Graveyard Dare

Tree and grass under moonlight

Cassie stumbled into me, she’d tripped over a root or somesuch, and we both giggled, our nerves asserting themselves in misplaced mirth.

“Ssshhh!” I raised a finger to my lips, more than a little unsteady on my own feet, several shots had made me feel like Bambi on ice.  Our eyes locked and she leaned in to press her full lips to mine, their sweetness reminding me she’d been drinking rum and Coke.  Tentative at first, I responded more avidly as the kiss went on and her tongue began to probe and tease.

Cassie was my best friend, but we’d never crossed that line before, although she’d been out with several girls.  Tonight was a dare, a bit of bravado.  The girl on girl action was my new threshold, making out in the moonlit graveyard was her monster to stare down.  Cassie, the wimp, couldn’t get through a horror film without a pillow to hide behind, whereas supernatural tales were my obsession.  Part of me had hoped she wouldn’t take my challenge because – where did we go as friends if things got weird after we’d hooked up?

“How much further?” her voice trembled when we broke our kiss so I took her hand and led her onward, processing how I felt about the kiss as we wove through the ancient headstones and statues, worn by the elements and patchy with lichen and moss.  My heart thumped in my chest and both my palms and panties were damp with anticipation.  I had long admired Cassie’s lithe sport-honed body with her neat, pert breasts and long toned legs.  I’d told myself it was a fascination for opposites as I was short and curvy, my full fleshy breasts and bum the complete opposite to her body make up.  Now I couldn’t stop remembering the press of her lips and the tickle of her tongue, even though our kiss ended minutes ago.  I suspected I’d been lying to myself that our friendship was purely platonic.

The altar-like grave I’d been seeking loomed on our right, draped with ivy leaves and washed silver with moonlight.  I backed against it, drawing Cassie with me, until the hard edge of the slab dug into my back while the soft swell of Cassie’s breasts pressed into mine.  She bent her head and I tilted to kiss her, my neck extending pale and vulnerable, I breathed her breath.

“Damn Lena, your body is smoking!” Cassie’s voice was tight with emotion, while butterflies clamoured within my core.  
She ran a hand down the front of my blouse, buttons seemingly popping open in her path, coaxing my puckered nipple out from eyelash lace. Her touch was sure as she pinched and rolled it’s stalk between her fingers causing a pulse of lust to throb between my thighs.

Unsure what I should do, my fingers brushed the familiar softness of her bluntly cut hair to tease the nape of her neck.  Still plundering my mouth with a bruising kiss, Cassie’s other hand skimmed down my side releasing thrills of sensation which went into overdrive as she cupped and fondled my butt. She roamed my curves before pulling hard on the seam at the back of my jeans pressing them tight to my clit. I gasped with surprise at the pleasure.  My experienced friend growled in a predatory way and pinched my nipple, turning my legs to jelly and my pussy to hot liquid.

“I want you,” Cassie murmured and I could only nod acquiescence and bite my lip when she sank to her knees before me, popping the button on my jeans.

“You smell so good,” she sighed with delight peeling open the denim and working the tight fabric away from my vulva, she pushed my knickers down until they stretched between my thighs.

“Oh Cassie,” the cool wind whipped my groan from my lips. 

She pressed a kiss hard against my slit and teased a warm finger inside the moistened folds.  I didn’t know what to do with my hands, my lover was out of my reach, her head at my pussy, while the sensations which washed over me invoked my inner rag doll.

“I never knew …” my incomplete sentence hung in the air.  Snatched away from me by throbs of desire as Cassie’s talented fingers curled and stroked the slick inner walls of my pussy.  

A cool breath caressed the side of my neck,sending shivers down my spine.  My head dropped back. Vaguely aware of the tossing of the yew boughs against the night sky, I was lost to the incessant sensations conjuring my climax ever closer.  Cassie’s hot mouth pressed against my pussy, while her two hands fondled my rear and probed the moisture within my folds.  A teasing brush of cold sensation at my hardened nipple had me groaning with lust, even as my subconscious marveled at Cassie’s hands being everywhere.

A cloud scudded across the moon, dropping the darkness by several shades, when a cold hand cupped my breast, coaxing the sensitive nipple into a peak.  I could barely see Cassie kneeling at my feet, but I felt her licking and sucking, drawing moisture from my depths, while both hands were fully occupied in my pants, so how? … Who was pinching me?  A sighing breath tickled my jawbone again then cold lips pressed against my mouth.  I stiffened with fear, but the kiss was so sensuous I was forced to respond.  I felt icy fingers cup the back of my head, chilly sensations on my already pricking scalp, while my aching nipple sent jolts of desire to my wet, pulsing cunt.

