Stone staircase with graffitti

Second Place

This piece was originally submitted for #FridayFlash – a flash fiction meme run by F.Leonora (Prompt: Places)but it’s eminently suitable for #WickedWednesday‘s (Prompt: Dark Streets)


Stone staircase with graffitti

(image courtesy of Charlie)

Faye hurtled up the stone staircase, determined not to trip or stumble, lactic acid seared quad and calf muscles while lungs burned with exertion. Joe’d given her a head start of 30, now he was hot on her heels, his feet pounding not far behind.


Loser to buy the drinks in the the pub, but there was more at stake than a round. Victory over Joe would taste sweet, prove she wasn’t weak, earn her a night with him at her mercy, submissive even.


She urged leaden legs to scale the rock face two steps at a time, fingers grasping to pull her up on the cold metal handrail which spanned the rugged wall. Blood pounded in her ears, fear tightened around her heart. She drove herself on like the devil was behind her.


Something held her, faltering her steps so she nearly lost footing on the crumbling edge of the steps. She couldn’t pull forward, her knuckles whitened on the railing.


“Bastard! Let go!” she cursed, realising too late Joe was clutching her coat, using it like a mountaineer’s rope and slowing her.


“Giddy’up!” he gloated, drawing himself level. Triumph glinted brightly in his eyes.


“That’s bloody cheating!” she gasped, flooded with furious frustration.


The sporty fragrance of his anti-perspirant swirled with the dank smell off the stone walls as he dragged her face up to his for a fierce kiss, bruising her lips.


“I win!” he stated arrogantly, pulling her pliant body close with the belt of her beige mac.


“It’s not over.” She bared her teeth, struggling to escape his embrace, sensing her traitorous pussy melting at his dominance.


“Kneel,” he commanded, whipping the belt from its loops. Fastening it round her wrists, he forced her down by the shoulders.


Her face was level with his denim crotch as he unzipped his flies. Out sprang his cock, hard and ready for action. Her head said ‘protest’, while her body said ‘more please’ so she opened her lips and drew the tip into her mouth, welcoming him home.


“Good girl,” he growled, low and feral.


She slurped and sucked him into her warm depths. Her bound state and the risk of discovery made her heart hammer while her pussy clenched. The stone bit coldly into her bare knees, while drool ran a fast-cooling trail down her chin.


Joe thrust hard and greedily at her, simply using her mouth as a hole to fuck. She maintained suction as best she could, tears streaming and jaw locking as he used her for his pleasure. He held her hair in a fistful; to control her or so he could watch her suck? Faye wasn’t sure, but she relished her helplessness, his lack of mercy.


Two more jerks and he pulled back, his seed spurted over her chin. Joe loved to give a pearl necklace so aimed his cock down.


“Now you know your place,” he smiled, raising her to stand, his strong arm at her elbow.  

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  1. I couldn’t help but think of Glen Miller’s ‘String of Pearls’ when I read your line about a pearl necklace in this very saucy piece. Now I’m thinking about a trombone! Well done Posy for giving me these thoughts.

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