The night air was cold, a heavy dampness hanging around, creeping into clothes, seeping through her scratchy wool coat, swirling round legs.  Her breath made puffs like smoke while the orange street lights lit nothing well, everything looked sickly.

The smell of his chips, sharp with vinegar, made her nose crinkle, her tummy rumble. His breath too made clouds as he chewed hot fried batons of potato, trails of steam rising into the inky night.

“Want one?” He startled her, extending his arm to waft the fragrant package under her nose. Her belly growled even as she shook her head.

“C’mon, I got plenty!”  His eyes, a startling blue with long lashes, crinkled.

She shook her head again, conversational shutters down, turning her back on his proffered chips.

“You sure?  They’re lovely and hot.”  His voice seemed nuanced with the suggestion, chips might lead to something hotter

Jess’ hostility increased, cutting off her nose to spite her face.  She was starving, her fingers and toes numb from the cold.

He grabbed her from behind, suddenly. He pulled her close, her back slammed against his broad chest.  A strong arm wrapped around, bound her to him.  A hot ketchupy chip was held close to her mouth.

“C’mon, you know you want to.” 

Jess’ stomach growled. Her mouth watered.  She could smell his maleness, a musk of shaving products and clean sweat.  His breath, warm against her neck, she felt a tickle of anticipation.

“Open wide little bird.” His sing-song tone dripped with menace and power.  His arm tightened like a vice.

Jess opened her mouth.  The chip went wide, daubing her cheek with red.  He smeared it around before feeding it to her.

“Good girl,” his voice remained stern.  

He fed her more. Jess chewed mechanically, heart thumping.  What did he intend? Suddenly he spun her round 180°, holding her when she stumbled.

“Dirty girl,” his growl held tightly reigned arousal.  Leaning in he licked her face, slowly, deliberately, sensuously.  Moisture flooded Jess’ slit, coating her knickers even as she felt humiliation.

He bent to kiss her, his tongue probing, chasing and capturing hers in an exotic dance.  When it broke, they were both breathing heavily, dragon puffs in the night air.

“Forgive me?” he said, dipping his head, to pierce her with sincere blue eyes.

“So damn annoying!”  Jess couldn’t stay angry.  

“But you can’t resist me.” Ray’s smirk brought heat, even as he snapped playfully at a chip.

“C’mere you sexy bitch, before the bus comes.”

Grabbing Jess by the lapels he pulled her in tight to his hard body, fumbling under her coat to drag up her skirt and grab at her pussy.  His strong, thick fingers worked under her knicker edge and pressed inside, a hot knife in her buttery hole.  Ray found her pleasure spot, rubbing as he probed. Jess moaned and gasped, on buckling legs.

Her mewling pants fuelled his questing, her anguished gasps hung in the velvet night even as they misted around her face. 

“Come for me, dirty girl.”  

Ray’s permission tipped her over. Jess crumpled against him as the throbs of pleasure flooded her core.  His strong arms held her, until she steadied.

The bus was approaching, headlights sliced the gloom. Quickly Jess straightened her clothes and pulled herself back to reality. With a hiss of wet tyres and automated doors opening, their ride home welcomed them aboard. Climbing on, Ray stood protectively behind her as Jess paid, before moving up the bus. Other tired passengers made their way home.

Once seated Ray fed Jess a cold chip.  Eating the proffered chip, she could smell her own ocean fragrance on his fingers.

The prompt for #WickedWednesday this week is : Go to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the first thing you see as a your prompt.  I saw this picture posted by @ollie_dave and a memory of keeping warm with a portion of tightly wrapped chips sprang to mind.  Check out the others who are participating by following the link.


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