What I took away from Eroticon 2019 [1 of 2]

This was the second time I attended Eroticon,  so I already knew my way around the hotel, the venue for the talks and workshops, the organisers and people I met in person last year. Did this mean I had no nerves, only excitement? No. I get a little anxious meeting new people but was determined to say hello to a raft of new Twitter and blogging friends (a year of regretting that you missed people will do that!)

* Posy has a more forthright attitude than vanilla me!

Managed to engineer a room up-grade.  Originally I’d have shared 1 small double bed as booked by @LuvbunnySL82 – but I renegotiated a double room which had 2 beds.

Attending Friday night’s meet and greet I wore the name necklace I’d had made specially – the lanyards are great but they position the badges rather low down for identifying the person you’re chatting to!  Immediately entering the busy room, I spotted people I knew from last year, the smiling and hugging began in earnest! I was determined to say hello to @_floss_84  and @_LittleSBitch this weekend; as they were standing together chatting – hurrah!  I was also determined to clink glasses with @EveRay1 and we became firm friends at this conference.

My roomie and I stayed out late, but set an alarm to allow time next morning to eat breakfast and saunter over the road to the conference centre. All the sponsors had set out their wares or services, varied enough to grab every type of sex blogger’s  interest. [See sponsors listed below]

* Take every opportunity to say hello to your virtual friends.

I was looking out for a tall man accompanying a small woman, I said hello to the wrong tall guy but luckily the real @AlunNorley overheard and introduced himself so I could talk to a writing hero.

To fill a slot (heh!) when a speaker could not attend, Molly Moore read out advice and tips which bloggers had recorded on cards the night before – there were some gems – useful and relevant. My  interest was piqued by a tip ensuring photos taken on my iPhone don’t disclose my vanilla identity. @ZebraRoseSub elaborates here.

* Bare gritty details, we like gritty!
* Use adverbs sparingly

Attitudes to women and sex in medieval times were fascinating, and Eleanor Janega’s delivery was fun and punchy.

*Any sex which won’t result in pregnancy = sodomy
* It was medically recognised that women need to have an orgasm for good health

In my next workshop Zak Jane Keir used dice and lists to prompt a writing framework, or iron out the kinks when a storyline has gone awry.  The writing exercises were fast and furious and the creative sparks were flying.

Kay Jaybee’s session advised that  the most ordinary items can be taken and twisted. We did a few exercises to find sexiness in simple items found in a shopping basket. We focused on textures, sensations, changes brought about by temperature or adding water.  I left this session with the premise of a story which I’m dying to write up.

*For erotica people can relate to – use the mundane/ ordinary to draw the reader in and keep them

* Fulfil the reader’s expectations – the reader’s on a sexy journey from A-B so make it interesting

After a delicious lunch …

* Don’t leave it late to get your food, us bloggers are gannets!

It was time to be educated on the history of BDSM in literature.  It seems that BDSM has always been around but, due to neglect, early evidence of its existence has been lost. Jerusalem Mortimer had sourced pictures and writings proving that imprisonment and punishment have been getting people off for centuries.

* BDSM didn’t incorporate tight leather or intricate bondage until the the 1960s

* 80/90s BDSM in fiction was finally sexy – being written by people who’d experienced it

* The future of BDSM is us!


I have more from the weekend … so check out part 2.



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Lots of us are sharing our thoughts or work inspired by Eroticon 2019, so check out the others via this link.

8 thoughts on “What I took away from Eroticon 2019 [1 of 2]”

  1. It was wonderful seeing you again but I think we should make time to sit down and talk next year as yet again we didn’t do much of that. Looking forward to your second post ?

    Rebel xox

    1. Yes sorry about that – I love to craft but I focus on buffing up my writing at Eroticon! The food IS great though!

    1. It was lovely to meet you too – I am only sorry we didn’t get to chat more. You and your OH looked to be networking and immersing totally in the joy of not having to hide your true self that IS Eroticon!

  2. I can’t believe it’s already two weeks ago! I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction than where I was planning to. Stripping it back to hopefully more written content. Not so many affiliate links /advertising banners. It will be more of a hobby to get me into writing again.

    Was lovely to share a room, and I think Posy (& the person behind Posy) rocks!

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