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SoSS – Saturday means it’s time to share the Sh!t

Last week I was at Eroticon – it was exciting and educational but the most wonderful aspect of all is that I can be Posy – loud and proud – all weekend, amongst lovely bloggers, writers, editors, photographers who take me as I am, no need to surpress my interest in all things erotic.  So the whole weekend was sharing – talking, exchanging ideas and sources of inspiration.  Now however we need to revert to our usual way of sharing – links to other blogs, and when you read May Moore’s piece [linked below] you will understand (if you didn’t already) why sharing in every way is so important to keep sex blogging alive.

Ria’s bratty young girl has set her sights on the older guy next door

Asrai’s story is teetering on a D/s knife edge then takes a turn down threesome lane!

Another story from Lucy following Will and his kitten Natalie as they enjoy some long distance teasing and pleasing

A vivid description from Kisingura, chasing orgasms, which she’s not sure if she loves or hates

Cara pushes all my buttons with this short – worship tinged with wickedness

5ubmissy stumbles across a girl draped over a tree bough and unintentionally becomes a voyeur

May discusses Twitter’s insidious long reach –how it silences and blocks any/all of us from using social media as we would like

I’ve ticked another box on my blogging wish list – to be a top pick on E-lust!  This month  my flash fiction entitled ‘Chips’  was a pick which was prompted (as instructed) by the first picture I saw on social media.  Submitting a piece of writing or an image to Elust each month is a way to reach a wider audience, the only ‘fee’ is to re-post the list of links within a time limit, but I’m committed to sharing so that’s no hardship.

I’m constructing a longer series on the theme ‘Dreams’  so my story began on last week’s Wicked Wednesday, continued on Flash Friday and hopefully had some folk Masturbating on Monday!  As the dream study is not over yet, I hope you’ll keep looking out for what Madison dreams next!

Finally, in true bright-eyed and bushy tailed Posy style, I shared my initial thoughts on Eroticon 2019.

Have an awesome weekend good friends!  Share this and share each other’s links.


3 thoughts on “SoSS – Saturday means it’s time to share the Sh!t”

  1. Ah a SoSS looks good anywhere but I must say it is so much easier to read on your new site – thank you for highlighting my post – I think it is something that affects most of us x

  2. Finally I find your blog! I loathe my phone for finding stuff so I finally got on the desktop. Getting old I need the print as big as I can find it lol. And now I have all kinds of new things to go read.. hmmm where to start.

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