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Ever since she’d read about it, she’d been curious about the idea of a full bladder being sexy.  She wanted to try. Once home she put the cans of diet Coke on the kitchen counter. Then stripped off trainers and jeans to be comfortable in just panties and t-shirt before reaching behind her back to unhook the bra, she pulled it out of one armhole.


Amy began reading porn on-line, sipping fizzy soda and feeling tingles of arousal within as she read sexy fiction.  Her nipples hummed with sensation so she twirled a finger languidly around one as she browsed the erotic action. The interaction between descriptions of desire and foreplay worked magic on her erogenous zones.  As the sensitive skin around her aureola crimped into tight buds she felt a flutter in her pussy.


Amy grasped the can then realised she’d drunk it. She’d started to feel a pressure in her bladder.  She wriggled a little, trying to decide if she felt more sexy. Maybe, things felt a little tighter.  She pulled the ring on a second can and took another swig. As she read on she felt a slickness in her pussy and a heat between her thighs.


Reading and drinking, the pressure in her bladder became a loud noise she couldn’t ignore.  She grabbed a small bullet vibe and ran it over the outer lips. It was like a bolt of exquisite electricity, she almost peed herself with excitement.  She laid her tablet aside and went to the bathroom, taking the vibe.


Removing her knickers, Amy sat on the loo seat, gently running the tip of the bullet up and down her slit.  Thrills built within and she spread her legs, making more insistent circles around her clit. It throbbed hungrily even as her bladder screamed for release.  She continued to rub and tease, legs tightening while her desire for an orgasm became akin to pain. Did she want this orgasm or not, would it be the release she craved?

It built inexorably, her climax, gripping her legs while breath felt like steel bands around her chest.  Her eyes squeezed tight shut as something began, it overtook her, a sensation of release until she realised she was peeing. Hot liquid streamed out, simultaneously she began to come.  Her pussy throbbed while the heat in her clit focused, then expanded out like an atom bomb cloud.


The relief as her bladder emptied was intense, Amy panted. A climax gripped her pussy in a throbbing pulse. She groaned aloud, both confused and delighted with the mixed sensations she experienced.  She’d never been a squirter, but if this was what one felt, she saw the appeal. The sharpness of a bladder’s full sensation giving way to release was euphoric. A tear squeezed from her eye as the spasms of her climax ebbed away. She was left spent but satisfied, seated on the toilet.


Amy smiled to herself.  This was an experiment she’d be keen to try again.


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Story submitted for Friday Flash #46 – a short story meme – 500 words or less

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