Head & shoulders of woman showing vampire fangs

Love Bites : A Personal History

Head & shoulders of woman showing vampire fangs

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I’m going to admit it – love bites are a guilty pleasure. I don’t indulge in them much nowadays but they used to be a kink of mine.

I was  at primary school when I first found out about love bites – my older brother had one and so did his girlfriend and my mum was pretty ticked off. I picked up on the drama and asked my mum about it, and as always she gave me the bare facts. She told me how they were made and that in her opinion they looked trashy and cheap. Next day at school, in a boring class, I practised making love bites up the inside of my arm!

For years I sneered at them, thinking they looked nasty and … well trashy! I looked down on people who got them or gave them. If a boyfriend ever tried to give me a love bite I cut him off short. Until this one guy… He’s a lovely chap who was my first ever boyfriend, a brief fling at 17 and later he helped me escape a bad relationship. This guy would lean in and kiss my neck, turning my knees to jelly. He would continue nibbling and sucking while melting my underwear. I longed for his nibbling to become bites and for the sucking to get harder. It was such an erotic sensation but when I realised I that he was causing love bites (or hickies as they are called in the U.S.A.) I was conflicted. I didn’t want him to stop, but I hated them on show cos I still thought they looked grungy.

This guy (let’s call him B/f #1) had a vampire fetish, he got off on watching films which featured neck biting. He introduced me to Lair of the White Worm (Grace Jones transforming into a vampire is fabulous while the female vampires attacking the necks of their victims is very sexually charged).

I didn’t want people to see my love bites – I was still going through my messy break-up and trying to keep B/f#1 on the down-low. While I didn’t want him to stop biting my neck and giving me those toe-curling sexy sensations, I didn’t want other people to see the vivid marks of our passion. I had an awkward meeting with my ex to discuss who kept what from our house in the split and he was very scathing about the love bites on my neck, even though I had tried to hide them.

It’s an unfortunate fact that receiving a love bite doesn’t feel so sexy on every part of the body (remember the test ones I did on my arm!). The sensitive skin on the neck and collarbone is one of the most delightful places to feel this biting and sucking.

It’s also a truism that they are quite hard to disguise – toothpaste doesn’t work, that’s a myth. A scarf or a polo neck will cover them, but that can be a bit of a ‘beacon’ to friends/family if you don’t normally dress that way or it’s hot weather! Cover make up has got a lot better in recent years, but in my early 20s there was either foundation in limited shades or blemish cover sticks – none of the green or violet tinted bases we have now which would’ve knocked back their lurid colour.

Fast forward to meeting Mr Churchgate in my late 20s. He didn’t bite my neck but I used to suck and nibble my way over his delicious athletic body. When I noticed him groaning with pleasure as I bit his bum, I couldn’t help taking it further. I bit and sucked hard on his glute until I made a livid purple bite mark.

“Now everybody will know you’re mine!”

“Wait, what? You’ve marked me? What about when I go to the gym?”

“Everybody will know you’re mine!”

It was a risk, but he was into it. He quite liked me marking him, although I knew he was hoping nobody at the gym would notice it. I certainly enjoyed doing it to him and imagining him trying to keep those love bites under wraps.

We still do it sometimes, even now. He bites me and I bite him, sucking blood-pulling bites which hurt so good they make us horny. Nowadays we choose erogenous zones, places people won’t see. He makes love bites on my breasts and I suckle on his buttocks, although his pretty pale behind doesn’t ‘bruise up’ quite as vividly as when we were younger.

So there you have it – Posy’s personal history of love bites!

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8 thoughts on “Love Bites : A Personal History”

  1. It’s cute that something from school days is still part of your relationship. I totally get the appeal, the vulnerability of someone’s neck. When I do them they tend to stay for a while.

  2. Wow that was a very strong minded Posy saying “Now everybody will know you’re mine!” – I don’t mark easily but have had a few bites in my time – I always feel very animalistic when i give one x

  3. I love my neck being caressed and kissed and have very sexy memories of love bites from when I was a teen. I find myself craving them all over again now


  4. I honestly don’t have strong feelings about love bites. Never really have. I think they’re interesting, but I’ve never had anyone give me one to have strong feeling about them.

  5. I remember having to use concealer to attempt to cover hickeys as a teenager and in my 20’s. I loved the feel of getting one but I do hate how they look. I did have a vampire fetish in my 20’s. I gave quite a few as well.

    1. Concealer doesn’t quite work does it? How they feel in the making versus how they look – that’s the dilemma isn’t it? Thanks for commenting. x

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