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Tossing, turning in the darkened room, Lizzie couldn’t ignore her desire, and she didn’t want to.  The big question, should she wake Flynn, source of the duvet mountain beside her, or could she silently, sneakily, rub one out?

Lying there wrestling the moral dilemma, tendrils of desire curled out from her core, delicious distractions causing a thrum between her legs, a heaviness in her breasts.  She’d read a delicious piece of erotica and had a specific fantasy about spanking teasing her imagination and racing through her veins.  Waking Flynn meant she’d need to bring him up to speed from cold … while her motor was already revving.

Decision made, Lizzie’s fingers brushed her nipples, electric tingles flared a dialogue between them and her pussy.  They hardened deliciously, begging Lizzie to trap their pebbled tips between finger and thumb.  The echoing throb in her folds  pulled a tickling tease of moisture over her labia.  Lizzie pressed thighs together, the throb increased.

Beside her Flynn sucked in a deep breath and turned over.  Lizzie’s heart beat faster, would she be discovered?  Caught in the act of pleasuring herself?  

Feeling wickedly decadent she stroked a finger lazily through dewy lips, continuing to tease one nipple with the other hand.  Her thoughts diverted to nibbling and twisting of the pierced nipples in the story she’d just read.  Flynn’s breathing became heavy and deep.  Lizzie continued to dip and paint with her finger – dipping into the honey pot between her parted thighs – she drew warm moisture around her stiffening clit.

Lizzie bit her lip, her hips tilted up as pressure built within.  Flickering a nail back and forth over the sensitive tip of her clitoris sent spasms through her while heat flowed, her veins running with lava.  Flushing and thrusting, Lizzie bit back the moan which threatened to escape.  She opened her legs, dropping one off the side of the bed, to better access her soaking hole.  Sinking 2 fingers deep inside Lizzie stifled a groan. Her walls began to pulse so she introduced another finger, wanting to feel full and stretched just like the story she’d read.

Thrusting with her fingers, clumsy knuckles bumping her outer labia, Lizzie maintained a tantalising rub and flicker, strumming her proud clit.  Twitches wracked her body.  Lizzie welcomed them, while exerting self-control to keep herself from disturbing Flynn.  Keeping quiet, unnoticed, secretive, was exciting.  An illicit thrill ran through her when the building orgasm burst its banks to flood through her body.  It swirled and eddied, bathing every part of her with delight. Her endorphin rush was starbursts of light and colour arcing around her body, technicolour bright.  Slowly they ebbed away.

Lizzie throbbed, her pussy flooded with the moisture of desire and climax.  Wiping sticky fingers on her pyjamas, her heartbeat normalised and breathing slowed.  Lizzie hitched her leg back into bed, then curled herself against Flynn’s warm bulk.   Her eyes fluttered closed as she drifted off to sleep.

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For #FridayFlash I submit my <500 word story which loosely fits the prompt Le Boudoir and the #WickedWednesday prompt of Control

Wicked Wednesday Rainbow

8 thoughts on “Thrum”

  1. I’ve done this as well…I think the fight for self-control and possibility of getting “caught” has been part of the excitement.

    You write very well, btw. I shall have to come back for more. ?

  2. I've never done this! And I'll be entirely honest and say on a personal level it doesn't excite me BUT this story did excite me and those are often my favourite tales. The ones that despite my own interests still get me revved up. Fab as always Posy x

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