For #SinfulSunday this week the prompt is the Letter G.

I’ve chosen a word people love to hate


I love the contrast of the 2 fabrics – the sheer black at the back and the daisy-printed material from the front panel which extends to decorate the gusset of these knickers.



Visit the #SinfulSunday site to see who else is participating in this great meme

Sinful Sunday lips

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  1. KP


    Double G – glittery gusset! Love the daisies. And, of course, the bits they encase x

  2. Reply

    I must admit to being rather partial to the word gusset, there is something oddly harsh about it then when used in a sexual context I really like

  3. Reply

    What a glorious gusset! I had to twist my head to figure out your view but I love that! Beautifully captured and gorgeous knickers! xx

  4. Reply

    I was staring at this image for ages before I realised which way round it should be, just more time to take in your very sexy gusset.

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