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Enosh the Archer


This piece was written specifically for @F.Leonora‘s #FridayFlash meme.


The picture prompt this week provided by @LasciviousLucy




The Archer



‘Faint heart never won fair lady,’ Enosh reminds himself as he stands on the steps, struggling to remain motionless and hold his pose.  

Yeah, he wishes he’d thought harder about his planned stance. It’s actually agony having one arm extended and the other drawn back, and don’t even get him started about his legs in the semi-lunge position.  The lactic acid is burning! The fatigue in his quadricep and calf muscles builds, crying out for motion or some rubbing to re-distribute it.
‘Oh for pity’s sake!’ Enosh chides himself, ‘don’t start thinking about rubbing when all you’re wearing is a tiny thong to cover your modesty.’
Several students pass him en route to the library, nudging and giggling when they observe him.  He even earns a wolf whistle, causing Enosh to preen, making all those hours in the gym worth it.  But will Claudia like what she sees?  This is the point of the challenge he’d set himself.
‘Would beautiful, intelligent, Claudia on whose resplendent breasts and saucy derriere he fixated, notice him and like what she saw?’  If she follows her usual routine of visiting the library before lectures begin, she can’t miss him.
He hears a shriek, then a burble of infectious laughter breaks out.  He dare not turn, but it sounds like Claudia.
“What??”  her voice comes closer.  
“Enosh?”  Footsteps.  
“Are you supposed to be Cupid?”
As a statue he can’t move. Claudia stands in his line of sight.  Enosh smiles widely.
She isn’t shocked, she seems amused.  He exerts great self control to suppress anything threatening to show how pleased he is to see her.
“Claudia, will you be my Valentine?”

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