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Dream Study continues – 684 under surveillance

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This is the fourth part of an ongoing series where a Madison, a student, takes part in a dream study. So far the tests and the resultant dreams have been of a sexual nature. You can dive in here, or go back and read Parts 1, 2 and 3.

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As Madison stood before him, her heart nearly beating out of her chest, the powerful man surveyed her near naked body slowly and thoroughly.  His smooth, handsome face was impassive, but his loincloth could not conceal that he liked how she looked. She enjoyed him gazing at her with such avid appreciation, in fact she felt sexy and cute, wanting to be admired, unlike her usual choice of disappearing into the background.


He beckoned her to him and she smiled, moving forwards with an exaggerated sway to her hips.  He took her hand and helped her settle next to him on the four-poster bed among rainbow coloured silk cushions.  The desire that filled his expression as he gazed at her naked breasts adorned with nipple jewellery made her feel like a goddess, like the most ripe succulent peach on the highest branch of a tree.  Madison wanted to be picked! She yearned for this powerful man to pluck her and worship her curves before feasting on her juicy flesh.


She gazed up at him raptly as he bent his handsome face towards her, his soft lips pressing against hers gently, then with passion as she reciprocated, tongues dancing together. His hands grasped her swaying breasts, tugging and teasing her nipple tips as he nibbled his way along her jaw and down her neck. Her hips began undulating with passion, straining against him, tilting her pelvis up in search of sensation.  The diaphanous gauzy fabric skimmed across her thighs and buttocks, making tickling sensations on her skin.


She sat up a little and shook her breasts at him, as delighted as he was by the jiggles which shook her pert mounds.  The hoops in her nipples jingled with the charms hung from them and she felt a thrill from their weight, the sway and pull. Her arms clinked with bangles too as she began to make reciprocal pinches and pulls at his taut nipples.  His coffee coloured peaks of flesh quickly became taut with desire.


His hand had snaked down her body, trailing over torso and past the soft flesh roll of her tummy.  His nimble fingers rubbed over her pudenda, dragging and teasing through tight curls of hair they parted the moist folds of her labia. Madison was almost humming with desire at this point, so she gasped with pleasure when he sank two firm fingers into the hot wet depths of her pussy. She longed to feel him deep inside her. As he stroked the ridgy flesh of her g-spot her desire crescendoed. A desire to press downward, to release something washed over her with tickling insistence.  Everything clenched and tightened in her body. Her abdomen commenced twitching as she climaxed, her pussy throbbed against his fingers and she rode his hand hard as fluid gushed out of her.


Colour flashed against her closed eyelids and a pulsing euphoria swirled around her like a warm jet spa.  She looked into the face of the man who’d given her such pleasure and her heart soared with joy.


Suddenly the light was everywhere, white and bright and disorienting. Chiming spa music broke into her consciousness and she became aware of the sticky sensor pads against her neck and inner thigh.  


They’d broken into her dream again. Why was it always when things got hot and steamy?


“So subject 684, what can you tell us about the dream you just had?” The doctor was poised to note her answers on his iPad.  The nurse moved busily around, removing the pads from her body and tidying away their wires.


“I was in a harem.”  Wishing she could be there again, she described the ritual manner in which the women had prepared her. “I was taken to a grand bedroom.  The powerful man was waiting. We lay on a bed together and … it got intimate.”


Somehow she’d returned to feeling shy, reluctant to discuss what they had done together, despite the boldness of her dream persona.

“Intimate, hmm.” The scientist made a note.


“Lie on your side please,” the nurse was brisk and efficient as Madison complied, allowing the anal plug to be removed.  She heard the click of a camera and assumed a picture had been taken of her anus, dilated and open. Although the realisation made her feel mortified, yet it aroused her in a primal way.


“You should take a bathroom break and drink some fluid,” the nurse advised.  


Madison swung her legs off the bed and outside the room was shown to a toilet down the corridor. It felt all so unreal after the dreams, but on legs that felt soft like cooked spaghetti she made her way there and back.  The scientist was still in the room when she returned. She twisted the cap off a water bottle, taking several long gulps until half of it was gone.

“Did you have penetrative sex?” he questioned, and she shook her head.


“Did you climax?”


“Yes. I think I squirted.”


“Ah, that makes sense.  Your waves of arousal showed large peaks of stress or emotion.”


“Yeah, my dressing gown is wet.” The scientist glanced where she indicated and the nurse hurried to swab the fluid to test.


“You can take that off, you won’t need it. Do you feel comfortable removing your underwear?” The nurse enquired and Madison nodded meekly before slipping out of her knickers and bra.


“Onn the bed please, on your back.” The scientist was as emotionless as the nurse was efficient.


“This shouldn’t be uncomfortable, you may enjoy it. It will make your labia more engorged” he explained. Madison felt her mound and perineum coated with cool lubricating gel.  Out of the corner of her eye the nurse held apparatus which looked like a small oxygen mask. Nudging her legs further apart, it was held against her pudenda. The nurse operated a little pump and Madison felt a pressure around her labia.


“Comfortable 684?” they checked in, she nodded.


More pressure was applied, making her whole pussy area feel strangely tight, she experienced a pulling sensation which wasn’t unpleasant.  Instead it created a delightful tingling in her nether lips and clitoris.


The scientist checked on her comfort again, and Madison gave the thumbs up.  She wondered at the pleasant sensations she was experiencing, they were so unexpected.


“Would you like to see?” the scientist asked.


“Yes please.”  Madison raised herself onto elbows and then her hands to observe what the pussy pump was doing to her.  It was like a gas mask which fitted tightly around her genital area. Its clear sides had slightly steamed up, but she could see her labia pulled out by the suction, puffy and swollen to a glorious pinkness as the vacuum caused them to fill with blood.


“Can you take more?” nurse enquired.  When she nodded the pump was operated and the tightness increased to an ache.


“Stop,” she gasped, and breathed to steady herself while the pressure gradually eased.


There was an odd kind of thrill seeing her pussy so pillowy and swollen, like a porn actress filming a gang bang.  With her anus eased open by the scientist’s earlier use of the butt plug, and this device currently engorging her lips she felt was no longer the same, shy girl who had signed up for the dream therapy.  Her clit was tingling and she was longing to touch and stroke herself, to hell with it being picked up on their monitors.


As if the nurse had read her mind, they laid her flat and she felt bands being fastened round her thighs to which each wrist was cuffed.  The vacuum was released from her pussy and the pump was removed.


“Try to sleep again,” the scientist instructed as he left the room. The nurse hung back.


“You look so voluptuous and succulent right now,” she purred, leaning down to press a light kiss on Madison’s mouth.  “I have a little treat for you.” With a wicked grin the nurse removed a small tin from her white coat and twisted off its lid.  Dabbing her finger in what the tin contained, she smeared some on her trapped subject’s clit.


With a groan of arousal Madison’s hips bucked up sharply under her fingers.  The paste was cooling initially, then tingled intensely, like a vapo-rub.


“Uuuunh!  What’s that?” Madison squirmed in exquisite agony, wishing she could move more and cursing the bonds that kept her hands fastened to her thighs.


With a trilling laugh the nurse left the room and Madison was alone, her  body burning with frustration.


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    1. Thanks missy, I remember that you wrote a very sexy ‘toy testing’ tale where HL put you through your paces, which you were enthusiastic about!

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