Fairground Ride (Part 1)


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There’s a distinctive smell about a fairground, hot diesel, buttery popcorn mixed with candy floss.  Combined with that is excitement, danger, the frisson of recklessness.  Judy felt it swelling in her chest like a bubble, almost too big to contain.  She watched eagerly as the waltzer dipped and swirled. Giddy screaming girls spun by, their faces a blur.  Young men held their partners tightly, proprietorially, or raised their arms above their heads proud of their own daring as their seats whirled round.

The music blared loudly, she felt it through her feet, the popular songs of this summer, lyrics spoke of love, lust and seizing the moment.  Her throat went dry when she saw him, a white t-shirt clung tautly to his muscled chest, his jeans hugged muscular thighs and a tight backside.  He didn’t look her way, instead leaping with agility between the circular seating gondolas, spinning them extra fast to make the girls squeal.

He did see her though, and when their eyes caught, her stomach became a lift with the pulley cables cut, plunging down with maximum velocity and a ton of danger.  She smiled, her heart squeezing and her panties dampening she caught her bottom lip with her teeth. He made his leisurely way towards her, moving over the undulating platform on which the gondolas twirled and spun.  

Suddenly he stood in front of her, only the railing separating them. His groin pressed against it and Judy almost closed her eyes to wish she was the railing.

“Hey Judy! I’ve got a break in twenty – want to meet behind the rifle range?”  He lanced her with his brown eyes and she felt her pussy pulse in response.

“Maybe, but I’m with my friends.”

“Ditch them.  I can’t concentrate for thinking about you.”

She checked her watch, not registering the time, but playing hard to get.  “Okay, I think I can get away.”  Her friend Amanda was currently on the big dipper with her new boyfriend, Judy was a third wheel.

With a glint in his eye Evan returned to the pulsing lights and the swirling chairs, moving between them like a gazelle, he added to the thrills and spills of the ride.  Judy moved away. She continued to watch him, but more covertly, struggling not to reveal how keen she was;  although coming to the fair every single night since it arrived in town was surely a giveaway.  She’d never met a guy like Evan before, he was so cocky but sexy.  He seemed capable and strong, he made her laugh and there was something feral about him which thrilled her.

Waiting for Evan, she questioned for the thousandth time why she was being so reckless.  She’d only shrugged off her virginity six months ago. Why couldn’t she stop thinking about doing the dirty with a showman, whose home was on wheels which would take him away in less than a week.  What an obsession, thoughts of this guy kept her constantly wet, feeling feverish, antsy with barely concealed arousal.

Here he came, strolling nonchalantly across the trampled grass and there IT was again – that pulse in her pussy.  A ‘come to mama’ throb of delight that raised her pulse, squeezed juices into her soaking gusset.  Judy tried to calm herself down so that she looked nonchalant and not breathless when he slipped an arm round her waist then leaned down to press a scorching kiss on her lips.

“Fancy meeting you here.”  Evan’s smile quirked his mouth unevenly. Judy melted into him.

“Must be fate.”  She smiled and his eyes twinkled with a sexy subtext.

Pulling her to him Evan’s hands roamed her body while Judy crushed herself against him, was it even possible to get close enough?  He smelt of engine oil and hard work. His grimy, strong hands sneaked under her waistband while she gloried in the contrast – good girl, bad boy.

“So fucking hot,” he growled in her ear, his warm breath teasing her sensitive pulse point.

He dragged at her g-string, tweaking it up to part her labia and graze her sphincter. 

Judy gasped, grabbing a fistful of white t-shirt.

“You like that?”

Instead of answering, Judy crushed her lips against his and rubbed the growing bulge at the front of his grimy jeans.  His groan in response was hot.

“You’re not as Sunday school as you look,” he nibbled a trail down her neck before bending to bite her nipple which presented itself pertly through her pale blouse.  

“I’m not Sunday school at all,” her voice was ragged, between a gasp and a groan as Judy rubbed herself against his muscled thigh.  “I could show you.”

“There’s nothing I’d like more,” his expression twisted with regret, “but I gotta get back to work. Can I meet you later?”

“No, I’ve got to go.”

He kissed her again, long and hard, crushing her breast with one hand, he pressed his thigh between her legs, encouraging her to ride it.

Judy’s head was a jumble of emotions, with desire at the top. “Maybe tomorrow?  I could see you tomorrow.”

“Come at 4, I don’t have to work till 6.”  His coal dark eyes bored into her, soul deep and she found herself agreeing and getting directions to his trailer.  The audacity of it made her heart thump, but his pressure on her spot made her made her pussy thump harder.  

“Until tomorrow then,” he delivered a final scorching kiss before dragging himself away from her.  Without a backward glance he was gone … until tomorrow.

This story is submitted for the #MasturbationMonday meme, click the link to see other sexy posts.  The image is from Pixabay and this link shows a waltzer ride.

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  1. Mmm…so hot! I can't imagine ever wanting the kind of carnival workers I've seen around here, but this Evan sounds like an unexpectedly attractive surprise. Sometimes being naughty is just so right!

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