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My 2nd Bloggiversary : 2018 Roundup SoSS



Roundup of Blogs and Bloggers who’ve made 2018 Awesome

I’ve already blogged about what I’ve learned in the last year, in which post I thanked some of the people who’ve helped me along the way.  Re-reading who I ‘name checked’ last year in my Bloggiversary round-up I noticed a subtle shift in what I blog about and additions to who I follow.  

The catalyst for the majority of changes in my blog was my visit to Eroticon in March.  I can’t  rave enough about the talks which inspired me, and how fantastic it was to meet in person bloggers who I follow and admire.  Perusing our sponsors’ stands, talking to experts and having the chance to ask questions, handle toys and assess sexy accessories was invaluable. I was both surprised and impressed with the kinky play accoutrements Molly & Michael kindly brought for delegates’ experimentation.

Particularly exciting, and vital to my development, were a couple of people at Eroticon who came up to me saying: “So you’re Posy!  I wanted to meet you.”  Those few kind words validated me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from imposter syndrome. I sometimes look at what I do on-line and think is this worth anything?  Is it a silly hobby?  Am I just shouting in the dark? Anyway thanks to Eroticon I came home determined to make my blog count.

Having contracted out adult reviews (my inspirational friend Vampy Valentine writes them when I win new toys) I don’t visit sites which feature toy reviews as frequently as last year.

Grateful thanks to:  Little Switch Bitch, Aurora Glory, Bondage God, Candy Snatch, May MooreScandarella, Miss Jezebella.

Writing being the backbone of my blog, I decided I should stretch my writing style – so I embraced collaborations, guest posts, opinion pieces, book reviews, competitions and porn.  The biggest leap for me was porn, which I’ve watched in the past but not very often.  My writing partner suggested I visited a platform he writes for, which resulted in watching the glossy films and writing stories inspired by them. 

Thanks to:  Anna RichardsonJayne Renault, PJA Woode, Joanne’s Reviews,  Pixie Heart, Sent to ThrillA Guy in Panties & Laura

I’ve used the memes shamelessly to promote my work. I’m motivated by their prompts and new followers find me when they visit.  Memes have also encouraged me to spread my wings.

Thanks to those who host: #SinfulSunday #MasturbationMonday #WickedWednesday #FridayFlash #Elust #KotW (Molly Moore, Marie Rebelle, F.Leonora & Kayla Lords)

I am happy to have featured on some ‘sex blogger’ listings this year, a fact which makes me feel a real member of the community, as I am more vanilla than most.  Some lists are fun, and some are serious (with a nomination and voting process) but I’m in every way grateful I’ve grabbed the attention of readers and to have built a loyal following – when I hit 1K followers within my first year on Twitter I was delighted.  I’m now firmly settled in the writers ‘corner’ of the sex-blogger camp and this feels a good fit for me.

Thanks:  Floss, Kilted Wookie, Molly & Michael, Kinkly, May Moore

I follow some people I visualise as ‘grown up’ writers, with styles I really aspire to and many have published books to their name.  If I want content that I know will get me in the mood I rely on these guys, so they deserve my thanks for that:

Asrai, Scanderella, Lascivious Lucy, Jerusalem Mortimer, Charlton Tod
Cara Thereon

There are some people to thank simply because we talk and really connect.  Friends who have helped me with various dilemmas: blogging advice, kink questions; some I’ve met face to face while others remain virtual friends.  All provide vitally important feedback and cheerleading for me and my erotic writing.

Thanks:  May Moore, Elliott Henry, melody, BibulousOne, floss, Indie, Tabitha Rayne, Nero BlackLivvy Libertine, Cousin Pons, Richard Cunliffe, Petra Pan, Asrai, E T Costello, Simon O’Neill, Kim, AM Harding and my #1 Dark Darling Telugu1.

Finally I reiterate heartfelt thanks to everyone who allowed me to interview them this year and anyone who visited my blog or responded to my tweets.  

Goodbye to the old (2018) and welcome to the new (2019)

5 thoughts on “My 2nd Bloggiversary : 2018 Roundup SoSS”

  1. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary. Amazing how much is packed in to a year. Success is deserved from all the effort you put in to writing and just generally being nice.

    Thank you for the link, too ����

  2. Happy anniversary Posy. I cannot believe it has been so long, the time has simply flown by – comes of having fun I guess 🙂
    Have a spectacularly happy and successful 2019.
    T xxx

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