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Hello my dark darlings – for #WickedWednesday I may have to feed you some morsels of erotica I have been working on, because my focus has been on them rather than writing something on the theme of ‘purple’ which Marie Rebel has put forward this week.  

I will spill, however, that purple is my favourite colour and I’d definitely love to have more sex toys in this colour!  It’s funny, the favourite colours with toy makers seems to be hot pink or black, but I’d love a few purple items in my ‘self-pleasure’ arsenal!!

I’d also love a set of purple lingerie – silk, satin and lace – they all look good in purple and it is a colour which can be trimmed with black, white or grey.  I also think dark purple stockings (sheer or fishnet) would look great.  I saw so many wonderful colours when I was shopping in Camden last week but I can’t remember seeing any in dark violet – shame!

I love purple for decorating too – my bedroom is two pastel shades of purple and my bedding is purple too – not the dark aubergine I used to have, more of a heather purple which I have co-ordinated with cream and beige.

Here is an excerpt of a story I’m crafting with a mild BDSM theme:

As the whippy end of the crop rained blows on the curved flesh of my buttocks, upturned and tilted for his pleasure and easy access, I began to enter subspace, drifting away from the harsh bite of leather against my flesh, I became wrapped in a blanket of submission and obedience.  I often felt drunk from serving X, prostrating myself to his desires and debasements, my slit got wet simply hearing him groan or gasp with arousal.

This is a section of action which I cut out of a recent story:

His smooth hands grasped my buttocks and he pulled me onto his face.  I let out a low groan as his tongue snaked past the sodden lace of my thong to penetrate my tender folds.  Against my heat his probing tongue felt almost cool.  It took all my self control not to mash my pussy against his face.  Instead I allowed him to suckle and tease my pleasure bud, alternately thrusting as deep inside me as he could.  Waves of pleasure radiated through me, stoking the fires of my arousal to fever pitch.

One story I’ve been writing features the gorgeous purple flogger I won in a competition run by LittleSwitchBitch  – so lets finish with a snippet of that:

I switched the flogger for the paddle, slapping down onto his nipple.  He sucked in a surprised breath.  I carried on, sometimes with paddle swats, sometimes flogger lashes, some blows gentle and some were meant to sting.  He never knew what was coming yet enjoyed being at the mercy of my whims.  His pectorals looked rosy, his stiff cock bobbing and twitching, its engorged tip shiny.  

He groaned out a request to flog his balls more often, making him spasm and groan.  The precum flowed copiously so his moans were definitely of pleasure!

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6 thoughts on “Purple Prose”

  1. very interesting to see that u have so many on the go, in print – Mine are only in my head. My last episode The Curse is written – in my head – plus my new series is started in my head – the only thing I have on paper, so to speak, is my smut marathon entry – which i should be editing as i write this! xx

  2. What fascinating tasters, talk about must-have trailers – wow. I cannot wait to read the stories that wrap those amazing excepts.
    So hot ……

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