“A little wider for me Lena darling,” Cassie’s voice broke through my frozen thoughts.
She pulled my thighs apart and latched her mouth onto the nub of my clit, suckling and stimulating the knot of nerve endings, making my toes curl while my solar plexus unravelled with desire.

Simultaneously the ghostly fingers began plucking at my flimsy blouse to reveal a second puckered nipple for teasing torture.

I was driven up and forward by a wave of desire so strong, I couldn’t speak or cry out to resist the chilling ministrations.  Cassie seemed oblivious to the presence of a supernatural entity as she licked and sucked at my pussy while plunging her fingers in and out of me with a delicious, rhythmic squelching sound.  I could smell the tang of my arousal in the air, alongside a musty, stale smell, like clothes stored in the attic.  

The goosebumps raised on my exposed breasts were testament to the temperature contrast of our unexpected visitor, for Cassie’s face was warm against my thighs and her mouth burnt a hot trail around my labia with kisses and nibbles.  The lovejuice she drew from me was hot too.  She painted it around the ball of my clitoris and reached a soaking finger up to my mouth for me to taste.

I sucked on that finger hard, the pulse between my thighs building incessantly now, thumping in time with Cassie’s thrusts and the ghostly tugs on my tits.  I felt both worshipped and used, teased and tormented and my orgasm hit me like an express train!

“Oh Cassie, Oh Fuck!” I gasped, unable to stay quiet in the distress of its intensity.

My hips bucked and my juices flowed.  I gasped and groaned, thrusting at my best friend’s face and bearing down on her plunging fingers, which my pussy gripped in spasms which made my legs shake.

“Uuungh!” my words escaped me as darkness and colour swirled behind my eyes.  I felt laps of pleasure, like a beach feels the waves and I abandoned myself to an overload of sensation.

Cassie gradually rose to her feet, kissing my naked breasts as she straightened, she nuzzled their fleshy underside, working her way inwards to my nipples.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, “you’re a pain slut.  I’ll have to remember that.”

I brought her face up to mine and kissed her gratefully, chasing the taste of my juices but savouring the familiar warmth of a human mouth.  I didn’t want to think too hard about what had kissed me before.

“Thank you Cassie, that was beautiful.”  I sighed, tears at the corners of my eyes from the intensity.  She reciprocated with tender lips and I pulled her close.

“What did you mean about pain?  You didn’t hurt me.”  I was puzzled by her last remark.

“Your nipples Lena.  Don’t be embarrassed, I like to pinch and twist mine too, but not until they bleed.  It’s all good though.”  Her reassurance was sweet, but I knew it was not mortal fingers which had been so brutal with their tender tips.

“I didn’t … Let’s go home.  Come back to mine and I’ll try to blow your mind!”

I didn’t want to wonder, or try to explain, I just needed to get away before the lusty spirit made its presence felt more strongly.  Why Cassie didn’t sense it, only me, I can’t say, but I felt sure it was feeding on our sexual energy and I intended to cut off its supply.

“Don’t you want to fuck me on this gravestone Lena?  This was your fantasy after all?”  

Cassie looked as if she might boost herself onto the hard surface, the slab engraved with the name of its occupant and the dates which bracketed his life and death.

“No Cassie, let’s leave … Edward Thackeray in peace.”  I peered at the letters, sensing a sigh nearby when I spoke his name aloud.  “We’ve all had fun tonight, that’s enough Hallowe’en mischief for one year.”

Interlacing fingers, we made our stumbling way back to the church gate and the dimly lit street beyond.

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A spin off story can be found here – it is a serial.

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12 thoughts on “Graveyard Dare”

  1. So of course I went and searched Edward Thackeray:

    Colonel in the British army, veteran of the Indian and Afghan wars of the 1800s, recipient of the Victoria Cross… He died almost 100 years ago at age 90. In Italy. Hmnh. Okay, maybe not that guy then.

    (But this is how my mind works.)

    This was a fabulous bit of sexy spooky-ness. 🙂

  2. Oh my. That’s definitely a lusty spirit! I’m glad it didn’t ruin her good time and no one (who wasn’t already dead) died.

    Cara T

  3. Very, VERY sexy. If I were choosing, I'd definitely choose the first-time experience with the BFF over the graveyard, lol. But the way you describe the moment makes me think I would care about the location. 😉

  4. Very descriptive tale – as Pons said, u made it come alive, – I love a good graveyard or church sex tale – nothing like it for steaming up your glasses 😉 x

  5. Oh I do love a good graveyard. I know they creep some people out but I find them relaxing and interesting places… and even sexy at times too


  6. Oh my, that was just what I needed tonight to inspire some playtime of my own. Cassie and Lena are scorching hot, and the supernatural elements woven into the story are perfectly chilling!

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