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Woman taking a selfie


Wish you were Here or (Shopping with a Bad Girl)


I love to shop : fact.  
I love to flirt : fact.  
I love sexy underwear : fact.


On this particular weekday afternoon I had no lectures so I was browsing round the shops looking at things I probably didn’t need, toying with the idea of spending money I really didn’t have.  I was in a big shopping mall with a glassy roof and plenty of high street stores and I was in a good mood.  No – scratch that!  I was feeling playful and a little bit horny.  I browsed the rails of clothes in bright jewel colours, which designers always seemed to want girls to wear as the season moved from summer to autumn.  I kept selecting gorgeous silky dresses and filmy, see-through blouses and wishing I could buy them all.  I’m fairly slender and not very tall, but what boys always seem to notice first are my generous breasts then my slim, toned legs (thank goodness for pilates, the only exercise class I truly enjoy because I get a workout without having to get sweaty).


While I wandered through a big department store, gazing at sporty wool jackets and coats, then sophisticated dresses and noting with pleasure that there were many styles of leather skirts and trousers in fashion this season, my mobile phone began to vibrate and play its crazy tune.  I dug around in my handbag and glanced at the screen – it was Mike, a very recent fuck-buddy of mine.  I took the call, smiling to myself, as he really was the most delicious flirt – really on my wavelength.


“Hello ….” I made my voice sound cautious and a little timid.
“Hi – it’s Mike!”
“Mike who?” I asked
“Mike, from the Golden Lion.” he seemed a little put out.
“I’m sorry, what did you say? You can’t mean a pub?  I don’t drink!” I was trying not to laugh now,
“O so it wasn’t you who needed propping up last Friday night after too many Jaegerbombs?” Mike was chuckling now, he realised I’d been messing with him.
“Jaeger-what?” I tried to sound shocked, “do you mean that cough mixture stuff?  I would only take that for medicinal purposes.  When I had something on my chest.”
“O you had something on your chest alright Freya. You had the most delicious pair of jubblies I’ve ever had the good fortune to nibble on!”
I laughed hard at this, for he had indeed spent a lot of time licking and sucking and fondling my breasts.  He had me moaning and begging for him get his dick wet, he teased me to breaking point that night … but back to our phone call.


“O that Mike!  How are you Hun?  What have you been up to?”
“Nothing much – just working and sleeping. Same old, same old.  Been thinking about you though, what have you been doing?”
“Lectures and assignments mostly.  A few of us went to that nightclub by the river, the one that’s got handcuffs as its logo.”
“Mmm Hmm – did you dance with anybody?”
“I might have done,”
“Did you go home with anybody?”
“No,” I chuckled, sensing a bit of jealousy.
“What did you wear?”  
“What do you mean what did I wear?”
“You know,” he spoke in a low, intimate voice “you always dress in such a sexy way.  I want to know what you wore – I want to imagine it.”
I had just thought of getting myself a coffee, but I didn’t want to stand in a queue describing what I had worn with people around me, listening, so I kept walking.
“Oh – I wore a sheer navy blouse, it has a slashed neck and full sleeves which have a slash in them too.  The back of the blouse is also slashed, so I wore a plum satin push up bra underneath.”
“That sounds delicious,” Mike breathed, “your skin is silky smooth.  Could you see the bra through the blouse?”
“A little bit.  The strap at the back is visible, but it’s a plunge bra so it fastens at the front, and enhances my cleavage.  Are you alone?” Suddenly I wondered how he could be asking me these questions from his workplace.
“I’m in an empty meeting room,” he replied “but stop stalling, what else did you wear?”
“A skirt.”
“No – tell me more, what kind of skirt?  Short or long?”
“A leather skirt,  above my knees,”
“Shoes or boots?”
“Shoes, very high heels, lots of straps, very sexy.” I did love those shoes, it was the first time I’d worn them but I adore the way a high heel tips a girl’s body, making her poke out both her bum and her boobs, and I feel ‘powerful’ when I have those extra 4 inches of height.
“What colour?”  
“The shoes are navy, with gilt on the heels, and the stockings I wore were navy too.”  I added, as I was feeling naughty.
“Stockings?!” I could almost hear Mike gulp and lick his lips.  “Did you wear hold ups?”
“O Mike-y Mike-y Mike,”  I said in a voice dripping with disappointment.  “What kind of girl do you take me for?  Of course not hold-ups … I wore suspenders.  A beautiful plum coloured suspender-belt to match my bra!”
I’m not sure Mike had expected me to describe my underwear, but I was on a roll now; something about the illicitness of talking about private things in a public place was making me  get heated up!  I could feel the familiar twisting and turning of the little she-devil in my loins, and there was a damp patch in my panties.  I saw a bench up ahead, with nothing nearby but a pot plant, so I took a seat and squeezed my thighs together, feeling the delicious thrill of my pussy getting moist and swollen.  I was wearing lacy boy shorts under my dress today and I could feel the lace chafing delightfully between my labia and the slight pull of the back seam which nestled between the cheeks of my butt.  Damn it’s great to be a girl!


