Brunette in lace u/wear

Dream Study – Home Alone

Brunette in lace u/wear

This story of Madison, a student who’s participating in an increasingly kinky dreams study continues from earlier episodes (which can be read here:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 )Or you can jump straight in!


The thrumming in Madison’s veins was insistent, if asked to describe her state she’d say dazed with lust. Pumping her pussy had increased its ‘appetite’ making her crave stimulation and satisfaction.

The cooling tingle from the gel which the nurse had applied was having the same effect as someone blowing on the nub of her clitoris while circling a finger around, her arousal built but her frustration was raging! Madison was learning that the nurse had an agenda of pleasurable torment for the human guinea pigs participating in the dream study.

She struggled against the straps holding her hands adjacent to her thighs. Her  exasperation mounted, causing her to groan, filled with a longing to rub and press her clit. They had given her an itch she couldn’t scratch and the yearning made her jumpy with it’s intensity.

Madison drifted into a fitful sleep but, like someone with a fever, her dreams were troubled and vivid, filled with a heightened arousal which would not abate. She found herself home alone. There was a knock at the door which she answered to take delivery of a large parcel containing all manner of sex toys, in colours and sizes which varied greatly.

Jittery with lust, she wanted to try them straight away so she took them over to the giant bed which was positioned in front of a picture window. Lying down she spread her legs, too horny from her earlier experiences to feel concern as to whether anyone could look in at her; instead the prospect was rather thrilling.

Madison greedily selected a large, textured dildo, styled like a tentacle with plenty of raised bumps and simulated sucker pads to stimulate her insides. She drooled clear lubricant over the silicone, admiring its shades of aqua before teasing herself with the shaft. She rubbed gently but insistently along the split of her labia, biting her lip at the pleasant sensations it awoke in her core. Even as she brushed and nudged her clit with its slippery surface she could feel her pussy beckoning the tentacle in, yearning for it to explore her more thoroughly. Dipping and stroking it further between her legs, she welcomed it into her hungry heat.

Madison bore down with her hips, pressing her buttocks into the bed to part her labia wider, enjoying the pressure and stretch from the dildo as her pussy adjusted to accommodate its heft and girth. All the facets of its surface stimulated her when she moved it in and out. It felt good and she sighed; completely unselfconsciously putting on a display for anyone the other side of the large glass panel to witness. She plunged it in then drew it slowly out, her juices glossing its textured surface. Sucking in a deep breath she bit her lip, how long could she make this last? She tilted her hips, more stimulation was required.

Without breaking her thrusting rhythm she reached out to rummage in the pile of toys. Grasping a silicone gadget which had a suction aperture, Madison activated it, briefly exploring its vibrating patterns before pressing the silicone ‘mouth’ over the raised nub of her clitoris. Its burble of noise was subdued the more snugly she nestled it over her fleshy bud.


Madison bit her lip and bucked her hips. Her excitement  levels ramped up ten-fold with the stimulation focused around  the concentration of nerve endings. In fact the pleasure walked a knife edge with pain. It was almost too much to hold in place, the intensity was causing her abdomen to spasm and twitch. Her body curled in on itself, lifting her shoulders off the bed she throbbed and groaned aloud with arousal.

Madison felt a climax approaching, so she actively pursued it. She thrust the tentacle dildo deeply in and out with a building tempo, brushing against her sensitive g-spot with each foray. Her hips were bucking, she arched her back while the sinews in her taut legs screamed for mercy. Bearing down on the silicone tentacle, she abused her body with it, wanting the stretch and pull of a frenzied fuck.

Suddenly a wave of sensation broke over her, powerful and strong. It knocked breath from her body, simultaneously squeezing her insides tight with spasms of joy. She groaned and gasped, flooded with pleasure. Her entire body was buoyed by exquisite sensations and relief, which materialised as a hot liquid leaving her and drenching the toy. That had never happened before – did she just squirt?

As Madison lay there, a lazy smile crept over her face. Aftershocks of pleasure lapped her like waves against the sand. She felt replete with pleasure, at peace with her body. Her clitoris, however, still hummed with sensations.

Experimentally she held the vibrator with its mouth-like aperture against the side of her sensitive bud and felt its tingling building, drawing her muscles up in a rhythmic drumbeat until she realised another orgasm was within her grasp. She felt no urge to chase it, instead intending to enjoy the burning embers of arousal as they built slowly towards a flaming crescendo.

Stilling the hand which held the textured dildo, she held it buried inside, keeping her pussy dilated. Adjusting the angle of the sucking, vibrating device, she selected the most effective position for it’s air waves to thrill and stimulate her clit, then held it in place. A decadent pleasure ran through her body, a current which built until eventually she was twitching and convulsing involuntarily. Her pelvis thrust and her abdomen clenched with the sensations, although her climax was not yet within reach.

“Let me help you with that,” interrupted a deep voice.

Madison’s eyes flew open to lock with the dark, familiar eyes which belonged to the powerful man for whom she had danced in earlier dreams.

He bent downwards, taking one taut nipple between his teeth, nibbling and tugging until she groaned. When he switched to her opposite breast, he released her grip on the silicone tentacle. Taking control of it, he commenced teasing it in and out of her. He’d draw it almost entirely out until she felt empty, mourning it’s loss, before pressing it slowly, steadily home.

“Take it all, my greedy girl,” he encouraged, burrying it to it’s rugged hilt in her pulsing depths. He rotated it slightly for her to enjoy the dragging stimulation of its knobbled surface.

Her gasps and moans became constant, the abundance of sensations were overwhelming in a way she’d never experienced. She clutched handfuls of the sheets beneath her rump, thrashing her head in a frenzy. The device fluttered constantly at her clitoris, driving her towards an inevitable tipping point. Meanwhile her pussy gaped and sucked greedily at the dildo which her lover was using to plunder her depths with a steady rhythm.

Alternating between sucking and blowing on her damp nipple peaks, he tipped Madison’s body over the edge. With a strangled cry she climaxed, her body rocked and pulsed in the grip of a second, bigger orgasm.

“Look at me, beloved,” he commanded.

So Madison gazed into the intensity of his coal dark eyes as she came unravelled, the connection between them shocking in its intensity.

To be continued …

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