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Here Cum the Girls!

This is a ‘blast from the past’!  A chance to catch up with an early episode of my series #Cleaner Close which I began just before I created this blog.  
I’m going to drop you in at the start of Episode 3  but you can go back to Episode 1 and Episode 2 to find out how Josie, a girl with no previous experience of D/s, got herself into this situation.

Josie’s excitement made her heart thud in her chest, looking down at herself she detected a slight tremor in her breasts in time with her heartbeat and rock hard nipples, the areola appearing dark and tight.  Within her lacy black bra, her breasts were heavy with arousal; intent (like heat-seeking missiles) on homing in to whatever could give them stimulation, the rougher the better.  She longed for them to be suckled hard, better still bitten and pinched, her dark side manifested itself as her eyes roved over the other female slave.  The shine of the dildo pants she wore made them look slick and wet, but Josie’s attention was focused on the hard, veiny dildo now attached to them, how it curved up towards the slim girl’s stomach, it looked longer and thicker than any real penis Josie had ridden in the past.  

The other slave prowled round Josie, acting predatory.  Their Master sat back in a deep leather chair to watch, his cock still on display, it stirred in his lap, already showing signs of arousal, as Josie knelt, looking helpless and apprehensive.  Her legs were fixed and parted by the spreader bar, her hands locked to her sides with the leather restraints.  The slave girl moved close and unclipped Josie’s bra – which slid away from her body allowing her full, tender breasts to spring free.  With a flick of her wrist the slave whipped those bobbing breasts with a leather flogger which Josie hadn’t even noticed she was holding.  Josie’s chest felt a flash of pain, but it was a slight, stinging assault on her straining nipples which she welcomed.  She bit her lip, waiting as the girl paced round behind her.  Flick! There it was again, stinging blows from all those little strands of leather, they beat on her nipples and the rounded globes of her breasts, causing a burning and tingling til Josie drew in a shuddering breath. Flick, whip, flick, whip; the blows fell closer together now, the flogging alternating between breasts and bringing a heat and tingling to her nipples and pussy which made her moan out loud.

Josie focused her gaze on the bobbing latex dick in front of her as she endured her punishment, she became delirious with desire and was barely aware of her surroundings.  She felt sticky goo oozing out of her and the heaviness in her pussy as the lips became fully engorged but she was oblivious to the Master scrutinising the sexy tableau she made (bound and being flogged by another slave) whilst he lazily stroked his cock up and down it’s shaft. All Josie could think of was the large latex dildo before her and “Stick it in me!  Pleeease!”

“Maya, enough teasing!”  Master barked.  “I want to watch you pounding her pussy.”

Josie snapped out of her lustful trance at the sound of his voice.  Maya moved around her to remove the wrist to leg restraints, then she pushed Josie forward none too gently, til she was kneeling on all fours.  Next she removed the leg spreader – uncuffing Josie’s ankles until finally the only thing she wore was the black thong she’d had on under her maid’s dress.  This was soaked with Josie’s juices, which continued to gather at her moist slit.  Maya dragged the scrap of fabric and lace down Josie’s hips and off her legs, then she moved and stood in front of her, holding the thong in front of her face. Josie’s ragged breathing dragged in the musky aroma of her arousal, and she felt her cheeks heat with shame.

“You are a horny little creature aren’t you?” the Master chuckled.  “No self control at all – and for that you should be punished!  Wash those panties!”  
His command puzzled Josie, but only for a moment, until Maya forced the thong into her mouth.  

“Suck and lick your pussy juice off your panties, then maybe you won’t be such a dirty slut next time.”  Master’s growled his command.  
Josie complied straight away, tasting the sweet, tangy taste of her own arousal, a blush creeping up her cheeks as she did so.

“Plug that sopping hole Maya!”  he ordered.  “She’s been gagging for it all morning.  I caught her spying on your punishment and diddling herself!”

This story is submitted for #MasturbationMonday but to continue it’s thread you can read the conclusion of Episode 3 here.  Click on the link to see who else is participating ~ They may be following the delicious Christmas prompt!

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