The Diary Uncovered [part 3]

This is the continuing story of a D/s couple living the lifestyle.  Rabbit (the submissive) keeps a secret diary to log her thoughts and feelings about some of her punishments.  She is unaware that her Dom finds it and reads it, using the ‘inside’ knowledge to his advantage.  
Each story is standalone, but you can read Part 1 and Part 2 first if you prefer.

[11 July 2018]

Sir has told me it would please him if I got a piercing!  [Squeeeee!]  So excited!  

Toyed with the idea of getting my clitoral hood pierced, it would feel so sexy! Every brush of underwear, bed sheets, the impact of water droplets would have me humming with desire. I feel wet whenever I think about it.  

But, what if it went wrong?  What if my lovely, responsive clit –  favourite part of my body and central to my arousal and pleasure – was numbed by the piercing?  I can’t contemplate how I’d feel.  What if it was sore for a long time? I might have to abstain from sex, or certain types of sex play could hurt.  How would I survive?  No – I’ve decided against that.

I shall get my navel pierced – the belly bars are so pretty.  A ball at one end and a jewel at the other, or a jewel either end … or a dangling charm.  How cool.  Sir said I may choose my own decorative item once the piercing has healed.   I gave him the longest, slowest, sloppiest blow job that I could when he told me.  I felt excited and grateful.  I will feel so pretty and adorned.

[13 July 2018]

We went to the piercing place.  It was a shop filled with ‘alternative’, hippy items, crystals, jewellery for all sorts of piercings, candles oil burners – like Aladdin’s den.  Sir waited upstairs while I followed the piercing technician down to her small, sterile room.  As I lay on the padded therapy couch I suddenly felt a quiver of shyness when she asked me to lift my dress to access my belly to swab the piercing site clean.

“I’m not wearing any knickers,” I warned.  She made no remark but I felt the need to elaborate.  “I’m a sub.”  She swiped my abdomen with cold alcohol. “My Dom doesn’t allow me to wear knickers when we go out.”

“Don’t worry.  It doesn’t shock me.  My friend writes a sex blog.”  She busied herself with the piercing paraphernalia, then there was a sharp push and it was done!  My adrenaline had built, so I was barely aware of pain as she fastened the bar, instead I couldn’t wait to look at my new adornment.

Whilst admiring it, I remembered to ask,
“Would you write down the name of that blog?  I’d like to read it.”  

Upstairs again, my legs felt slightly wobbly, the rush from enduring the procedure. I grinned widely at Sir, who was paying for my piercing, then the sales assistant passed him a brown paper bag.  I knew better than to ask him what it contained, I’d find out when Sir was ready to tell me.

[16 July 2018]

I found out what was in the bag!

This morning I got Sir’s breakfast ready before going to wake him.  Drawing the curtains at 7 am precisely the daylight bathed my naked body and I turned to face my master.  He looked so delicious, all sleepy with his hair tousled, that I couldn’t resist a cheeky request.

“Please may I service your EMT?”   
(Is this common terminology?  It’s what we call it : Early Morning Throbber)

“You may, rabbit.  No hands.”

I sank to my knees at once and he threw back the sheet, his delicious prick rising to meet me.  I licked my lips then sank my head to engulf its shiny tip, my warm wet mouth providing a safe haven.  I hummed with desire.  I enjoyed the feeling of my hands behind my back, wishing they were tied.  My breasts jutted forward, nipples hard bullets, welcoming the frisson provided by contact with the mattress.

Moaning lustily I slurped and sucked around the frenulum.  How I love that sensitive ledge between helmet and shaft so I licked and tickled it thoroughly, making Sir growl.

His hand came down on the back of my head to guide me closer, nose nestling in his wiry, fragrant musk.  I tried not to gag as his cock touched the back of my throat.  My pussy literally throbbed as I struggled to accommodate him as deep as he held me, his dominance so thrilling.  He eased his grip which allowed me to bob and worship his priapic glory.  I lubed it smoothly up and down with tightly sucking cheeks.

“Look at me,” he growled, his hoarseness betrayed how this was affecting him.

I opened my eyes wide, the ‘baby girl’ look which melts him.  I sank to gagging point on his shaft with each dip, making my eyes water and my mouth drool. Sir loves me looking wrecked and used, my desire  poured over the top of my thighs at my debasement.

Sir reached out with his hands.  He gripped my nipples with an unforgiving pincer grip.  My eyes watered more, the ache bounced from breasts to my empty pussy and back to breasts with lightning speed.  I loved how punished and used I felt so, like a horse urged faster by it’s rider’s spurs, I intensified my sucking and bobbing.  

Sir’s mighty cock pistoned in and out of my greedy mouth until I felt his first spurts of cum hitting my throat and filling my mouth.

“Swallow girl!” he rasped pulling on my breasts and fucking my face.  

I struggled to gulp, anxious no salty emission would escape.  A mild throb caressed my pussy. I felt so ready to be fucked, but this moment was his solo reward.  A passive pleasure came from pleasing him.

[after breakfast]

I love my gift!  Sir gave me the prettiest black socks, they’re so long they could be stockings!  A dainty satin bow at the top of each one, looks so cute when I gaze down.  They have a diamond pattern up my legs and they’re VERY sexy!  

I think they’ll make great spanking attire!  I plan to be very naughty and sassy today. I want to earn myself a lovely sore, red bottom, which will look so fine glowing above my saucy new stockings.  

When Sir spanks me or paddles me, I love to make a lot of noise and wriggle in his lap, pressing his stirring cock against my hip or stomach.  His hand rests on the small of my back, while my hands are on the floor, my toes barely getting purchase.  The more I wriggle with pain (which I secretly love) the wider I spread my thighs apart, displaying the padded ‘purse’ of my pussy as it swells with heat and arousal.

There is a low place on my buttocks, the padding over my ‘sit’ bones as my pilates teacher would say.  When Sir strikes me there, with his palm, the paddle or even the crop, it lights the blue touchpaper to my orgasm.  Sir spreads the impact distribution around my buttock and thigh area but he saves the hardest blows for there – it’s his bullseye and mine!   

I know it’s will look so delicious, admiring my rear in the mirror after he’s punished me!  My bottom will be radiator red, glowing with finger marks or impact lines, against the paleness of my fleshy thighs which in turn will contrast with those long black socks.  I can hardly wait!

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9 thoughts on “The Diary Uncovered [part 3]”

  1. I really like this series – I immediately remembered the earlier parts even thou they are from a while ago and it flows so nicely – love the dynamic too – he is reading it and she doesn't know x

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  3. Love the idea of reading a diary. Seems like a salacious peek into someones thoughts instead of a freely told story.
    I laughed when she says she likes to make a lot of noise and wiggle in his lap. She sounds very bratty, and quite relatable. Lol. That makes it worse every time! 🤣

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