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Book Reviews – Indie Authors

Hey my Dark Darlings, it’s time to fly the flag for independent authors writing sexy fiction.

For #MasturbationMonday I have reviewed two quite different books, both erotic but with subject matter of quite diverse sexual gratification.


Let’s start with a lesbian fiction which features an other-worldly being and explores domination and submission:

Eliza Loveless – Sign of Seduction  


A bratty demon sets out to make an illicit deal with a powerful lawyer, and quickly finds herself in over her horns.

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This has an exotic storyline, the demon is a curator of souls and plans to make a deal no matter the price or the consequence.  She’s set her sights on Carmen, a beautiful and powerful attorney, but she’s met her match in the field of negotiation. With a soul and freedom on the line, each female plays hard and dirty.


The lawyer (Carmen) is prepared to risk everything in her coupling with the demon, but only if she can push this vivacious, venal creature’s boundaries to breaking point. To this end Carmen initiates Pandora in the pleasure/pain knife-edge of corporal punishment. She instructs her subject to bend over the huge corporate desk to feel the bite of her crop. It’s fair to say in summary, each one comes unravelled, letting down more barriers than they’d intended.


“You are free to back out of our arrangement at any time, but you won’t get what you want from me unless you accept your well-deserved punishment, Miss Pandora.”


The only criticism I’d level at the eroticism of this piece is that occupying a human form is supposedly a relatively foreign experience to Pandora, yet sometimes her responses and body awareness seem forgetful of this fact, which distracted me slightly.


My second book draws from the experiences of the author, heavily featuring M/f BDSM, latex fetish and public humiliation

Francesca Demont : Clarice Journey Trilogy

[Part 1-3]

The Submission of a Fetish Escort Here is the UK link (this is the free link for Easter Sunday). Always free on KU.

cropped shot of girl in latex glove & dress

The story so far is a trilogy, but I feel there is more to be told as this relationship blurs the lines between escort and client towards Master and slave. 


The heroine, Clarice, is a lifelong-submissive with a deep love of latex and bondage. Meticulous in her efficiency and dedication to being the ideal high-class escort for those with fantasies of domination and a love of latex. Her own motivation, which she shares candidly across all three books, is a desire to submit entirely to a worthy master who shares her latex fetish.


Although she’s most at home in Berlin where the fetish culture is uninhibited, Clarice travels around europe to meet this client, describing the decadence of Moscow and Frankfurt in fascinating detail. The same attention to detail applies to her portrayal of preparations for sex and public humiliation scenes, a delight for any interested D/s, impact play or sensory deprivation.


Initially I felt frustrated by what’s likely Clarice’s self preservation instinct: the distance she puts between herself and the sexual gratification she gets from wearing latex, pain, orgasm control and public humiliation. Gradually however, she shares more about what she experiences and her kink-fuelled thought processes while she combats these sexual challenges in order to revel in the pleasurable rewards. In this way the three books create a slow burn of arousal, rather than being ‘1-handed read’.


I’m confident this trilogy will become a must-have blueprint of sexual inspiration for those whose kinks are closely aligned with Clarice’s, while being a fascinating and titillating insight into fet-life for those who are curious.

[Parts 4-6 The Transformation of Clarice also available from Amazon]


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