black vest and daisy knickers

Daisy, Daisy

Lingerie is for Everyone & Every Body #12

On Sunday I shared an image of the same knickers, they are comprised of a sheer black panel at the back, with silky fabric printed with daisies at the front.  I’ve had a lot of compliments on them, they’re  ‘Tu’ from Sainsburys – but a couple of seasons ago.

For this picture I’ve teamed them with a stretchy vest, I love the peaking nipple it reveals. Being a DD cup I rarely venture out and about braless – I envy girls who can.

Last week on the Lorraine show (I love that show as background to my writing) she revealed she’s really uncomfortable NOT wearing a bra, even wearing one to bed.  Lots of people were really shocked, but not me – I am the same.  I wear underwired bras during the day, and very soft, unstructured bras at night.  I hate to wake in the morning with creases on my decolletage caused by the weight of my boobs.

Do other ‘busty girls’ feel the same as me?

Am I alone in wearing night bras?

I’ve always had big breasts, from my early development at 11. I wondered if I would enjoy having smaller ones, to have guys look at my face first not my bust.  Little breasts, particularly those which are more nipple than curves, fascinate me.  I got my answer when an enforced stay in hospital, I was on a drip for about 10 days, caused the weight to drop off me.  I really hated my new shape; my tits had got so much smaller (down to a B/C cup).  My narrower waist was nice, but I hated that my bum was non existent.

I realised my boobs were had become part of my ‘identity’, so now I’m at my usual weight I’m glad the girls are back!


black vest and daisy knickers

5 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy”

  1. I’m glad they’re back too… ;p Love the knickers – I actually used to have a tie like that (actually, probably still do) back in the days when I wore them. And ohhhhhhhhh the cheeky peek of belly above that bow is ADORABLE.

  2. Oh my Posy this shot is super fucking hot, honestly grrrrr unffff. And I absolutely love the tiny peek of your hand fisted around the selfie stick… so sexy x

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  5. Posy! I love these … and I love the pairing with the black tanktop (also I love that you Brits call that a vest!) I totally agree with you about going braless (42G here) but when I’m at home, the bra sometimes comes off before my shoes (but after my coat, i’m not a magician!) Thank you for your contributions to #LiFE and for your amazing recruiting skills 😉

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