pink suspender panties and stockings

If I was taking an erotic photograph …


“If I was talking an erotic photograph of you I would ask you to …”


This week’s prompt reminded me of one of the most erotic play sessions I’ve ever had, because it was spur of the moment, and I was being controlled yet getting pleasured. 

While getting dressed to go out one evening, my b/f caught me, whilst I was only dressed in my underwear, just as I reached up into my wardrobe to get something to wear.  He instructed me to stand there, as if my hands were fastened above my head, while he knelt between my legs and pleasured me.  By the end, I was glad of the wardrobe’s support because my legs felt as weak as a newborn foal! 

I included the incident in this Halloween Party themed story, but I think it’s great inspiration for an erotic photograph too.

Posy standing, dressed only in stockings and sexy lingerie but wearing high heels

Posy is reaching up, her hands are fastened above her head (ropes or cuffs?)

Male lover kneels between her spread legs and is pleasuring her (orally or with hands and toys)

The composition of this photograph would work well from either angle:

  • I like my neat bum so a rear view would look great (let’s dress me in seamed stockings!)
  • However, in a basque or push up bra I give good cleavage, so from the front would look pretty lush too (maybe Posy is wearing a blindfold, or a gag?)

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8 thoughts on “If I was taking an erotic photograph …”

  1. Oh the places our imaginations and actions take us too. Love the hot pink suspenders dangling against your "neat bum" and legs! I get that unfinished dressing vibe very well. 🙂

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