Mind the Gap (part 5) – New Year’s Eve

This is part 5, the conclusion of Mind the Gap, a seasonal story of attraction between a young man and an older girl.  

Read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 first. 
Part 4 ended with our main characters kissing under the mistletoe (which they’d been unable to do when they first met) before sinking to the stairs in a steamy embrace.

“I felt like everyone was watching us,” I said between kisses, “as if they could see the sparks flying.”

In response, Hamish dry humped me there on the stairs, making me insane with desire.  I unbuttoned my blouse, exposing the jiggle of my upper boobs which he immediately began to kiss and lick.

Biting my lip to tamp down excitement I grabbed handfuls of his golden blonde hair and pressed his head deeper into my tits.

“Bite me!” I urged him, pulling at the hook and eye fastenings on the bustier, spilling my nipples out on display, hard with desire.

Hamish sucked on the nearest with toe curling effectiveness, while I panted and moaned.

“Bite me, mark me.” I felt frenzied. 

When he latched onto the tender white skin beneath that nipple like a vampire, my pussy throbbed in response.

“More,” I begged, pulling the bustier apart so both breasts were exposed.

“Where?” he asked before sucking on my other nipple with the same pressure, til I thought I’d levitate with desire.

“Here,” I pointed, lifting the swell of my other breast to expose the soft underboob on the arm side.

“I love your tits,” he sighed, “I’m happy to tag them as mine.”  Then he set about sucking deeply, marking with the distinct purple stain of a love bite.  I felt wild, abandoned, my arousal escalating.

“I think I’m getting carpet burns,” I giggled, as a sore rub at my back began to trump the pleasure endorphins.  I couldn’t care less that people might discover us at any moment, I just wanted my young buck between my thighs, spearing me ruthlessly till I came.

“Take me, fuck me,” I commanded and Hamish complied with alacrity.  He scooped me to my feet and then propelled me up the stairs towards his bedroom.  Thank goodness he’d made the first floor a no-go zone for the party, we climbed past the barricade of chairs at the top fairly easily then sank into the mattress in his bedroom.  

By the light of a retro-lava-lamp Hamish shed my blouse then removed my boots and trousers.  I immediately slid a hand inside my black lace panties to massage my straining clit. My pussy was soaked and my labia engorged and parted.  I groaned with building passion and spread my legs.

“Please Hamish, fuck me now.  I can’t wait much longer.” 

My young lover dragged down his jeans, boxers pooling around his ankles, and kicked them off his feet.

“So horny,” he murmured in my ear, pulling the ribbon ties at either side of my knickers until they fell away.  Hamish could both see and hear my fingers squelching in my hungry pussy so he hurried to sheath himself with a condom.

“Oh, oh you’re big,” I gasped as he presented his cock at my pussy entrance.  

My sensitive clit thrummed while my pussy ran liquid with desire.  Hamish’s first thrust made my stomach swoop with a rush of pleasure which squeezed at my core.  He struck a rhythm of deep, strong thrusts which I met with tilting hips. The waves of climax began to lap at me, so opening my legs wider I wrapped them round his back.  I met every thrust with one of my own, vaguely aware of his balls slapping against me, I raced him towards the finish line.  

In a panting, sweating mess, we groaned and thrust, hips grinding together we wrung a delicious climax from our coupling.  Hamish made a noise I’d become familiar with these precious few days, a tremor running through him as he ejaculated.  I sighed deliriously, happy I’d found a formula which worked for me too; getting myself almost to the brink before Hamish penetrated me meant that I came every time.

I’d never let a guy watch me stimulate myself before I met Hamish. However he loved watching me finger myself and stroke my clit, often assisting my arousal by tugging on my nipples or spreading my legs wider.  We formed a sexy co-operative and his fast recovery time (which comes with youth) meant Hamish was ready to fuck again while I still throbbed from my first orgasm. I’d discovered I could come more than once if the play was right.  

We’d experimented so much in these few days that my pussy ached with the abuse while my nipples were sensitive 24/7, but we’d had so much fun.  I didn’t want to go back to reality but we lived in different counties, we had work to go to and there wasn’t any future in this relationship.

“Did you come?” he asked, anxious to satisfy.

“Yes,” I smiled happily, “you?”  Even though I knew he had.

“You’re so bad, but I like it!  Why did you want me to bite you?”  He admired my marked breasts before trailing kisses over my stomach and down my hips.

“I know this can’t last Hamish, so I want to look at those marks when I’m home and remember what we did.”

He was thoughtful.  “Mark me too.”  His expression reminded me of that spaniel again, eager and excited.

I wriggled out from under him to hover my face over his bum, all that pristine pale flesh reminding me of unmarked snow.  I lowered my lips to suck deep and hard, using my open mouth and rubbing the tender flesh with my front teeth.  He made a muffled groan, part pleasure part pain and I sat back to review my handiwork. It was red but flecked with some darker stains.  I spanked his other bum cheek playfully before attacking the same area again with gusto, sucking hard until my tongue tingled and he groaned louder this time.  Now my mark was much improved, purple and livid looking,

“You’re mine now,” I giggled snuggling against him.

“Happy to be,” he smiled, and his sincerity gave me a pang of regret that this had to end.

Glancing at the red numbers on the digital clock, I noticed the previous year was over and the new one had begun.

“Happy New Year Hamish,” I whispered and we kissed.

This story was submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme, run by Marie Rebelle.  Click the link to see who else is participating.

The image I’ve used to illustrate this fiction with is entitled “I wish I felt festive” by Sassy Cat, whose blog you should really visit.

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