handcuffs and keys

Hans and Greta : The Great Escape (6)

handcuffs and keys

A story based on a  fairy tale, which I have translated to our modern life (but it’s still firmly a fantasy)  
Read part 1, part 2part 3part 4 and part 5 of Hans & Greta then continue here as Hans implements an escape plan
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Big pledges of money must have been coming in for Greta’s live sex show, because Barb went directly to the keyboard to type in responses.  Luckily for Hans she became instantly absorbed in upping the competition between viewing fans.

In the office Hans rifled through drawers and file cabinets looking for a means of escape. He found a set of keys to an SUV. The camera watching the back door showed this was parked close by. Yanking the silicone ‘chicken fillets’ out, he secreted the keys in the cup of his boned basque.

Scanning the rest of the monitors he established that the Sweet Treat Inn was empty, the closed sign hanging at the door.  Further inspection convinced him that he and Greta were alone here with Barb, which should make a take-down easier.  He found a tub of prescription sleeping tablets in the top drawer, so he stuffed them in his bra cup just in case.  The office laptop was linked to that in the room with Greta so he could see Barb’s profits mounting.  The viewers wanted to see Greta strung up and flogged. No wait! More votes were coming in for lashing.  Horrified, he studied the screen, his window on what was happening to his ‘sister’.

The cruel clamps were still biting onto Greta’s nipples, a heavy chain hung between them which had to be dragging, tormenting her with every movement.  Barb had released her from the bed restraints, but the leather cuffs remained fastened round Greta’s delicate wrists.  She seemed to be lost in sub-space, barely aware of Barb manhandling her into a standing position before raising arms above her head in order to hook her up to a suspension device fixed in the ceiling.  

Barb bent to fasten the spreader bar to the cuffs already on Greta’s ankles. When she straightened, her gaze fixed on Greta’s swollen labia salaciously.  She leaned in, inhaling the sweet tangy fragrance which intoxicated her.  Her greedy tongue protruded from her mouth and she commenced licking, not gently but probing and hungry.  Greta gasped, her pleasure evident.  Barb had total control of her, able to grasp the sub’s buttocks and pull her hips in closer, burying her mouth and nose in the copious juices which flowed.  She began to work the dildo in and out of Greta’s pussy, the lips were engorged and her clit swollen, but the pummeling and pounding from the silicone phallus soon had her hips thrusting indicating a climax was steadily building.  Greta’s wordless sounds of appreciation brought cam-show pledges pouring in. Hans was transfixed watching the older woman pleasure her sub.  He felt an inexorable stiffening in his ladies’ underwear.

Hans needed to drag his attention away from the on screen girl-on-girl action as this was the ideal opportunity to ambush. He hurtled out of the office, silently traversing the hall to the door he’d identified as leading to Barb’s bedroom.  Any sound of his entrance was masked by Greta’s lusty groans. For a moment he stood mesmerised, taking in the view of his sweet friend strung up like a carcass in a butcher’s fridge, being lustily eaten out by her Mistress.  

Greta’s body, sheened with perspiration, hung straining from a ceiling hook. Her feet could barely touch the ground, her joints must be crying out for release.  Her high breasts, which were pulled taut by the restraint, bore the red tracks of a wartenburg wheel and were still trapped in the teeth of clover clamps.

Barb continued avidly licking and sucking Greta’s pussy, obscuring his view somewhat, but when Hans spied the long plaited leather whip, furled but ready for use, he knew he had to get Greta out of this situation swiftly.

He ran at Barb, head-butting her in the middle of her spine to knock the wind out of her. Unfortunately the impact transferred to Greta too. Her eyes jolted open in shock as she was set swinging like a car mirror ornament.  

Utilising the element of surprise Hans grabbed Barb by the hair to pull her arms behind her back.  He grabbed cuffs from Barb’s drawer of sex toys and quickly secured the older woman using a padded leather pair.  While she still gasped for breath, he roughly shoved her face down on the bed and fastened her feet into  the restraints which Greta had recently vacated.

Barb was furious! Yelling and screaming, she made all kinds of threats that, in her current bound state, she could never carry out.  Hans located the ball gag she’d previously used on Greta and pushed it none too gently in the old witch’s mouth to quell the noise.

Moving to rescue Greta from her suspended predicament his eye fell on the escalating pledges flashing on the computer screen.  Many viewers were aroused by the fighting, asking for more!  Wry laughter bubbled up in his throat. He captured Greta’s waist with his strong arms, lifting her body a little so that he could release the cuffs from the hook above her head.

“I got you,”  Hans crooned.  “I got you baby-girl.”

To be continued …

This story was originally submitted for #MasturbationMonday, but it fits well with #EroticFictionDeluxe meme.  My image is from Pixabay. Click the link to check out who else is participating.


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