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Dream Study (the second : arabian nights)

This story is part of a longer series about a girl who participates in a dream study to supplement her student grant. I suggest you read part 1 and part 2 then continue with this episode – but dive in here if you want.

Madison felt the weight of the man’s body as he folded himself over and around her. The bent-forward stance she’d adopted meant she felt his heat and hardness pressing at her spread cheeks, teasing at her sphincter which made her groan aloud with raw need. Her dewy arousal coated her thighs and she pressed a hand against her folds, crushing her clitoris; the pleasurable bloom of sensation spread instantly.

Abruptly she was surrounded by bright light and a change of air pressure. Squeezing her eyelids tightly shut Madison tried to orient herself. There was no eager young man pressed at her back, instead she was on a trolley bed, wearing an anal plug and various sensors to monitor the responses to her dreams.

“Now 684 – we sensed high levels of REM.” The scientist’s voice, neutral as a newsreader’s, cut through helping her heart rate to steady as it swept the cobwebs of her recent dream away. “Can you remember what you were dreaming about?”

A blush coloured her cheeks, “I was naked and dancing in front of a crowd.”

“I see, exhibitionist tendencies,” he observed matter-of-factly. “Did you have a sexual encounter?”

“I was going to, I think,” she bit her lip, fighting the urge to pout at the liaison being so rudely interrupted.

“Please swab her nurse.”

Madison’s blanket and dressing gown were lifted before the nurse’s cool fingers drew her knickers aside to swipe a long cotton bud through the juices already gathered in her labia. It was executed with clinical attitude and detachment, which released butterflies in her stomach.

“Would you like some water? Or a bathroom break?” he asked solicitously. Madison shook her head, wishing she could get back to the dream. The nurse stored the swab in a tube and labelled it.

“Lie on your back please.”

She rolled over, immediately conscious of the anal probe as her weight pressed against it. Her pussy throbbed harder and more moisture gathered.

“Erect nipples. Nurse please take a measurement.”

Her lacy demi-cup bra was deftly pulled away from her areola and a small pincer like device used to measure the puckered flesh, the height and girth of each nipple stalk recorded for the study.

Abruptly the nurse delivered a stinging blow to the left breast and then the right. Madison gasped in shock, the slap against engorged flesh flashed from pain to pleasure with lightning speed. The nurse slapped each breast several times, alternating sides. This caused Madison to pant aloud and curl up off the bed with each subsequent blow. Her abs tensed but she endured it, astounded to be equally aroused and shocked by the sharp blows.

“That’ll suffice nurse,” the scientist said curtly. “You may rest now 684.”

The researchers left the room and the lights were dimmed again. Madison was left gasping like a landed fish, her arousal roaring in her ears and thumping between her thighs. She’d never done anything but treat her breasts gently, that nipple piercing was her first foray into pleasure linked to pain. It took huge self restraint, however, not to plunge her fingers in her pussy to rub and thrum herself to orgasm, so strong was the yearning in her core to be penetrated and stretched. Her nipples were on fire, engorged with blood and flooded with sensation. Only the knowledge that the scientists were monitoring all her responses and behaviour drew her hands to rest at her sides once she had cradled and explored the heated curves of her punished breasts.

She focused on her sensations, tried to calm herself back to sleep. Fixing on her pulse, she monitored how it gradually slowed. Her breathing steadied as the hungry thump, thump pounding in her pussy became more of a background rhythm. Darkness began to invade the edges of her consciousness till soon she was slipping into a light doze.

Madison found she was surrounded by women, females of all shapes and sizes, with hair and skin colours hailing from many regions of the world, all dressed in diaphanous robes of sheer, gauzy fabric. Her feet were bare, as were her breasts, like the women around her, but all were augmented with jewellery to highlight their erogenous zones. They pressed her back onto banks of pillows to rub and smooth scented oils into her skin. A languor enveloped her limbs, rendering her almost boneless as aromas of rose petals and rosemary were massaged and pummeled into her skin by many nimble fingers.

Her companions brushed out her long hair, styling it with plaits and adornments of tiny beads. Others decorated her with body jewellery like their own, fastening a chain round her belly and jingling bracelets at ankles and up her arms. Madison’s nipples tingled and throbbed as larger rings were fitted to their piercings and heavier jewels got hung from these, which the ladies admired.

She could hardly take in the myriad of breasts of every shape and size before her, pendulous ripe breasts which swayed, pert little boobs which a small hand could cup and some with no curve, only dark nipples with stalk-like tips. Curious fingers explored her as others were augmenting her semi naked body, but Madison felt no need to object as they tickled and teased between her labia. Her body was awash with sensations of both arousal and well being. She was surrounded by beauty and felt herself to be equally desirable.

The giggling increased as the women dragged her to her feet, wrapping her in swathes of richly dyed fabric before prodding her towards two heavy-set guards standing with their back to the room. Madison looked back nervously at the ladies of the harem, who made shooing gestures and pointed at the guards. Holding the fabric so she wouldn’t trip, she followed her escorts down tiled corridors to a heavy panelled door protected by two more guards. Impassively they swung open the doors. Her heart thumped when the man she had danced for earlier was revealed reclining on an impressive carved bed.


To be continued …

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  2. ‘Gasping like a landed fish’… what a good line, I could picture her clearly. I am enjoying this experiment.

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