Hand holding pen with notebook

Interrailing Interlude

Submitted for #FridayFlash – the wonderful meme run by @fdoteonora

Hand holding pen with notebook

This short is stolen from a longer piece I am writing, so any feedback will be helpful to know if the longer work ‘has legs’

Interrailing Interlude

Suddenly the crowded train entered a tunnel. Lights within the carriage flickered briefly on before blacking out, plunging everything into darkness.  Amid sounds of startlement and confusion, the young man she’d been fantasising about while they stood at the dusty station stumbled against her. His impact pushed Trudi’s thighs apart while his hand landed just above her breast for balance.  

Trudi jolted with electricity when they touched.  She’d been suppressing how his close proximity sizzled at the edge of her consciousness. Instinctively she covered his hand and dragged it under her T shirt to capture her breast, which she squeezed, trapping his hand in the squeeze.

She almost groaned at his touch, but silence and stealth were imperative.  He didn’t resist or pull back. She was emboldened.  Trudi’s other hand brushed the front of his shorts, discovering the attraction was reciprocated.  His cock was ramrod stiff behind the cotton. Pressing and stroking its outline she marvelled at its size and the warmth it generated.

The stranger’s fingers grasped and explored her breast, tracing the outline of her nipple, toying with the piercing which enhanced her sensitivity.  Without hesitation Trudi unzipped his flies. She slid a hand in to stroke his erection, thumbing a droplet of pre-cum around its engorged tip.  

She bit her lip, breasts responding with such delicious lust that she groaned low when the pad of the young man’s thumb worried her aching nipple to a peak.  She gripped the girth of his shaft, moving deftly up and down. The stranger leaned towards her in supplication.  

Fuck this was exciting, Trudi took what she wanted, in control of what brought him joy!  
The danger of discovery, being in the midst of people while being fondled by a stranger felt so arousing. She continued exploring him intimately, grasping and pumping. His cock responded, swelling and drooling pre-cum.

Trudi’s knickers were soaked through, her swollen labia throbbed against the unforgiving seam of her cut-off shorts.  At that moment light began to pierce the carriage as the train left the tunnel.  Trudi whipped her hand from the stranger’s shorts, pressing his eager dick back into their dark confines before the carriage flooded with low-slanting evening sunlight once more.

As the journey continued, Trudi burned with unfulfilled lust and arousal.  Her breasts ached like overripe fruit, longing to be picked.  The young man caught her eyes, mutual frustration blazed in his look of longing. Trudi throbbed for what could have been.  The tenting of his shorts now disguised with a notebook he held.

Trudi longed for another tunnel, to finish what they’d started, but didn’t get her wish.  Approaching the next station she snatched his notebook to jot down her mobile number.  Her pulse thundered in her ears as she maneuvered off the train onto the arrid platform.  

The departing train whipped strands of Trudi’s hair.  She slipped on her sunglasses and that’s when she saw the same young man standing on the platform, watching her with a burning gaze.


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