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I’ll start off my post this week with a notification of a change. I have been doing #SoSS weekly for almost 1 year now, and whilst it isn’t hard to find great bloggers willing to share their answers to my questions, it is not sustainable at the current rate.  From December onwards I’m going to reduce my sharing post to monthly.  

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Purple microphone Interview Slot

My last ‘weekly’ interview is a total ‘banger’ because Girl on the Net has really dug deep and shared a LOT!  She asked me to edit out any rambling … I say this is priceless, not rambling and I’m sure you’ll all agree – but read on!

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?

I’d always wanted to be a writer, and I used to enjoy reading sex blogs like Bitchy Jones and forums like Informed Consent back in the day. 

When I was with an ex-partner, we experimented a lot with kink and toyed with the ides of writing a sex blog together. After a lot of thought, he decided he wasn’t keen on it, but I got so excited by the idea that when we broke up I thought I’d give it a go. So after getting his permission to write about some of the things we’d done together, I wrote a few example posts and then stuck them up online to see how they did. And I was chuffed to find not only that people liked them, but that writing about sex made the whole experience even more fun: introspection and reliving shags being almost as fun as having the sex in the first place! 


  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

Honestly, it was just an off-the-cuff thing, really. I am terribly unimaginative (I also struggle with titles etc for blog posts) so when it came to setting up a twitter name (I was on Twitter before I started blogging) ‘Girl on the Net’ just seemed simple and like it fit well. If I could have my time again I’d choose a very different name – most likely something that *sounds* like a real name, because people understandably feel uncomfortable if they have to address me as ‘girl.’ Most people now go for GOTN (pronounced ‘gotten’) and that works for me! 

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:

It’s a combination of filth, feminism and hopefully funny or romantic stuff: mostly real-life sex stories, the odd bit of erotica, and with a focus on trying to normalise sex. 

I think that sex is often treated either as something radical and dangerous or something sacred and precious, and I want to get away from both of those extremes. So most of my blogging involves bite-sized stories of things I’ve done, with the aim of showing people that it’s not ‘weird’ or ‘bad’ to enjoy sex, and hopefully encourage them to share their own stories and ideas on the topic. Since 2017 I’ve also been creating audio porn – sex stories read aloud, to make erotica more accessible to people with visual impairments. 

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?

Since 2011, so just over 7 years now, and for the last 4 years or so, blogging has been my full-time job. The time has flown!

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?

I’m going to be a big pain in the arse because I honestly cannot pick a favourite. My most-used toys for masturbation at the moment are my Doxy original or Zumio, used in conjunction with a Godemiche Ambit which has the perfect G-spot curve. 

But I also have an intense and probably excessive love for masturbation sheaths of all kinds: wanking someone off with these is one of my favourite lazy-Sunday-afternoon things to do. Oh and cock rings! I recently got a Hot Octopuss Atom Plus, and it’s game-changing to shag with: I don’t normally get enough oomph out of vibrating cock rings, but this one means it’s possible to have a deep, clitoral AND internal orgasm while having a deliciously languid fuck. 

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Doxy, without a doubt. 

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I’m straight, although in the course of my life I’ve had quite a few people try to persuade me that I am bi, or that I should identify as bi, because I have slept with women. I do occasionally fancy women, and I’ve shagged a few, but if I really look deep into my heart I just can’t find the same love that I feel for dudes. Usually when I shag women it’s as part of a group scenario, where the sexiness comes from being playful in a group rather than specific desire to get off with a particular woman – and usually the ladies I fuck like this feel the same way about me. So yeah, I’m basically straight. 

  • What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

I don’t really like getting into costume, because I am extraordinarily lazy, but I do enjoy a shag where you remain partially dressed: a guy lifting my skirt and yanking the crotch of my knickers to one side in order to fuck me is… oh God yeah… very hot. So I’m going to go with ‘dressed up’, as long as ‘dressed up’ can mean basically just me in my civvies with my jeans yanked down to below the crack of my arse, a guy with his flies undone and his rock-solid erection sticking out, banging like teenagers round the back of a Tesco Express. 

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

I’m lucky enough to have known guys who’ve been game to fulfil most of my fantasies, but the one I’ve never yet managed is a gang bang. And I mean ‘gang bang’ in a really traditional sense: bunch of guys who I don’t know, but who are all really hard and eager to fuck, taking turns on me like I’m a piece of gym equipment while the rest of them watch and grope me and drink and beat me and call me a good girl (or a slut, depending on how well I am pleasing them at the time). 

