#Lingerie is for Everyone

Extract from a letter to my lover ….

I miss you as soon as you leave.  I hear your tread on the stairs and the slam of the door and already I’m desolate with longing.  Your cum is still dribbling out of my pussy, making my fleshy folds wet and sticky, and yet I’m longing for you.

I lie in the tangled sheets, trying to track down the faintest hint of your aftershave (on the pillows perhaps). I pull and drag at my nipples with pincer-like fingers,  an attempt to recreate the ache of desire you put in them.  Bolts of sensation shoot down to my cunt, still gaping and stretched from our fucking, and I yearn to feel your cock between my thighs again, slamming into me.  I like it rough (I deserve it rough, I am your whore, your concubine, ready to be fucked or used to please you at a moment’s notice).

My hand trails down between my legs, roaming over my mons and the tops of my thighs, my bare, smooth skin is chafed and reddened by your stubble since you pleasured me with your talented tongue.  Sir – I turn to liquid once more re-living the feel of your lips, teeth and tongue as you teased me to orgasm, while looking up at me with your startling blue eyes.  I could drown in your gaze, you pin me with it, and I’m trapped like a butterfly in a display.

[For more of this love letter visit here]

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  2. Reply

    Oh yes I know that feeling. Completely satisfied but you just can’t stop thinking about him and all horny again.
    Fab picture and I do like the nails xx

    • p0sy


      Thanks so much. The full ‘letter’ post was not that popular but I rather enjoyed making her obsessive.

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