White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

In praise of Sharing and Joining in with Memes #SoSS

White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

This week I’ve had a wonderful time virtually ‘meeting’ and adding to my list of Twitter follows and followers, as some lingerie loving fellas discovered that I enjoy being audience to them modelling silky, lacy, satin and sheer knickers and panties.  I was in seventh heaven, so next I pointed them in the direction of an inclusive meme “Lingerie is for Everyone” – soon everyone was happy because there posing has a ready-made audience of regular visitors.

As some people may be new to this concept, on Saturdays many bloggers create a sharing post tagged #SoSS (Share our Shit Saturday) to help everyone find new content and to fight against the many ways sharing a sex-related topic on line is regularly shut down and silenced by society (if I site Tumbler & Facebook, most of you will see where we’re coming from).  

I use this opportunity to share what has grabbed my attention each week & once a month I interview a blogger. Please click on the links and visit the blogs of the folks in my post, browse around their archives as well as current content, it’s all varied and edifying, truly there’s something for everyone.  


Memes are wonderful ways of seeing what others in the sex blogging world are sharing. You can visit to enjoy the content and you’re just as welcome to join in and submit – here are some very popular ones:

 * Wicked Wednesday  encourages written pieces  as does * Sex Blogging 4 Mental Health  and * Food4Thought * are more topic specific.


Ella treats us to a second part of her tale taking angels and demons’ fornicating from bad to worse 


Kristian finds taking an encounter outside the bedroom is a sexy experience 


Ria’s protagonist allows herself to be marked and owned in a very hot scene 


Off the grid! Sexy and clever shot.


I agree – shoes are empowering


5ubmissy’s piece explores loving with a glass dildo 


I’m pretty sure labia massage IS a thing! as Elle advises here.


Violet Grey’s fantasy with 2 guys is spicy hot 


May’s shares a precious memory of Vincent whilst discussing mental health

Participating in the A-Z challenge, May’s great posts keep coming. Try this sexy but funny flash fiction inspired by an image of a staircase


Old Mike shares a story which illustrates that sex and happiness and love can both mask mental health issues and exacerbate them 

Isobel quite rightly wonders why women are still doing it all 

My Shares this week were:

#Sinful Sunday : G – is for Gusset


#Masturbation Monday : Dreams (the Study Continues) 


#Lingerie is for Everyone : Daisy Daisy 


#Friday Flash : Second Place 


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  1. Posy, have only just seen this as was traveling all day yesterday – means a lot that u chose this post – I didn’t realise how much Vincent had stayed with me until I started writing it x

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