Female dressed in stockings and boots showing underwear and with whip

Hans and Greta – Hit Me Baby (4)

Female dressed in stockings and boots showing underwear and with whip
Image Courtesy of Christine Sponchia on Pixabay


Based on a fairy tale, which I have translated to our modern life, this is still firmly an erotic fantasy.  
Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of Hans & Greta then continue …


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Greta wasn’t sure how much time had passed in the service of their harsh new Mistress Barb.  She rarely saw daylight and fell asleep exhausted after being put through her sexual paces.  Food came fairly regularly but meals were always light because Greta was a money-making commodity, her slender girl-like build proving popular among the cam-girl choices.  Barb supervised Greta’s shaving routine, a smooth pubis kept her looking younger than her years. 

Currently Greta was dressing in a schoolgirl themed outfit Barb had selected.  She pulled long white socks up to her knees before slipping feet into high heeled sandals.  There was a navy checked kilt which was short, it barely hung below her butt cheeks, with a white blouse of flimsy material so the lacy bra worn underneath was visible.  With the top buttons left undone, she fastened a striped tie at half-mast and secured her brown hair into high bunches.  No make-up was required to keep the illusion of youth except for a little pale pink lip gloss.

Waiting for Barb, Greta’s thoughts turned to Hans. She hadn’t been allowed to see him since they got caught in this spider’s web.  She hoped he was safe and happy. She’d asked Barb if she could see him, suggesting ways they’d play together and pleasure her, but the woman always flew into a rage.  Concern for him gnawed in the pit of Greta’s stomach, but she was kept on her toes pleasing Barb with audience ratings.

Barb entered the room and Greta’s heart thumped while her pussy dampened.  She couldn’t deny enjoying her dynamic with the older woman, who tapped into her kinks and pushed her buttons.  The exhibitionist side of Greta got off knowing people were watching her get fucked and punished, she loved the feedback.

“Stand up girl, come over here.”  Barb’s tone, as always, was harsh.

She prowled around, surveying Greta, her high heels rapping in the silence.  She carried a cane, which she used to tap in between Greta’s knees to coax them wider.  The sub stood waiting with eyes lowered but her tension was palpable. Using the cane, Barb lifted the back of the pleated skirt then made a tutting sound.

“Dirty Girl.  You aren’t wearing any knickers.”

Greta bit her lip. She was quite capable of being bratty, but they both knew Barb hadn’t provided any panties for her.

“Why did you think it was OK to wear nothing under your uniform?”

“Because I’m a dirty girl Mistress.”

“You are.”  Moving closer Barb drew in a breath through her nostrils.  Her hand reached under the kilt and swiped through Greta’s labia.  Barb directed her gaze towards a wall-mounted camera, ostentatiously sniffing her glistening fingers.  

“A dirty, slutty girl.  You’re already wet.  Have you been touching yourself?”

“No Mistress.”  Greta shook her head for emphasis, jaunty bunches brushing her plump cheeks.

“Concentrate on your studies.  You’re always thinking about hard cocks.”

She lifted the back of Greta’s skirt, pressing at her lower spine till she bent over.

“You need punishing.”  Then she drew her arm back to deliver the first smarting blow to Greta’s delectable, curvy rear.

Greta yelped.  “Thank you Mistress.” 

Five more blows rained down, Greta counting each one, taking deep breaths to steady herself in between.

“What do you think?  Has she been punished enough?”  

Barb spoke to her invisible audience. She turned her sub so the cameras could capture the warm pink stripes which decorated her rear.

Greta knew there would be more, she was hoping for more.  The tingle she craved had only just begun.

“Twenty stripes it is!” Barb said triumphantly while Greta smiled to herself, taking another deep breath.

