Santa Baby : Guest Post

Santa Baby by A Guy in Panties

It was that time of year again. Halloween was done and the fireworks had disappeared from the shelves, replaced by Christmas cards, gifts and decorations. The most wonderful time of the year was upon her. Caroline Stone’s husband was kissing her neck and she knew his hands would begin their work at any moment. 
Of all her fantasies, not many were seasonal, but like It’s a Wonderful Life and mince pies, it didn’t feel right to use this one outside of December.
As the movement of the duvet betrayed Mark’s shifting hands beneath and light tingles gave way to a growing ache between her legs, Caroline closed her eyes and let the images in her mind play.
Click-clack. Click-clack. Narrow heels carried her over the car park towards the shopping centre. She strode with purpose, a heady mixture of excitement, anticipation and nervousness swirling in her stomach.
She was going to see Father Christmas. She’d walked this walk several times in her youth, yet this was adult Caroline, wearing a short brown suede skirt and a thin cream sweater. No bra. No knickers.
The jiggling of her breasts had rubbed her nipples deliciously against the woollen sweater, causing them to noticeably tighten and protrude. Hordes of men streamed towards her, their day’s shopping mercifully over. She watched their eyes dart downwards, stealing a glance of the wobbling swellings beneath the material before making eye contact with her and shamefully looking away. Knowing the effect she was having on these helpless men made her rising arousal all the more delicious.
Meanwhile the cold air that gusted up her skirt contrasted with the warmth between her legs, the icy tingle tantalising a shaved, exposed pussy that ached for attention.
The heat of the air curtain enveloped Caroline as she entered the mall before heading for the escalator. Nearly there.
As if to confirm that this was mere fantasy, the queue for the grotto was non existent. Two grinning elves, one male and one female, welcomed her before drawing back a red velvety curtain. Caroline stepped inside and the curtain fell back into place.
And there he was. Saint Nick himself, sat in the corner, complete with white hair and beard, red furry costume, hat and boots. Caroline’s knees loosened.
“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” he bellowed. “What’s your name, my dear?” His voice gave him away. This wasn’t an old man playing Santa; whoever was in that costume was 40 at best.
Rubbing her toes on the carpet with cod sheepishness, Caroline stated her name. “Why don’t you come and sit on my knee and we’ll see what I’ve got for you?” said Santa.
Caroline skipped over and, facing away from him, jumped on his lap, almost sending them both tumbling backwards. Instinctively, they grabbed one another – her hands on his thighs and his round her waist. His legs felt thick and muscly beneath the costume. Caroline shuffled round and swung her legs over Santa’s thighs so she was sideways to him.
“So, have you been a good girl this year?” asked Santa, his eyes suggesting a devilish grin beneath the beard.
“Oh yes,” replied Caroline. “I’ve been ever so good.” As she spoke, her fingers walked along his thighs towards his crotch while his hands slid down and around her bum.
Caroline got a buzz from seeing his reaction at discovering she was without underwear. A combination of shock and delight filled Santa’s voice as he said: “My goodness, that is rather naughty, you’ve forgotten to put any knickers on!” 
Meanwhile, his hands were moving round, up and over her thighs and into her lap. So close to her throbbing, swollen sex, and she instinctively lifted her hips towards his strong hands. “And what would you like for Christmas, Caroline?” he asked, his voice becoming breathy and urgent. 
“Something I’ve never had before” whispered Caroline, turning to face away from Santa so she could feel his bulge against her. She wriggled back until she felt his shaft lie perfectly between her legs. It was thick and warm. He began moving his hips, sliding himself against warm, yearning lips. Caroline let out a deep sigh as her arousal multiplied.
A noise. Looking up, she was startled to see the two elves stood inside the grotto, flushed and open mouthed. Caroline’s shock quickly turned to excitement and she breathed: “Do you like what you see?”
Neither of the elves said a word, only nodding slowly in unison while each moved a hand southwards. The male slowly slid his hand into his ill-fitting green trousers, while the female put hers up her red and gold skirt.
With a single smooth movement, Santa released himself from his trousers, bent Caroline forward and placed the glowing tip of his penis at the entrance to her sex. Caroline gasped and pushed backwards, feeling him enter her as he reached up and fondled her breasts through her sweater.
Caroline felt Santa’s beard tickle her neck as her nuzzled her there. Just when she thought his whole length was inside her, he surprised her with a final thrust, filling her entirely. Lust flowed through every part of her and she reached between her legs to locate her clit.
All the while, Caroline’s gaze was focused on the elves, both now masturbating rhythmically. Their garments jiggled as the hands beneath did their work.
Santa rocked with metronomic grace, allowing his penis to almost leave her and letting her savour the stimulation at her opening before pushing back in. All the while she circled her clit and felt exquisite joy begin to build there.
Santa’s movements suddenly became more urgent, and his voice bore a shaky desperation as he said “I’m gonna come.” Caroline felt his warm release ooze inside her and pressed more firmly on her clit. A hard, fast climax gripped her and she rode it out on Santa’s still-solid cock, letting out a long, satisfied moan.
The elves were open-mouthed and frowning, leaning forwards as they surfed the wave of orgasm. They slowed to a stop before running out of the grotto in shame.
“Merry Christmas,” said Caroline with a smile, standing up and feeling Santa’s now-flaccid cock flop out of her with a wet slap, giving her a final jolt of pleasure.
At that moment, she snapped back to reality and found herself climbing off her panting husband as he said “We haven’t done reverse cowgirl for a while. That felt amazing.”
A sheen of sweat on her face, Caroline lay beside him and smiled. “Merry Christmas darling.”

This sexy tale was written by @Aguyinpanties and kindly shared for Kayla Lord’s meme #MasturbationMonday, the theme for week #223 being inspired by Cara Theron’s hot picture

Anyone not familiar with the phrase “cod sheepishness” it means faux or fake sheepishness.


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