Raising Edward Thackeray [Part 3]

grave_headstoneYou are about to read part 3 of a supernatural serial;  May I suggest you read part 1 and part 2 first?  

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The rising moon as All Hallows Eve wore on allowed Edward’s ghost to feel a ‘quickening’, solidifying his entity, a transformation which was ephemeral but on which he intended to capitalise.  He left the graveyard and moved down Church Lane, where the overgrown grassy track became concrete as it merged with the next street which was also familiar to him, leading as it did towards town.  He was staggered at how crowded together houses had become, with barely an apron of grass at the front and a passageway in between.  The metal carriages with rubber wheels and twin front-facing lights lined the pavements, or passed him on the road, growling with noise.  He did not think they were an improvement on the spoke-wheeled carts and horses of his day, except perhaps for the lack of horse shit and straw in the roads. 

People trouped about in groups, dressed in colourful, cartoonish costumes.  Parents escorted children dressed as pumpkins, skeletons and  witches and following them led Edward to a house decorated for a party.  Here Edward saw kids screaming and squealing while they bobbed for apples and a helped themselves from brightly decorated table laden with food.  He loitered a while, ‘sipping’ from the youths planning pranks and tricks – it was always easier for him to draw energy from anyone making mischief or whose thoughts were ‘less than pure’.

Moving on, Edward travelled Tanners Lane where the blacksmith, the saddler and the shoemaker had businesses in his youth.  He found himself in a bustling, brightly-lit courtyard of storefronts.  He felt too visible in their harsh glare so retraced his steps, then meandered through residential streets, moving deeper into the village.  He revisited the roads he’d known as a man, his place of work as he toiled upwards from clerk to bookkeeper, the streets he’d trod as a youth when stepping out with girls.

He stood under a streetlamp, still surprised by it’s brightness compared with the gaslights of the past, and began to notice couples sporadically heading towards a grand house on the tree-lined avenue.  It wasn’t a place he was familiar with but something pricked his senses, there was a crackling of energy in its vicinity, which increased as he drew nearer.  He stood in the shadows taking stock of the situation.

The couples who gained entrance to the grand house with the green door were male and female, with the males being smartly dressed in suits.  The women did not seem to be wearing formal gowns and shawls, as Edward would have expected, instead they wore long heavy coats and high heels.  Their make up was dramatic, their lipstick bright red and almost all gave off the distinctive musk of their growing arousal, he smelt its spicy yet sharp tang on the air and it made his nostrils flare and his cock twitch.  

He decided to investigate, but how to get in?  He wasn’t part of a couple… then he noticed a young woman exit the house from a side door.  A match flared in front of her face and she lit a cigarette.  In his day women did not smoke, but he’d witnessed plenty smoking since in the graveyard, particularly following sex!  When she dropped her cigarette and ground it out under her shoe, he moved in close behind her so before the door swung shut, he followed her in.

Edward’s eyes adjusted to the entrance hall’s low lighting, but they nearly popped out of his head when the girl shrugged off her woolen coat and was naked underneath!  Almost naked, she wore black stockings with a sheer, silky sheen topped with three rings of darker black where they clung to her thighs.  Her bush was tiny – just a narrow line of dark hair framing her cunt lips.  Edward flicked his tongue out, this was an exciting time to be alive, he envied the men of this era.  He followed the girl to a large reception room, probably 2 original rooms knocked into one, as it had two fireplaces.

Scanning the space, which had a gleaming hardwood floor and heavy wallpaper, he noticed there was no normal furniture, instead pieces of stark apparatus were draped with many of the female guests, bent over and fastened.  Other ladies stood against X-shaped frames with their wrists and ankles tied.  The women he observed were, like the first girl, naked except for stockings or the skimpiest of underthings, some wore nothing but straps of leather or corsets exposing their breasts.  In contrast, every males was dressed in a suit, although some’d shed their jackets to allow for freedom of movement.  

Edward’s blood would have pounded in his veins if he’d still been alive, his spirit soared on the surge of wicked, carnal energy in the room!  It was a CM/nf event hosted by a local dominatrix, Mistress Elfrida.  All the women in attendance were serving their dommes or masters by receiving spankings or engaging in public sex acts naked, while the males remained clothed.  Many of the females were also blindfolded, masking when a blow or caress would land on their bare flesh or who was offering them a cock to suck or with which to be penetrated.  

Oblivious to the etiquette of consent, Edward was like a kid in a sweetshop! Pinching a nipple here, stroking a labia there, tonguing a swollen clitoris or an ass pucker if the fancy took him. He laughed delightedly to himself as he watched the bound women moaning in ecstasy as they were whipped and flogged.  He kissed girls who were blindfolded and suckled on teats of others who were strapped into chairs.  He felt  the precum oozing from his aching cock as it pressed against his flies, tenting the front of his musty smelling trousers.  His need for release became paramount.

He spied a particularly becoming woman tethered to a St John’s cross, he liked her curves, and the pale flesh of her belly and thighs, marked as they were with warm pink patches from the long-tailed flogger her master wielded.  She wore only a necklace/collar of silver coloured metal which sat against her clavicle but her posture was relaxed and open;  she’d transitioned into subspace as her body revelled in the public display of punishment.  Her master was a slim man with glasses and Edward could see from the front of his trousers that his enjoyment at giving the stripes equalled his bitch’s bliss at receiving them.  The fragrance of her arousal was testimony to her high state of excitement, as was the gloss of liquid which clung to the hairs of her pussy and coated the tops of her thighs.

Edward stood and watched the beauty receive her thrashing, unconsciously he released his cock from the buttons at his fly, and was stroking the heft of his member up and down in symphony with the flogger delivering its wicked caress.  The pressure within him was building towards fever pitch and Edward unconsciously edged nearer the bound woman, whose own body began trembling and twitching as pleasure crested within her.  He looked askance at her master, who took pride in his sub gaining an admirer, and received a curt nod.  Edward fisted his cock harder and faster watching the woman moaning and writhing.

“Please …” she moaned, as her climax gripped.

“Please …” he groaned, as his seed spilled, spurting with a power he hadn’t seen since his twenties, hitting her abdomen and thighs with rivulets of pure joy.  Having thus decorated her with his liquid adoration, Edward moved on and out of the room, feeling elated yet crestfallen.

What a thrilling interlude this had been, once more experiencing the pleasures of the flesh, but his energy was severely depleted from his exertions.  Despite being in a room of seeming debauchery, their lusty behaviour couldn’t fuel him beyond this night, when the veil between the living and the dead was stretched thin.  Edward knew Halloween was nearly over, his time to walk amongst the living drawing to a close, so back on the street he returned to the graveyard.

Edward lay on top of the stone tablet which marked his final resting place, aware of the damp cold of the stone pressing into his shoulder blades and hips, but when a bone-deep weariness enveloped him he no longer felt the chill, losing the ability to feel anything.   The form of his body faded from view allowing his troubled soul to drift from its visible anchor, yet it remained in his tomb amongst the dust of his long-dead bones.

This story is submitted for the #masturbationmonday meme for week #217
The inspiration for part 3 of this story was provided by the lovely @MPBJulie.  I was intrigued by her description of a CM/nf event she attended, and because she is is a goddess!  The images are sourced from Pixabay.


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  1. A most enjoyable final part Posy. I loved experiencing the activities at the event along with Edward as he took them all in. He must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Oh hang on…. xx

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