White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

Linky-Dinky Shares #SoSS

White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

Ella’s ethereal tale of pirate ships and heartbreak

What a beautiful fresco Kisingura makes 

And Nikki presents an equally breathtaking view 

Heartbreakingly beautiful  response to ‘Doppelganger’ prompt from Patricia 


Deviant Daeva has several dopplegangers lining up for their sexual fix

Dont put your tissues away yet, Purple Sole’s tale of puppy love may get to you!

DomSigns / Eroticon team keep us abreast of the age verification topic & what it means for sex bloggers 

Our resident desire expert discusses reasons why your libido could be low

A special section here for a few of the posts people are creating for the A-Z challenge:

Ella tackles I : Natalie enjoys a pint with a dick chaser 

Cara is teased mercilessly for J – what an image! 

May covers ‘P’ and I get a mention along with Cousin Pons & Purple Sage 

This week on my blog I have shared:

E-Lust 117

Wicked Wednesday : The Dreams study continues with Home Alone

Lingerie is for Everyone : Over the Knee Socks

Kink of the Week:  A tale of self love Mirror Masturbation

Masturbation Monday : Flash fiction entitled Second Place

Long black socks & high heels

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