“Mike …” I used a teasing voice, “is this getting you hard?”
“Fuck yes Freya!  You are such a hottie!  Where are you? Are you at home?”
“Nah – I’m shopping!”
Mike couldn’t believe his ears!  He thought I was talking so frankly because I was somewhere private, he practically spluttered with shock, which made me giggle at my naughtiness.
“Well I have things to buy Mike, so I had better get on.”
“No – wait Freya, don’t go.  What kind of things are you buying?”
“Underwear things.”
“Shit Freya, I wish I was shopping with you,” his voice became all husky with desire and a wicked thought crept into my mind.
“I could take you with me I suppose … tell you what I’m looking at, you can say what you like best.  I guess I could send you a selfie from the changing room …” I trailed off, equally shocked and excited by my own suggestion.
Mike was all for the plan and so I sashayed back to the main shopping floor again, in search of provocative underwear.  My nipples had puckered into tight points at the thought of lshowing Mike various bras and panties as I tried them on.  I was going to have to do it without making it obvious to the sales staff what I was up to, but the covert activity was  thrilling too.


Aha – here was a brand I recognized, so I strode into the shop and began to scan the items on display, which were helpfully grouped by colour and then size.  Surveys show that men are drawn to the super-tacky red and black items, which their wives and girlfriends always return for something more wearable, but these pictures were for Mike’s “spank-bank” so this would be ideal for my first X-rated fashion parade.  I selected something with a halter neck and red satin fabric.  The trimming was black eyelash lace and the panties which matched were very high cut at the front becoming a thong at the back.  I checked with Mike, who was hanging on the phone, and he thought that fishnet holdups would look best with this outfit.  I snagged a black satin sleep mask from a display of negligees and sauntered to the back of the store where the changing rooms were behind heavy curtains.


My heart sped up a little as I put down my bag and stepped out of my shoes, then it was a simple matter of undoing my button through dress and slipping my existing underwear off to replace it with the items I had selected.  The halter-neck of the bra held my breasts very high up, as they domed over the top of the fabric I was reminded of Nell Gwynn or a serving wench, but they did look tempting.  I slipped out of my damp underwear, and let my finger trail through the tiny landing strip on my pussy (my brazillian wax) – it came away shiny with my juices, which I licked.  Damn I loved to be bad!  I shimmied my hips into the thong – the changing room mirror reflected my breasts quivering invitingly.  Next I carefully unwrapped the stockings and pointed my toes to smooth one up each leg, until the rubbery elastic inside gripped the widest part of my thigh.  I surveyed the finished results. Hot!  Slutty but undeniably hot.  I fluffed my wavy hair round my shoulders in a tousled look, then slid the sleep mask on to hide my identity before holding my phone up to take a selfie in the mirror.  Pushing the mask up on my head I studied the picture – great!  I pressed send to Mike’s e-mail, then waited.  Moments later my phone vibrated (rather nice as I was holding it near my mound!) and Mike’s text: “Fuck!  You look awesome!”  showed up on the screen.
“Bend forward and let your tits spill over,” he texted  “and show me the knickers from behind.”
This excited me too, getting instructions (orders?) from a man.  I leaned over – yeah that looked good, the bra could barely contain my DD boobs.  I slid the mask on again and pressed the button on my phone.  Next I turned round and looked at the rear view – the lace & elastic which travelled between my arse cheeks was black, and the colour against my pale skin was dramatic. I put my hand on my hip provocatively and snapped a picture over my shoulder without turning my head.  I sent these 2 to Mike.  Almost immediately he replied back.
“You are making me drool!”
“Which bit of you?” I replied, with a naughty winking emoticon, imagining precum gathering at the tip of his hard penis.
“Both ends” was his reply with a laughing face emoticon.