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

A sex robot! Technically fictional because they don’t exist yet, but I would really love to have an encounter with a robot that was designed and built purely for my pleasure. I’ve just been reading the amazing book Turned On by Kate Devlin, in which she talks a lot about all the different ways in which robots could give us pleasure. Not just in humanoid form – in fact humanoid is possibly the least imaginative form a sex robot could take. Think more like a machine with multiple arms or tentacles, each one with a vibrator (or dildo, or g-spot vibe, or breast-caressing cup) on the end. So you’d just lie there and be caressed /vibrated/ fucked every which way by a multi-armed machine designed purely to give you the maximum possible joy. That’d be amazing. 

Posy says:  “Check out GOTN’s post on this topic.”

  • Anal sex – Meh or Yay?

Yay! Or more like ‘fuck yeah’! Anal still has a frisson of taboo, even for a sex blogger like me who has written often about butt sex. And that taboo, combined with the occasional hint of desperation/urgent desire in the voice of a guy requesting it, makes it extra hot. I’ve struggled a bit with it recently, because my partner’s got quite a thick cock, and we didn’t do it for a while so I got out of practice, but I recently embarked on a butt plug training regime (yes, really) so that I could build back up to taking a good hard fucking again. Almost there… 

  • Sex needn’t always be serious – do you have a funny moment to share?

Once when I was at uni, I was fucking a guy I’d had the hots for ever since the first day of term. Eagerly banging on my incredibly narrow single bed, I was bent over doggy-style getting railed like it was all my birthday’s rolled into one. At one point, he pulled out of my cunt and shoved himself into my ass and it was all I could do not to yell out ‘THANK YOU OH GOD THANK YOU.’ Fun was being had. Then, just before he reached the moment of climax, he told me ‘I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come in your ass.’ Except just as he got to the word ‘ass’ his knee slipped off the side of my bed. So what he actually yelled was ‘I’m gonna come in your aaaaaargh’ as he tumbled off the bed and onto the floor, spraying jizz and chipping a tooth on the way down. 

He was fine in the end, don’t worry! 

  • Sexting – love it or hate it?

Used to hate it, now I kind of love it. I have a ritual where usually, after a bath, I’ll get out and dry off and lie naked on the bed listening to the end of whichever podcast I was listening to in the bathroom. Then I text my other half something like ‘can I interest you in a fuck before dinner?’ or ‘my skin is really soft – want to come bury your face in it?’ and about ten seconds later I hear his footsteps eagerly bounding up the stairs. His enthusiastic responses to sexts are what’s won me over to them, I think. That and the fact that a sext can be consummated within minutes, usually. I couldn’t cope with them if we were too far apart to act on the things we say! 

image from wild things film

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

The moment in Wild Things where Matt Dillon pops a bottle of champagne and sprays it over Denise Richards’ tits will always have a special place in my heart. I suspect I’m not the only 90s kid who wanked so hard over this that every detail of it is burned into my memory! 

See also the delightful cocktease scene in Cruel Intentions where Sarah Michelle Gellar sits on Ryan Phillipe’s lap, rubs up against him until he aches, then leaves him angry and frustrated. 
Posy says:  Whoa Mama! I love that scene in Cruel Intentions!

  • Do you watch porn?  

Yep! Mostly just with my partner, or for work, though. When I’m wanking most of my fantasies are in my head, because I’m a control freak and I like my fantasy-sex-people to do and say really specific things.

  • Nominate your favourite adult film:

Weirdly I’m going to pass on this question if that’s OK? Because I tend to watch porn mostly with my partner, my favourite film is one he and I have watched about 50 times together. But he doesn’t like me telling anyone about his porn choices – fair enough, I write enough about our sex life that it’s totally fair for some bits to be off-limits! 

Posy says:  “(More than) fair enough!”

Before I met him, though, my favourite scene was an amateur one in which a woman was told to drink glass after glass of milk, then facefucked until she was a mess of milky vomit and come. That was a favourite of my ex’s, which he introduced me to. We tried to replicate it once but it didn’t have quite the same effect – my gag reflex was, if anything, far too strong. 

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

Scandarella! I just love her work so so much. She writes erotic fiction which can be supernatural, political, dark, fascinating, and incredibly hot. I think she’s a fucking genius and I love her. 

If I can sneak in one more too – On Queer Street is brilliantly insightful, and gets a really good balance between flat-out sexiness and thoughtful introspection. 

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!

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