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Hans and Greta – What Greta Did (2)

The story is based on a fairy tale, which I have translated to our modern life, but it’s still firmly a fantasy.  

Read part 1 of Hans & Greta here then continue

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Part 2

In Barb’s bedroom, Greta awoke and stretched to discover that her wrists were joined and chained to the bedpost. The cuffs were padded and she was comfortable, so she didn’t fret unduly except to wonder about Hans and what he might be doing with Barb.  She had spent the night using her oral skills on the older woman, making her come with whooping, shrieking glee several times before Greta was allowed to rest.  

As nothing had been done to relieve the young sub’s frustration, her slick pussy was now humming with frustration.  Orgasm denial was nothing new to Greta, but she lay on the bed trying to get herself off by rubbing her thighs together while tightening her pelvic muscles repeatedly.  She was just beginning to achieve low level thrums of pleasure humping her hips against a wedge of blankets that’d worked between her thighs, when Barb appeared.

“No!  Stop that!  Dirty girl!”  Raging she flipped Greta onto her back slapping her thighs and bare breasts repeatedly.

Barb reached into a drawer and selected a spreader bar which she attached to Greta’s ankles, forcing her legs apart.

Greta lay helpless, a little sore and panting with shock.  She looked up at Barb, huge blue manga eyes brimming with tears.

“I’m sorry mistress, I was lonely.  I missed your loving touch.”

“You don’t come unless I allow it girl.”  Barb’s voice was a snarl, yet her nipples had hardened.

“Please mistress, you tasted so good last night, I can’t stop thinking about you.  Let me pleasure you.”  Greta wet her bottom lip with a dainty pink tongue, writhing enticingly, despite her bound state.

Barb rummaged in the drawer again, withdrawing a dildo in a harness.  Removing her skirt she fastened the straps around her pelvis. 

Greta let out a gasp at the size of the dildo. It’s red silicone girth was shaded with black. It was shaped like the penis of a beast not a man.  Barb spat gobs of drool into her hand then began lewdly fisting the phallus jutting from her hips.

Greta writhed and struggled against her bonds, unsure if she could accommodate a dildo of such size, but Barb grabbed her nipples and twisted hard, making her submissive pant and groan with undisguised arousal.

“Dirty girl, I guessed you’d like pain.”  

Barb’s snarling tone couldn’t disguise her arousal, Greta clearly saw a flush tinting her chest and neck while bullet-like nipples strained against her blouse.  Barb pressed the pointed tip of the helmet against Greta’s spread pussy and rubbed back and forth, parting the swollen lips and teasing her clitoral bud.

“Aaaah yesss,”  Greta bit her lip, her arousal spiking. She wanted more despite the trickle of fear in her belly.

Barb’s hips shunted forward in a scooping thrust on which Greta became impaled, her pink folds pulled wide. stretched around the girth of the dark dildo.  It’s detailing of bumps and veins stimulated her deeply as her mistress began to saw the dildo in and out. Her mouth yawned open, emitting grunts and gasps which betrayed her pleasure at being used and abused. 

She had become Barb’s fuck toy and was loving it, her hips thrust up to meet each plough of her furrow with the dildo.  Her grunts and groans of “Yes!” and “More!” spurred on her mistress who broke quite a sweat as she rode Greta rhymically while pulling at her breasts like reins on a horse.

“Fuck me Mistress! Pleeeeeease!”  Greta wailed before climaxing.  Her slender body twitched in the throes of the intense orgasm which washed over her.  Barb, however, did not stop.  She continued to pound the primal dildo in and out of her sub, wringing a second throbbing release from her sub, whose wails became increasingly animalistic.

Greta lay there gasping with aftershocks.  The fucking was over. Barb released her grip on Greta’s engorged nipples while slowly withdrawing the phallus from between her submissive’s thighs, coated with the viscous glue of her arousal.  Her labia looked heavy and swollen and at that moment Greta’s pussy looked wide open and sloppy.

“Good.”  Barb seemed satisfied, having peered closely at her pussy with myopic eyes.
“Breakfast now.”  

Barb removed the dildo and its harness before leaving the room.  She returned soon after with a small plate of eggs and toast.  With her wrists unfastened, Greta was able to feed herself and quench her thirst.

“You’ll eat, then shower.  If you touch yourself, I’ll know.”

Barb’s tone was stern. She pointed at two corners of the room, where Greta noticed wall-mounted high-tech cameras. Barb left the room, locking the door behind her.

To be continued …

The wearable dildo shown here is Demon Dick as manufactured by Bad Dragon.  Mouth-wateringly sexy wouldn’t you agree?

This story is submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme.  Please click the link to see who else is participating.



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  1. Goodness . . . what a sexy start to my morning to read that! I will definitely be late to the office !!!

    Xxx – K

    P.s. – And a very interesting looking Dildo . . . I WANT one of those !!!

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