours or people passing the house doing daytime activities when I am trying to get in the zone, but I listen at a volume not too loud to hear the front door slam or a car on the drive.  I get comfortable, removing my clothes, but I keep a dressing gown or similar close at hand in case I suddenly hear family arriving home.


My particular favourite is to solo-play in the bathroom, during or after a shower. The noisy extractor fan also disguises the sound of a vibrator! The temperature of the shower helps. I doubt I’m alone in feeling more aroused  when my pussy and nipples are warmed by the water. If I’m feeling in the mood to play, simply smothering the shower gel over my skin gets my body humming with anticipation. My latest favourite thing is to use a scrubbing motion with an exfoliating washcloth on my nipples and clit to get them throbbing and alert to sensation. “It’s so bad it’s good!”


I went through a phase of popping a love egg or jiggle balls inside me before I had a shower, or a weighted anal plug, then I’d complete my body washing (in an overtly teasing way), followed by happily cleaning the shower with them still inserted, to increase my stimulation from their movement.  After that I would use a bullet or a clit vibe to finish myself off.


My current favourite play is to utilise a lovely flexible rabbit vibrator which is fully waterproof due to its silicone coating. It makes me climax really quickly. I like to start the thrusting before I am quite ready (lubrication wise) as the stretch and pressure is increased. All the while it pistons in and out the clitoral arm provides vibrations which just don’t quit. I feel glad the sound of the running water and the extractor fan covers my sobs of ecstasy as I come, even though I know nobody’s home!


This piece is submitted for Marie Rebelle’s meme #WickedWednesday and Tabitha Rayne’s #30DayOrgasmFun


12 thoughts on “When I’m Home Alone”

  1. It’s wondeful that you find time to give yourself some much needed you time. I laughed as you use of ‘arsenal’ since ours has spilled into may drawers and cupboards. Like your OH I also enjoy knowing the sexy fun you get up too ☺.

  2. Wonderful honest post Posy, you really nail the pleasure of an indulgent masturbation session and the luxury of being able to take your time and spoil yourself. You make a great point that being able to be comfortable and secure enough to properly relax is so important while also being prepared just in case you’re interrupted!

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  4. A picture paints a thousands words, but your words also paint quite a picture in my mind! Pardon my lack of class but your post made my dick hard! If I was your OH I’d be sneaking back home after feigning “leaving for work now hon’, bye!”
    (Now thats a story/series prompt – Part 1 he just sneaks home to watch you unnoticed, Part 2 he does it again but can’t hold back…)

    1. Hey Nero! Thank you, that is a compliment, no matter how ‘raw’. TBH if I knew I was being watched i suspect I’d feel shy, but if he could do it covertly ….

  5. I’m a great believer in having masturbation sessions in which I kind of seduce myself, too. The mood music, a bit of sexy reading to get things started. Maybe even a glass of wine. So I can definitely relate to making an indulgent time of it!

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