While the Cat’s Away … the Cougar will Play

This is the 2nd part of the story – read part 1 here

Woman in leopard print Part 2

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Returning to the bar I swish  my hips ostentatiously, allowing the delicate fragrance of arousal to reach my nostrils.  Returning the bar, standing close to Mason I hope he detects it.  This fine looking man is good enough to eat!  I lean in close.

“Did you miss me?”

He’s vaguely startled, before the creases of his forehead smooth and his outer eyes crinkle instead.

“Yeah – you took all the sparkle with you.”  

Those words, and his look which drank me in, like I was the only person in the world he wanted to listen to, were final nails in the coffin.  A molten knot of desire held in my core flared out right then, tendrils of desire spread to my extremities.  My mouth became dried as my pussy flooded, a pulse thumped between my legs and my predatory instincts took over.
I’ve no idea what we talk about or if people notice our flirting, but do I know that I want this young guy as a conquest and nothing’s going to stop me.

We leave the pub together and, although I’m a little unsteady from the drink, I hardly need to hang onto his arm to press my body close to him as much as I pretend.

“Perhaps we both need some chips.  Soak up some of the booze.”  He smiles down.  I love how small and fragile I feel next to his rangy body.

“I’ll steal a couple of yours,” I giggle.  I don’t eat in the evening, but he wouldn’t know that.

Walking back to my flat, we stop to kiss frequently.  Not since my courting days have I put so much effort into the act of conveying lust and attraction, lip on lip.  I suck on his tongue just how I plan to suck on his dick.  I’m predatory, chasing his tongue down with mine, at other times I press delicate, butterfly kisses over his face and neck.  He strokes my hair before tucking it behind my ear – a tender gesture which nearly melts me.

The way we tumble up the stairs to my flat proves we’re both drunker than we’d realised.  He scoops me up, Tarzan like, tossing me onto my bed.

“You smell so fucking good!”  His voice is a growl as he crawls up my body.  With his nose near my legs he nudges my leather skirt up to my hips.

“I’m so good, I’m bad!”  I giggle when he notices my no-knickers state, before unbuttoning my blouse to display my dainty bra.

He licks warm wet trails up my ribs towards my breasts so I wriggle my hips and drag his dark head into my cleavage.

“Bite me!” I urge.  Mason responds, nibbling my pert titties through the gauzy fabric.
Sinking my nails into his shoulders I push him down, my hot cunt is pulsing for his oral attention.  Mason doesn’t disappoint and sets to work licking and probing, swirling juices through the folds  of my vulva, nearly driving me crazy.  As he sucks and stimulates, he plunders my pussy with two fingers? Three?  I can’t decide because I’m clawing and bunching the bedding with building arousal.

I want to return the favour, to suck his stick of rock, but he holds me firmly in place – a specimen under his microscope.  Imagining my inner petals spread out for his delectation has my head swimming with desire.  My panting is shallow as a climax builds, head dizzy and thighs spreading to draw him in.

“Right there, yessss!  Oh-Oh.  It’s too much!”  

Head thrashing, my pussy pulses as I come round his fingers, juices run in a warm rivulet which soaks his chin.  He continues thrusting in and out of my hole as climax aftershocks twitch my body, but he slows them gradually.  When I come down off the ceiling enough to look at him, he licks his fingers, sporting a devilish grin.

“Kiss me, you bastard!”  I smile.  I draw him up my body to suck on the tongue which has just tipped me over the edge.  My own flavour is familiar. As always, I feel pride in what a juicy wet girl I am.

“Let me suck you.”  I nuzzle near his ear.  “Kneel over me, I wanna take you in my mouth.”

This position never fails to stir desire in my gut;  Dominated – a guy feeding his hard cock into my mouth while I lie below him.  Mason straddles my face so I can suck on his glans, swallowing the salty gloss of pre-cum which had gathered.  I moan and hum my appreciation and he rests his arms on the bedstead to thrust gently in and out of my mouth.

My arousal is building again, so I tease his sphincter with my fingertip.  Mason makes a gasp and a grunt, alerting me to his climbing orgasm.  

“I want you inside me,” I beg, squeezing and pinching his tiny, neat nipples.  

With a groan he digs in his pocket before adjusting his position  ‘til the bulbous head of his cock nestles at my juicy entrance.

“You’re so beautiful,” he growls, slipping on a condom.

“Please … please fuck me.”  I beg, wanting it rough and urgent, so when his hips swing back to press into me with one hard thrust, my insides swoop with the thrill.

Sawing in and out, Mason’s pelvis mashes my clit on every downward thrust. I rise up to meet him.  The embers of my earlier climax flare into flames again ‘til I’m burning with pleasure every bit as intense as before.

Mason’s strong arms cord with tension and his neck strains as he thrust and bucks into me.  Wrapping my legs up and round his hips, I pressing my calves onto the back of his.  The clitoral rub afforded by this position ‘gets’ me every time.  Soon I’m gasping and unravelling with a second orgasm. My pelvic floor tightens around his cock, milking it, till Mason spurts too.

We lie together in the afterglow, our ragged breathing slows, while our exertions and the alcohol consumed begins to take its toll.  We doze.  His dick wilts to slip out of me, still sheathed.  Next thing I know Mason’s struggling to a seated position, glancing at his watch.

“Gotta go.  You stay put Maddie, I’ll let myself out.”  Drawing the plush throw up the bed to cover my half-dressed body before he stumbles to the bathroom.   The toilet flushes, before I hear footsteps on the stairs which precedes the click of my front door.

I drift back to sleep wondering if this is a one-off, or whether the mouse can play another time the cat’s away.

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This story is submitted for #WickedWednesday.  Follow the link to  see who else is participating, the prompt being ‘porn site’.  Image from Pixabay.

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