Woman holding mirror as fresco

Mirror Masturbation

[I have written a story featuring a mirror before, it’s called The Looking Glass and it is on a female friendly porn platform called FrolicMe – a classy One Stop Shop for everything relating to sex!]

Woman holding mirror as fresco

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I’d always wanted to watch myself masturbate, but since I’d begun to watch porn I was even more curious. Not to compare myself with the impossibly trim and toned girls who feature in those films, but because they’d made me realise how sexy women looked.

Like many females I’ve been furtive about my masturbation habits: under the covers, in the dark, in the shower – all my self pleasure was conducted by sense of feel. I had no idea how my labia looked when they were engorged with blood, glossed with the juices of my arousal, I’d only seen them when they were ‘at rest’ so to speak. (I’m British, we don’t do saunas the way some other nations do!)

So here I was, sitting in front of a mirror, wearing no knickers and having unbuttoned my blouse and removed it. I’d rubbed sensual oils into my skin and taken a few selfies (before shots, I could take others after). I felt curious and excited, so I began by spreading my legs and letting my hands roam my body as a lover would, a considerate lover who was in no rush.

My hands cupped and lifted my breasts, my pale pink nipples were pert but not hard. I stroked over the soft flesh of my ribs and belly, continuing downwards to my pussy where I pressed harder to allow my finger to part my labia. What usually felt like a crimped folds of flesh was displayed for my eyes only, warm to the touch and moist. My clitoris looked small, nipple sized, and the pads of flesh either side were darker pink.

My finger travelled further back to slip inside my hole, where my pussy felt wetter, warmer. I dragged some fluid from inside myself to rub it round the bud of my clit, enjoying a burst of sensation as it was warmed by my juices.

I felt like Aladdin rubbing the lamp! My genie had appeared and would grant my wish if I kept the lubrication and the rubbing coming! I bit my lip and giggled at this idea, while increasing my dipping and stroking.

Watching myself in the mirror, I saw that my expression reflected the languor I felt in my limbs. I pressed both arms tighter to my body, pushing my breasts together. The increased cleavage looked sexy and my nipples indicated their increased arousal in the way they’d drawn to stiff points, darkening the appearance of my aureola. Dipping two fingers inside myself, next I drew circles around each rosy tip with my own dewy emissions. As the air hit this moisture they tightened while shards of sensation burst in my consciousness, triggering responses in my pussy from the inside.

In the mirror my mouth opened in a silent scream at these thrills. I rubbed and pinched each nipple, hard, then harder still. The best sensations were those of agitation, so I pinched at myself rhythmically, making pain/pleasure sensations flare. My hips began to rock in time with my tugging. The ache of my tortured nipples called to my pussy to respond, to join in.

I needed one hand back on my clit. Watching every move in the mirror I rubbed and circled it, my actions no longer gentle or playful. It was now swollen to the size of a blueberry, and responded with starbursts of hot sensation to my rotating massage. My lips had swollen more, spreading apart. The whole area was glossy with my lust, my juices had drooled and pooled in viscous threads between my thighs.

I loved this, what a mouth-watering sight it presented, inviting exploration and penetration. I sank my fingers inside myself, groaning aloud with the fulfilling sensations this brought.

It was hard to keep watching, my pussy was so needy. I pumped two digits back and forth, my index and ring fingers, letting my eyes close to better enjoy the feelings of satisfaction this penetration brought. I tried to slow things down by exploring my fleshy folds with other eager fingers, but a girl knows what she wants. I wanted to rub my clit and finger myself into a frenzy.

Watching myself I felt love and admiration, galloping towards the final straight of self pleasure before the mirror. Like a racehorse, my flanks were lightly sheened with sweat while my legs tensed, muscles bunching with exertion. My breath became ragged as spasms jolted through my abdomen. My body strained against its natural posture to press my pudenda forwards and upwards to meet the thrusts of my plunging fingers. My pelvis striving to draw in as much penetration as there was on offer.

As climactic squeezing sensations exploded through me, up-lifting with release and wellbeing, I wanted to tighten around the throbbing. So I crossed my legs tightly, trapping my hand, which soon cupped my sex protectively, wanting to hold my orgasm in, to extend it if possible. My expression in the mirror was wanton, joyfully unrepentant. Synapses around my body sent messages of euphoria as serotonin was released to flood my system.

My body showed the evidence of my satisfaction, my chest was flushed with a rosy glow and my labia were engorged with blood. Between their parted lips I could just glimpse the aperture of my pussy throbbing in time with the pulses of pleasant sensation. As I came back to myself a little, I picked up my phone to take some after selfies.

The mirror reflected back a confident woman unashamed to enjoy her body or to care for herself by indulging in masturbation.

My fictional tale of self exploration & pleasure is submitted for #KotW

The image is courtesy of Pixabay

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29 thoughts on “Mirror Masturbation”

  1. Now I want to get out a mirror and have a play. It is something I have not done in a very long time and I really should revisit


    1. Thanks Molly – that’s a great affirmation. Did you ever get to take a peek at Layers of Lucy, the story which uses Sinful Sunday as its inspiration. Big old mirror masturbation scene in that!

    1. Ha Ha – well the post is fictional, but of course elements of myself have a way of leaking into my writing! I use my quiet exterior as a front HL – I’m glad it fooled you!

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  5. Exquisitely erotic. Your descriptions are so rich and evocative, and you relate a beautiful sense of adoration for your self, your body and your sensuality that is truly intoxicating.

    1. Thank you, it’s heartening to know that my writing has touched you in this way. Those are wonderful compliments.

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  17. I love this written account of you watching yourself in the mirror while masturbating. There is something very erotic about it, as well as powerful. There is still a lot of shame surrounding self-pleasure and you’re unapologetically saying fuck you to that!

    1. Thank you – it is fictional but I agree, too much shame sounds something which is pleasurable and good for self esteem xx

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    1. Thank you Dave, I’m delighted this felt real to you. All my fiction has elements of reality woven in, some more than others. Please keep browsing, I hope you’ll find other posts just as relaxing.

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