Greta’s mind was soon spinning out in subspace, distancing her from the heat and bite of the cane’s impact, she counted like an automaton.  Blood danced in her veins until her pussy swelled with yearning. When Barb reached twenty stripes she helped her to the bed on legs like a newborn foal’s.  She was barely aware of her mistress’ hands rubbing soothing lotion into the red and purple blooms which decorated her butt and tops of her thighs.

The heat and throbbing was both external and internal, Greta’s pussy clamoured for attention. Through a fog of lust, she felt Barb’s strong fingers massaging and pulling apart the flesh of her butt, both arousing and displaying her wares.

“Which plug shall we use?” Barb asked the cam audience.  Greta luxuriated in the effects of her aftercare knowing things would get intense pretty quickly.

The viewers having voted and pledged money, there followed the ooze of lube drooling over their selection.  She pushed her rear up in a tilt, offering herself to be plugged. Soon enough Barb nudged a cold hard plug  against her anal whorl.  A breathy groan of pleasure escaped Greta’s lips as her muscle flexed to welcome in the bulb of glass.

“Always the slut.”  Barb’s remark held a trace of approval. Greta preened with delight.

“You want more don’t you?”

“If you think I deserve more Mistress.”  Greta’s obedient tone was breathy.  This was how she loved to play.

“You want something in every hole don’t you, Slut?”

To demonstrate her point, Barb sank a finger into Greta’s pussy, pushing deep to massage her g-spot.  Greta groaned loud and long, her lust evident.

“Which vibrator should I use?” 

Again Barb addressed the cam show audience.  Greta heard her rummaging in the drawer and imagined her setting out two or 3 vibrators of varying girth and shape.  She knew Barb would make her come at least twice before the show was over, so the choice of vibe wasn’t  important to her.  However she couldn’t help hoping for one with a clitoral arm, as those delivered her strongest orgasms.

Whilst the votes and pledges came in via the internet, Barb fastened a ball gag behind Greta’s head, to hold her mouth wide open.  The feeling of total helplessness played into the sub’s need to surrender her will, providing a blissful release.

A droning buzz began and suddenly Greta felt it against her labia, jolting her with intense sensation.  She groaned around the muffling gag while drool crept down her chin.
As her muscular walls grasped at the silicone vibe, Greta moaned with mounting desire.

The glass plug nestled in her back passage was heavy and filling and her pussy felt tight around the buzzing vibe that Barb was pressing in and out of her with a pumping rhythm.

“So dirty,” her mistress crooned, showing the vibe to camera now it was liberally coated with juices.  Plunging it back in she altered the pulse pattern causing Greta to moan with anguished excitement.

“You want more?”  

Greta nodded, widening her leg stance so Barb could penetrate her more deeply.

“Always the greedy slut,” Barb’s voice carried a note of pride.

The drool was running round Greta’s lips now, She was pretty sure clear strands of it were also stretching from her pussy. The intensity was building, like a rolling ball of fire within and pretty soon she was spinning apart in throbs of ecstasy.  Her hips ground down. Greta fucked herself on the vibe while Barb held it still.  

The aftershocks still held her in their pulsing grip when Barb switched to pressing the vibe against her sensitive clit.  A moan of pleasure/pain wrenched from Greta, despite the gag and the tightness and colour waves of joy began building within her again.


Barb delivered a resounding slap to her left butt cheek and the ripples made the glass plug jiggle, bouncing waves of pleasure towards her core.  She thrust her hips more, knowing another would follow.

SMACK!  There it was, on the other cheek, just as intense despite being ready for it.  Another climax washed over her which pulled all her sensations in before sending them out in a throbbing rush of pleasure.

“Look at her greedy pussy throb.”  Barb’s voice was shrill with excitement, whether sexual or from thinking how much money this show was making, Greta couldn’t tell.  

To be Continued

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  1. I loved these lines:

    ‘“You want more don’t you?”

    “If you think I deserve more Mistress.” Greta’s obedient tone was breathy. This was how she loved to play.’

    I try that sometimes during play, but it never really comes out right 😅

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