While the Cat’s Away …

While the Cat’s Away … the Cougar Will Play

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I don’t feel my age – I look out of the eyes in my face still feeling like the young, hot 20-year-old that I used to be.  I know I don’t look my age, my friends tell me all the time and I’m aware of eyes on me as I go about my daily routine.  Men still hold doors open  and check me out – some make their glances more obvious than others!

My best feature has always been my legs which is a large part of the blessing as they don’t give away age (like a cleavage can).  I favour high heels, boots and eye-catching hosiery.  The looks of appreciation I get boost my confidence no end.

I don’t have a steady boyfriend, I like playing the field.  I’ve never been married, though I’ve had my share of proposals!  The infatuation always dulls during the engagement so I call things off.  If I want company, there’s a town pub I go to where the landlord and staff make me welcome.  I’m friendly with a few regulars and there’s usually fresh ‘meat’ if I want to hook up with someone.

Tonight a young regular, Mason, has shown up with his friend Pete but minus his girlfriend.  I’ve had several saucy fantasies about this one!  Tall and dark haired, he has an incredibly neat designer beard.  His body’s hard and lean and I notice his slightly damp hair and the bag resting by his feet, so I’d say he’s fresh from the gym.

I check my make-up and the smoothness of my straight hair with the camera on my phone, before sauntering over to the guys with an exaggerated swing of my hips.

“Evening lads,” I purr, “been to the gym?”

“Footie training,” Pete shares, sipping his lager.

“Oh, I didn’t realise you played.  For a local team?” I raise a sculpted eyebrow and direct my question at Mason.

“Five-a-side for Macro-Electronics.”  He smiles.

“Mason’s our star player,” Pete has a mischievous look in his eye.

“I dunno about that,”  I’m delighted.  Mason’s blushing.  I feel more predatory if they’re shy.

I rest my shoe on the brass foot-rest that runs along the bar, my leather skirt hikes up a little over my knee while my slender ankles and shapely calves are shown off to their best advantage in my micro-mesh fishnets.  I swirl the last of my drink round in the glass and tilt my head back to swallow it down.

“Can we get you a refill Maddie?” Pete steps up to the bar.

“I don’t want to intrude on your lads’ night out.”  I make a move to take my purse from my bag.

“Not at all.  We’re having another aren’t we Pete?”  Mason backs his friend’s persuasive offer, and I preen inwardly.

“That’d be lovely, if you’re sure?  Gin and tonic.”  I smile at Martin the barman, who’s approaching.  He’ll use the gin I like and the Fever Tree tonic.

The guys order two tall glasses of golden lager, although they’ve drunk less than half of their previous pints.  Martin sets the glasses up on the bar.

I face the boys directly now, turning the charm onto high-beam.  We banter, tease and laugh while I use my full arsenal of hair twirling and lip licking ‘til soon I’m touching Mason’s wrist or hand frequently to emphasise the point of my anecdotes.  My sheer blouse is buttoned low, offering tantalising glimpses of the slope of my breasts.

“Shit!  Is that the time?”  Pete seems distraught that the evening’s run away with him, dumping his glass on the shiny bar top.  “Lovely chatting Maddie.  See you tomorrow Mason, gotta go or Claire will have my guts for garters!”

I wave him goodbye, the edges of the surrounding room have got a little blurry now.  I fix Mason with my gaze.

“Do you have to get off too?”  I try to sound persuasive rather than wistful.

“Nah – no tea waiting for me tonight, Judy’s staying at her sister’s.  I’ll just grab chips on my way home.”

When he gestures do I want a refill?  I do a happy dance in my head – he’s staying.

“Gonna powder my nose – don’t go away.”  I smile, scooping up my bag, heading to the ladies.

In the privacy of a cubicle I pull up my skirt and slip a hand in my knickers to delight in the silky liquid pooling between my pussy lips.  I stroke it about, shuddering from the wonderful sensitivity building in the nub of my clitoris.  I’ve read that the clitoris only gets bigger as women get older – no wonder I’m having better sex in recent years than in my youth!  Guys nowadays are more keen to pleasure women than the rough & ready clinches I remembered, when fellas raced to cum as quickly as possible and a girl’s pleasure was almost incidental.  

My head drops back in bliss and I pant as I tease and tickle my little stalk of nerve endings – if my climax was a mountain I’ve already scaled at least halfway up the south face!  With a little shake to clear my head I slip my knickers off, over my high heels to pop them into my handbag. Now I’m ready to truly get my claws into Mason.

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Previously part 1 of this tale linked to  #MasturbationMonday.

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20 thoughts on “While the Cat’s Away …”

  1. Well . . . of course . . . I just had to read on to the conclusion !!!
    And, oh I do love an attentive young man.
    I shall have to try to keep-up with when the cat’s next away !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Clever lass, even while hunting you need to take a moment to relive some tension before going in for the kill. after all that poor little mouse will never know what gobbled him up

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