I first featured this beautiful pink thong edged with black on a #SinfulSunday post, along with my favourite pale pink cowboy boots.  Here are a couple of shots I didn’t use for that post.

Although pale pink ‘barely there’ underwear is beautiful, I have pale skin so I don’t think it’s the most flattering for my body, although it is great when I want my underwear to fade into the background, a pretty alternative to beige/nude.


To illustrate my point, I entitled the next photo shoot ‘Fur Coat No Knickers’ but I am actually wearing some smooth dusky pink panties.
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Lingerie is for everyone

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    Everything about those images is just amazing. I had boots like that once but I loved them too much and I eventually wore them out. God they were good while they lasted though 🙂

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    • p0sy


      Aww really? thank you. I’m so pale that I think the black edging is necessary for me!

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