Raising Edward Thackeray [Part 2]


goth girl lying on the grass

This story is part of a series, you may wish to read part 1 first.

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The weekend before Hallowe’en brought several other young people to Edward’s grave, a knot of boy scouts who’d dared each other to touch the gravestone after dark, he’d been able to sip energy from each one and feel the power fizzing within the confines of his coffin.  A local woman who considered herself a white witch visited the churchyard every year performed a ceremony of respect and remembrance for the passed spirits, so as she walked widdershins round the church, he bathed in her potent aura, feeling stronger.

After a steady stream of thrill seekers on All Hallows Eve, his final visitors were a goth girl and her leather-coated boyfriend who proved a great source of energy. Edward watched her down on her knees, black tights laddering on the sharp stony turf while she took the stout length of her boyfriend’s cock deep into her throat.  Edward considered the attractiveness of her black lipstick, unable to deny it struck a sexy sharp contrast against the pink wetness of her sucking tongue or the glossy meat of the lad’s erection as she swallowed it with hollowed cheeks. Her boyfriend tangled his fingers round her black swishing bunches, pulling her mouth hard onto him until she gagged.

“That’s it, suck it, my dirty girl,” he’d growled, thrusting his hips in her face.

The girl responded by sucking harder and more noisily while sliding one hand, with its black chipped nail varnish, inside her underwear.

“You can’t get enough, can ya?”  the boy had groaned with pride, before throwing back his head to roar his release.  “Fuck … yeah!” 

Edward tingled.  Goth girl began to swallow the lad’s cum until he pulled his cock from her mouth to decorate her neck and decolletage with its opaque spurts.  Her burning humiliation thrilled her as much as it did Edward, and the energy from her passion enabled his ghostly spirit to leave its grave.  He drifted around the young couple, surveying their dishevelment;  the jism which dripped from the youth’s wilting cock onto the grass also trickled warmly into the girl’s cleavage.  He swirled round her back, making the strands of her black bunches flutter and goosebumps rise on the nape of her neck.  She rose to her feet licking her lips, but the lad’s hands on each shoulder pressed her back towards the stone cuboid of Edward’s grave.

“You know I hate tights, freaking passion killers!”

The lad muttered, yanking her black cotton skirt up and the waistband of her opaque tights down.  The girl gasped, but the ‘O’ her mouth formed was of barely suppressed delight, she loved when he was rough with her.  The spirit hovering around them throbbed from another surge of power at the raw emotions they gave off.

“Spread them!” the boy growled so his girl opened her legs as much as the fabric bunching round her ankles allowed.  He thrust three fingers inside her none too gently, casing his girl to release a faint moan.  
“You’re soaking,” his voice seemed menacing, “just how I like you!”
He commenced thrusting with his fingers while his thumb made pressing circles on the pierced hood of her clit. 

Goth girl sucked in gulps of chill night air, as Edward’s spirit loomed shadowy above them.  He was enjoying her warring emotions of desire and debasement, so when the boy began to slap her cunt, making his girlfriend yelp with explosive sensations of pleasure combined with pain, Edward began to take on the contours of his living form.  This had never happened before and he was rapt with fascination as the energy from the couple’s aggressive sex play helped him materialise into the shape of the man he once was.

The girl climaxed loudly, “Oh God, Oh fuck, don’t stop!” her abdomen made staccato pulses while her spread legs trembled.  

Bending his head to her pulsing pussy, the boy licked her fragrant musky juices.  Lapping at the vivid pink of her labia, he tapped the hood of her clit making his girl writhe with pleasure.  Nestling his mouth in the crease to the side of her groin he inhaled sweet sour fragrance before latching on hard with this lips, he sucked to draw blood up to the surface, nipping and biting until he’d marked her with a vivid bruise.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” he surveyed his handiwork. 

The girl lay panting, decorated with cum on her chest and a vivid love bite on her inner thigh.  She reclined open and willing, her pussy walls still throbbed from his frigging.  She was unaware her suitor had turned away to take a leak, because Edward moved stealthily into the space between her thighs, sliding his first erection for two centuries into the molten slick of her eager cunt. 

The goth girl moaned, writhing as the cool entity of the spirit’s member throbbed, piercing a path through her warm wetness.  She felt the delicious stretch and rhythm of it’s invasion and imagined her fella had brought the glass dildo along for her pleasure.  Closing her eyes she pictured how she must look, a rag doll splayed out and stretched open, being fucked by an unforgiving column of glass.  This mental picture, combined with Edward’s coupling, made her hips buck and her pussy throb in time with his voracious thrusts.  

She felt a pressure of desire and release building inside her, she was a slot machine about to release the jackpot.  Her body glowed; wanton, desired and powerful while the cold phallus penetrating her ploughed on, deeper and faster, riding her harder than she’d ever experienced before, but she liked it, she needed it!  She pulled her legs up to spread them wide apart while his cold hard fingers gripped and twisted her tits cruelly.  Biting her lip she suppressed a cry, he was hurting her, but it felt good.  When Edward came, it tipped her over and she moaned and thrust, spasming and mewling.  Covering her face with her arms she felt overwhelmed and blown apart.  While she drifted on a wave of ecstatic exhaustion, Edward slipped out of her unnoticed.

What joy, what bliss to experience an illicit sex act again after hundreds of years!  Getting his dick wet had energised Edward to a level where he could see the nails on his hands and feel the ground beneath his feet.


This story is submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme.  Click the link to see who else is participating, the prompt is Halloween.
The images are found on Pixabay.  Read a spin-off tale here.

Definition of widdershinsin a direction contrary to the sun’s course, considered as unlucky; anticlockwise.

8 thoughts on “Raising Edward Thackeray [Part 2]”

  1. yessssss ! Another part so soon 🙂 Brilliant Posy. As ever, your descriptions have us right there, in the thick of (and enjoying) the action. Such a brilliant idea and, as a ghost, all things are possible I guess. I can't wait to see where you will take this.
    Thank you so much for writing such a wonderfully observed (or not observed as the case might be) piece.
    T x

  2. Particularly loved this sentence "decorate her neck and decolletage with its opaque spurts."

    Made me smile.
    Edward is quite the ghostly dude isn't he? It is a good job ghosts don't have to worry about consent 😉 xx

  3. What a creation you have in Edward. All the characters and the sex so brilliantly described and brought alive by your tremendous way with words Posy. It was dirty and I loved it to bits. x

  4. This story just gets better and better! Goths turn me on. The mention of black lipstick alone piqued my interest. The idea of being fucked hard on a gravestone by a horny ghost…OK, perhaps not, but the way it was described was hot, lol!

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