Men in (Black) Panties


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man in black panties, hand inside

The calendar declared Trudi was out with the girls, discarded takeaway cartons showed the same – Simon didn’t cook.  Tonight was about total indulgence, a box set was playing on Netflix, bottles of beer chilled in the fridge, while those panties called from his bedside cabinet.

In the bedroom Simon unbuttoned his shirt.  He flung off his work clothes, anticipation

already creeping, goosebumps breaking out.  He surveyed the black panties’ loveliness.  Rubbing the silky fabric between his fingers, the lace panel rasped slightly, his cock twitched.  Now he had a semi, so stepped into the frilly leg holes.  He pulled the scanty underwear up and over his bum.

Simon’s thrill at watching himself harden in the confines of the soft, feminine fabric was key to his kink.  He felt big and bulgy when held so tightly by the panties, in turn that made his cock swell further.  A relaxing sensation settled over him, the satin cloaking his unfurling member snugly.  He slipped loose joggers over the top, no t-shirt – he enjoyed the juxtaposition of curls of hair sketching a masculine happy trail down behind the neat little bow adorning the front panel of the dainty knickers.

Relaxing on the couch, TV on and beer within reach, Simon indulged himself by snaking his fingers into the panties.  It was easy to imagine he was a woman touching herself when he wore ladies’ lingerie to masturbate.  His imagination ran favoured loops of porn footage: slender fingers dipping between the honeyed folds of slick pussies to tease and rub.  Girls sneaked hands inside their lingerie to finger themselves. Sighing with pleasure he eased his joggers off his hips to better enjoy his erection transforming the knickers from functional and dainty to obscenely distended.

man in black panties getting hardA damp sheen of pre-cum smeared the taut fabric where his hard cock was tenting the silky garment.  It rose and pulled away from his body, taking the lace frilled waistband with it.  Simon could see down the front of the panties to his nestled balls now.  He longed to fist his cock to tease himself with slow, steady strokes, but he held off.  

To savour the delicious drag and chafing tickle of the lacy fabric which pulled between his buttocks, Simon got up and walked around.   It whispered against his sensitive anus and his body flamed, desire building.  He climbed the stairs, the electric sensations it created had him throbbing. His cock drooled a smudge of precum onto the front triangle of the panties.  Simon surveyed himself in the long mirror, lustful fantasies shifting into overdrive.  

Simon slipped the panties off to trail them over his cock and balls, every nerve ending alert to tickles and strokes from their delicate fabric and trim.  The lace, in particular, awoke static tingles in his cock and balls.  Using finger and thumb he smeared precum around the tip of his throbbing cock, teasing the edge that was his frenulum, slowly, steadily just how he liked it.  Yes tonight was about total indulgence!

A great big thank you to my newest Twitter chum @Aguyinpanties – not only for the hot pictures but he also let me be privvy to his thoughts and emotions about this kink.

The memes on which I’m sharing this fiction are #KOTW and #FriFlash


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14 thoughts on “Men in (Black) Panties”

  1. This is wonderful Posy. You interpreted all my thoughts and confessions perfectly and I’m honoured you chose me as your subject for this. It felt so liberating to share my kink with you.

  2. Guys in panties have never really been my thing–I'm much more "guys in boxer briefs" kind of girl–but I found this extremely hot. The pictures were pretty awesome too! 😉

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