Saucy ducks with butt plug

Hans and Greta : No Comfort Break (5)


Saucy ducks & butt plug

A story is based on a Hansel & Gretel twisted fairy tale, translated to our modern life (but still firmly a fantasy)  
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Hans slept fitfully.  Having his cock trapped in the confines of the cage was bad enough during the day, but at night his natural tendency to become erect meant that he woke frequently, disturbed by great discomfort.  

Barb had been increasing the length of time she kept Hans padlocked into the cage. She didn’t trust him not to touch himself at night, and she was right.  Hans didn’t trust her right back – she had not earned his respect nor did she have his best interests at heart. He knew she would be rid of him as soon as she’d turned him into a chastity slave; once she’d broken his spirit.

Hans intended to keep fighting back, to keep resisting until he could break free. He wanted to see Greta, to reassure himself that she was happy, or offer her the chance to leave with him.  He didn’t know where they would go, as their vehicle had almost run out of fuel when they stumbled across the Sweet Treat Inn, but he used his waking hours each night to figure things out.

Every morning after breakfast Hans was released, both from his room and his cock cage to shower and shave his skin smooth.  He was starting to enjoy his silky, buffed state, and luxuriated in massaging lotion into his skin.  It resulted in his tormented cock getting hard, but as Barb hadn’t installed cameras in the shower he usually got away with it.  Today he wasn’t so lucky. Just as he was grasping his length, stroking his foreskin up and down, glorying in the intense sensations, he heard the clacking of Barb’s heels. Hans was forced to pinch the tip of his cock and think ugly twisted thoughts to make the rising sap recede and his erection wilt.

“Hurry up!” Barb’s voice, shrill but stern, banished residual sexy thoughts from Hans’ head.

She stayed to lace his corset tightly and re-fit the cock cage and padlock, before she inserted another plug firmly into Hans’ butt.  He now accommodated three sizes bigger than at the start of his training.  

Barb had selected a parody of a maid’s outfit for Hans to wear today – a frilled short skirt with netting underskirt which flared out from his hips and was adorned with a white starched apron at the front.  His fishnet stockings were fastened to suspender straps and Barb tucked 2 “chicken fillets” into each cup of his black satin corset. Hans could hardly see past them to the pointed toes of his patent high heels. The finishing touches to his outfit were frills- a white organza frilly collar at his throat plus panties with frothy white frills.

Hans made his way slowly  down the hall, hobbled as usual by ankle cuffs.  He had already mastered walking in heels, but he masked this skill so he could dawdle and look inside any doors which Barb left open. He needed to locate Greta. 

Barb brought him into a reception room furnished with sofas and chaise longues. Equipping him with a feather duster, spray polish and cloths, she left him instructions for him to clean. Hans set about his task, but used his time to seek out anything which might help implement an escape plan.  

At intervals Barb returned. She made a routine of pulling his panties down to operate a pump in the butt plug, which increased its girth. Hans never knew if she’d pump it up or deflate it.

The swell within his anal canal made Hans ache and groan, tormenting him with sensations of stretch and fill.  Soon he was panting and sweating, trying to dust and clean to Barb’s expectations while avoiding making bend or stretch movements. His throbbing desire tried to build, but his caged manhood had no room to unfurl or harden. On the contrary the pain induced when stiffening began meant any engorgement was agony.

Not for the first time Hans looked back fondly on his days with their previous Dom. Theo had been stern but loving.  Punishments with Theo almost always resulted in pleasure.  Disobedience might earn beatings or orgasm control, but there was always some kind of threesome at the end of it all, with Greta encouraged to act the bratty sub she was born to be.  

Feeling lightheaded he daydreamed about spitroasting Greta between himself and Theo. His dream was so vivid he could hear her grunts and whoops of pleasure, the galactic whore … or could he hear her in reality?  Scuttling to the door as quickly as his bonds allowed, Hans pressed an ear to the gap. Yes, she was definitely nearby, probably in the room across the corridor, he recognised her guttural grunts and gasps. Greta at least seemed to be enjoying her treatment at Barb’s hands, which was great consolation.

Hans stood listening as Greta’s sex noises built to a crescendo. When a gasping, groaning climax was wrung out of her, his cock tried to twitch in sympathy, only making him moan miserably. He shuffled away quickly from the door, returning to dusting & polishing the room’s surfaces. Hans had already spotted the concealed cameras in this room, but figured Barb was too busy servicing Greta just then to supervise his chores. However, he didn’t want to be caught and risk punishment.  Consequently he had the room dusted and polished when Barb came to collect him.  

Applying two more pumps to his butt plug, Barb ushered him from the room. Hans wasn’t faking this time, his progress down the hall was very slow. He was panting like an expectant mother during labour. 

When they drew level with the office Hans stopped. Barb became so impatient she operated the valve on the pump so he felt the plug deflate, the pressure on his sphincter abated.  

Tears of relief brimmed, but that’s also when Hans saw his opportunity, hooking the bunch of keys from Barb’s pocket.  He continued his hobbling progress up the hall back to his room, then announced that he needed to relieve himself.  Although she tutted, Barb  allowed him to visit the shower and toilet area where he peed and cleaned up, hiding the bunch of keys underneath one of his fake boobs.

When Barb ushered Hans into his room, she shut the door behind him, then must’ve realised her keys were missing.  Hans stood with his ear to his cell door listening to her heel taps as she retraced her steps, then he ducked out of his room swiftly and silently. He’d kicked his high heels off in the cell so he could move more freely.  He counted doors until he got to the office which he quickly unlocked to let himself in. Scanning the flickering monitors it was easy to spot Greta’s room when Barb entered it in search of the missing keys.

Greta lay stretched out on a bed. Straps extended from each corner which held her arms and legs in the spread eagle position.  Nipple clamps hung from Greta’s firm breasts and a large dildo was sunk so deep between her labia that only the flared base was visible.  Her hair was in girlish plaits and her fringe was damp with sweat, in fact her whole body was sheened with perspiration. 


When Barb drew close she tugged on the chain between the girl’s nipple clamps. Greta thrashed her head from side to side and a bestial moan wrenched from her lips.

To be Continued ….

This episode of my serialised tale was originally submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme. Now I’m sharing on #EroticFictionDeluxe
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  1. Oh goodness . . . fairytales were never like this when I was reading them to the children all those years ago!
    But I'm sure I would've enjoyed them more . . . not reading them aloud of course . . . but willing them to go to sleep quicker. Much, much quicker !!!
    Xxx – K

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