Fairground Ride (part 2)

Judy has arranged to meet the traveller guy she’s become obsessed with at his trailer, you can read part 1 here.

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Judy ditched afternoon lectures to meet Evan.  She left campus at lunch time and hurried home to shower and shave her legs and pussy, leaving the narrowest landing strip of close cut hair.  Slathering herself with lotion Judy’s body was buzzing, a low level hum of excitement, she imagined how it would feel when he touched her.  Similarly she’d selected her underwear picturing his reaction when he saw it.

She texted her friend Amanda details of where she was going, knowing there’d be disapproval, but she’d keep her liaison a secret.  A chill of danger gave her goosebumps when she thought why it was important to let someone knowing her whereabouts.  Then she caught the bus to the common where rainbow bright rides and sideshows littered the field, silent as if they were asleep.

Moving between the trailers, following Evan’s directions, other travelling folk were stirring. The smell of cooking wafted from several caravan.  Judy heard doors banging and the sound of voices, she tried to move stealthily, hoping not to be seen.  She located the trailer he’d described and rapped on the door.  It swung out and there he stood, bare chested with his hair tousled. She felt incredibly shy faced with those slabs of abdominal muscle, her downcast eyes landed on the happy trail of hair which started at his navel and disappeared behind his waistband.

He smiled his crooked smile and beckoned to her. As she stepped inside he leaned out to looked around, checking they weren’t observed.  Judy trembled with nerves now she was there, a fly trapped within sticky webbing, but when her spider leaned in to lock lips in a kiss, she gladly surrendered.  Adrenaline swirled in her core, a heady cocktail mixed with the lust which had began to surge as soon as she saw him.

“You look pretty, I’m so glad you came.” 

She tried to look around the caravan, but he pulled her in for a kiss and she closed her eyes. His fingers slid up into her hair and she almost purred like a cat.  His body was warm and hard against hers. Judy felt small and fragile.

“Me too.”

“You smell of flowers, you always do.”

“It’s my perfume.  Do you like it?”

“I like everything about you.  If I’d dreamed you I couldn’t have made you better.  You remind me of a doll my sister used to have, I would undress it sometimes.”  He locked eyes with her, and she felt his fingers nimbly loosening buttons.  

Judy kept her eyes on his face, his pretty mouth, but she felt the fabric falling away, revealing small breasts in a lacy bra.  Evan’s expression was rapt as he traced the curves of each with rough fingers before tugging down one cup to drag her nipple to an aching stalk.

“Perhaps not quite like the doll then.  She never wore any underwear.”   His voice was husky and low as he pulled the other breast free of lace to tweak the opposite nipple.

“Hello girls, want to play?”  He spoke to her tits directly. Judy felt a clench in her pussy.

Evan leaned forwards and licked first one nipple tip, gently like it was the tip of an ice cream cornet. He moved to the other side and swirled his warm wet tongue round that nipple too.  Judy watched with fascination as he went from one to the other, increasing the teasing pressure a little each time until he was sucking each nipple towards the back of his throat making her positively growl with excitement. The strands of lust tightened from breasts to pussy like bowstrings.

Without realising she was doing it, Judy had gathered her pleated skirt up till it was bunched in her hands, displaying her tiny matching thong, not much bigger than an eye patch!

“What have we here?” Evan’s voice was soft and low.  His coaxing crooning tone had her melting.  Yeah she felt it running between her thighs and butt cheeks, liquid lust.

He sank to his knees in front of her, pushing her legs further apart.  Judy burned with shame but also excitement as he devoured her with his eyes.  She knew the thong barely covered anything and it was soaked with her juices by now.

“Not so Sunday school after all!”  he exclaimed with approval, kissing and nibbling his way from mid thigh into the hot recess of her pussy, where he licked and lapped.  Judy was helpless to resist, lust had her in its irresistible grip.  

She’d never received oral before and it was driving her wild. She was marvelling at how much more pleasure a tongue could deliver than fingers when she felt Evan begin to stroke and tease her labia with his fingers too.  She felt herself coming unravelled with his ministrations, as if she couldn’t identify what he was doing to which bits of her, but soon she became aware of a thrusting, pumping finger inside her while he suckled her clit.

“Don’t stop!” she yelped, feverish with emotion.  Far from stopping, Evan slid another finger inside and she began instinctively to buck her hips.  “Oh Evan!” she couldn’t scramble a sentence together.  “O fuck!”

Judy felt she might smash into smithereens, or float away if it wasn’t for his face at her pussy, holding her down.

Evan stood and wrestled with his jeans, dragging the flies open before pulling them off his legs.

“You need to put on a condom!”

“Shit!” his frustration was explosive.

“There are some in my bag.”  

Evan scrabbled on the floor for her bag, passing it to Judy who produced a foil pack, which he snatched and tore open.

Through barely focused eyes Judy watched him pinch the end and roll it on.  His member looked magnificently swollen, jutting from his pelvis with all his pride and aggression, like a mini me.

As his cock rubbed her slick, juicy folds she groaned again. “Yes.  Please.”

Evan thrust his way in. She was engorged and buttery soft but his thrust speared into her core with a swoop of delight.  She clutched at his bare back, fingers digging at his firm flesh while her legs curled around his waist to welcome his plunging, dipping hip action.  Every thrust was like an electric charge and she would swallow him into her if she could.  His hard member sawed in and out, reminding Judy of the bobbing horses on a merry-go-round; she thrust up to meet him as his pole fucked her hole.

“Such a dirty girl after all,” Evan growled close to her ear encouraging Judy to pump harder against him.  Her mound ground on his pelvis with every thrust, she felt the sparks of her orgasm ignite as she did.  A languor filled her limbs even whilst an urgency was building.  She was thrilled to be his dirty girl, her own daring delighted her.  Seizing the moment, she’d take her pleasure where she could.

Evan’s pace became frantic so Judy strived harder, an orgasm almost in her grasp.

“Fuuuck!” Evan groaned. 

His final thrust was deeper and harder, Judy was also tipped over, gasping and throbbing.  Her eyes squeezed shut hard enough to see stars while her pelvis twitched. Every muscle seemed to clutch as she wrung final drops of come from his cock with her pussy.

They cleaned up with tissues and a sense of awkwardness.  Her clothes were rumpled and her hair needed a brush as she stepped down from his trailer and looked into his beautiful face with it’s brash grin.

“Will I see you tonight Judy?”

“Perhaps, I’m not sure if I can get away.”  

Then Judy turned and left, making herself put one foot in front of the other. Not to run back to him, for one last kiss, one last fumble under the covers took more strength than she anticipated. It was better to end it this way. She’d had her adventure, she’d scratched that itch and now she needed to consign it to the past.  

As she stood at the bus stop, texting Amanda that she was on the way home, she felt a squeeze to her heart wondering whether he would be looking out for her tonight.

This story was submitted for Marie’s #WickedWednesday meme, for the prompt then and now, which is quite apt for a story in 2 parts.  Click the link for other smutty goodness.


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