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#SoSS Eroticon Inspired Sharing

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Hello my Dark Darlings! This week my theme for shared links is that they’re all from blogs or writing by people I met at Eroticon a couple of weeks ago.

Pornographic Echoes by @Starcross

White Rabbit – The Switch by @TabithaRayne

My Lover is a Place – @ELByrne

Bus Tour Blowing [1 of 3] – @RebelsNotes

Witness – @_MastersEye (on @BibulousOne’s Blog)

Does it Matter What You Want? By @JaimeMortimer

Debauched Dynamics & Letting Go of Labels by @_floss_84

Making Use of Bee’s Honey by @_LittleSBitch

Thigh-High Boots by @PJAWoode

Eroticon 2019 A Tale in Four Dinners – by @EveRay1

A Good Look by @ZebraRoseSub

Memories from the Museum @AlunNorley

A cautionary piece from @LuvbunnySL82 which Considers If your Sex Toys are Toxic

Notebook, pen, program, laptop, hot drink

This week I have shared a piece for Kink of the Week : Love Bites – a Personal History

My first #SinfulSunday photo for a while earned some great feedback as I experimented with a photo edit app : Ace of Bass

I hope you enjoy your weekend my lovelies, the weather is warming and spring is here – dare we go outside and create some al fresco images?  Like the birds and the bees, are thoughts turning to acting frisky?  Surely the Orgasms are Fun informal 30 day challenge hosted by Tabitha Rayne is something you want to try? or perhaps you’re writing for @theotherlivvy’s #EUPHOFF.  Whatever you’re up to, we’d like to know and we encourage you to share.

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