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Dream Study

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This is Part 1 – there will be further episodes


Madison looked curiously round the room. The other participants in the study were absorbed in completing questionnaires on the iPads they’d been given. She recognised a couple of girls from around campus and the guy near the door was someone she’d assumed had grown roots in the library, he was there so often.

She glanced down at her black Converse, worn and frayed but comfortable. Almost everything she wore was black or grey, her short nails were painted matt and her ears were decorated with 5 silver stars apiece.

Madison had breezed through the first questions, which related to health, exercise and sleep patterns, but they quickly got more personal, asking about sexual orientation, number of partners and sex toys owned, with diagrams for her to tick. She stole another glance at her fellow guinea pigs, nobody else was blushing. Perhaps they hadn’t got to the questions listing fantasies which needed scoring 1-5. She took a steadying swig of water from her bottle before working through a list of activities which required marking with traffic light smiley faces. With heat rising in her cheeks, and a pulse throbbing against the seam of her jeans she annotated those in which she’d willingly participate (spanking, restraint, temperature play). Things she was curious about got a yellow straight faced emoticon (sensory deprivation, anal) while activities she couldn’t contemplate trying (breath play, water sports) earned a stern red face .

An efficient looking woman wearing a white cotton medical jacket entered the room. She asked them to hand back their iPads, giving each student a towelling robe and a badge with a serial number. She instructed them to head down the corridor, each selecting an empty room to occupy. Once inside they should remove their outer clothes and put the robe over their underwear then wait in their rooms for further instructions.

Madison did as instructed, they all did. Nobody talked as they filed down the corridor and let themselves into the cubicle-like rooms. Inside she found a locker a bed and a chair, obediently divesting herself of her clothes she placed them on top of her shoes in the locker. Shrugging the towelling robe over her underwear she sat on the chair to wait.

Without a window and devoid of any pictures, the room held no distractions, so Madison asked herself for the 15th time that morning why she’d agreed to take part in this dream study. She’d thought it would be easy money, had aspired to make some friends. Now they were in separate rooms, the latter seemed unlikely.

Madison hoped there were no body exams, she was embarrassed how arousing she’d found the questionnaire, her knickers were damp as a result. She looked down at her black bra where a silver nipple ring glinted through the swirling pattern of lace. The piercing was fairly recent, but it had healed cleanly so she was already able to awake nipple tingles from its gentle manipulation.

The door swung open and Madison’s attention snapped to a tall dark guy in a lab coat, blandly good looking. He was followed by a clipboard-carrying nurse. They checked her serial number then instructed her to lie on the bed, hands by her side.

“So 684, you have fantasies about girls?” the male scientist asked her.

“Yes.” Madison blushed deeply. The nurse stepped forward and opened her robe, laying it either side of her body.

“Have you ever acted on them?”

“No.” She felt her pulse quicken as the nurse began to tease and fondle her breasts through her bra.

“She has a piercing,” the woman observed to the scientist, “but the devices should still work.”

As Madison lay there the nurse efficiently attached sensor pads on the underside of her breasts, overlapping to cover part of each nipple. A similar pad was fixed near her belly button and another high on her inner thigh with the last placed against her neck where a pulse point lay.

While she was wired up with sensors like a lab-rat, the scientist continued his questions.

“So you have several sex toys, but no anal plugs. Have you tried a finger in your rectum?”

Madison squirmed with embarrassment. “Yes.”

“Did you enjoy it?” he fixed her with his brown eyes. “Yes” her answer was almost a squeak.

“Lie on your side please and draw your knees up.”

As she complied she felt something cold and wet nudge between her buttocks to press against her anal whorl. “Relax.” Madison did her best, although her heart was thumping and she felt the pressure of what she assumed was an anal plug as it invaded and took possession of her. It was exciting to feel so full and the slight burn of the stretch was thrilling.

“OK 684, please relax completely. We’ll leave you alone, dim the lights and play mood music. We plan to monitor responses and brain activity; if you fall asleep that’s no problem.”

Re-fastening the robe the nurse laid a soft blanket over her before they exited the room.

Madison felt too stimulated to sleep, instead she lay there trying to damp down her arousal. This scenario of being under observation, treated like an object of scientific interest while her privacy and dignity was invaded, was precisely the sort of fantasy erotica she enjoyed reading. Her nipples were stiffening at this thought, and the tightening increased on realisation that these responses were being ‘observed’ by the scientist and the nurse.

Her pussy was damp, her honeyed excitement soaking through her knickers. Wriggling a little she enjoyed the slip of her engorged lips and the press of the anal plug probing her. As she absorbed the sensations of its unforgiving girth and weight she felt tingles in her pussy and breasts making her promise herself she’d order one for recreational use.

The mood music seemed to be working its magic, and Madison’s eyes drifted shut, allowing her conscious mind to relax and take a back seat. Swirling sensations of arousal and anticipation roamed her body and she began to experience lucid dreams soaked with sexual activity. Her blood pumped to the tune of a thumping pulse while serotonin flooded her body. She tilted her pelvis in her sleep and the tingles increased.

To be continued …

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  1. This was well written, Posy, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. A very sexy read that got the desired results.

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