Two can play at this game I thought.
“I want you to stroke yourself.”  I texted.
There was a little delay, then he texted back “I’ve put a chair under the door handle.  OK I am stroking myself now.  You look like a slut-vixen and I love it.”
“What would you want to do to me wearing this?” I texted back, my hands a little shaky.  I could feel more moisture gathering at my entrance.
“You look cheap and dirty, like you are up for anything.  I would make you kneel in front of me and suck my cock, and then I would come on your face and tits.
Mike’s text was like an electric current to my pussy, I was so shocked and aroused at his rough words and dominant answer that the thrill pulsed through me.
“I’d like that,” I texted back, licking my lips, “and then what?”
“Then I’d bend you over my Harley and fuck you doggy style!”
My knees went weak reading that, I felt my nipples harden.  The slickness between my lips had spread to my thighs and I wasn’t sure I could put the thong back on the hanger – not without tissuing it dry first!  I slung on the silky robe that hung in the changing room and padded out to the shop to choose another ‘ensemble’ for Mike’s delectation.


I spotted a rack of items which were aqua and turquoise, trimmed with black, and selected a bra and knickers in my size.  Next I homed in on some items in a combination of cream and chocolate coloured fabric and lace, and finally found a basque and thong.  I selected some very sheer, seamed stockings to go with these and walked purposefully back to the cubicle, drawing the curtain behind me.


“Which would you like to see first – aqua or brown?” I texted to Mike.
“Aqua babe – it makes me think of holidays and bikinis.  I could do you on the beach with the waves breaking over us.”
I let my mind wander to a holiday romance I’d had where my lover and I had stood chest deep in the sea and he had finger fucked me till I was so horny that I’d wrapped my legs around him monkey-style and he had fucked me with my bikini pulled to one side.  The water took our weight and supported us as he pounded into my pussy while pinching my nipples and groping my arse – we both came and came, it was definitely 5 stars on my all-time list of shags.


The briefs for the aqua outfit were boy-short style but low on the hips, the sides of them were criss-crosses of the aqua fabric which showed my skin through the diamond shaped gaps, and the fabric was stretchy with lycra.  They were cut high on the backside so that at least half an arse cheek was visible each side (which made my butt look really peachy) and they clung at the front giving quite a visible camel toe – not what you wanted in your outer clothes, but very sexy for undies – I was confident Mike would agree.  The bra was quite moulded with a hint of hidden padding – taking my boobs up to an E!  Saucy!  The black lace was overlaid on the cup and I was still wearing the fishnets from before.  Time to get Mike’s opinion.


“Hey stud, wouldn’t you like to be here right now, to tit-fuck me in this bra?!” I squeezed my arms together a little to press my cleavage into a deeper canyon and snapped a photo.  Checking it also displayed my engorged lips in the clinging briefs, I e-mailed it to poor, frustrated Mike.  Then I turned round and took a sassy picture of my pert rear view.
“O how I’d like to spank that bottom, to watch your booty jiggle!” came his swift reply.
“You are a she-devil Freya.” “ I am so hard it hurts!  I love you in that bra – buy it!!” I want to lie you down and lick you out when I see your pussy in those briefs.”  “Are you horny?” “ Your lips look so succulent … I cant deal … I’m so turned on right now.”
Mike’s texts came thick and fast – thank goodness my phone was on silent, but I was enjoying the vibrate feature as I pressed the phone to the front of my knickers and let it tingle on my clit.  A heavy langour was overtaking my limbs and I knew my arousal was moving from I’m in the mood to I need something big and pulsing inside me soon.


I stepped out of the aqua panties – Mike was right, they looked awesome and I’d be purchasing them, probably the bra too.  As I released the hooks and eyes at the back, I was shocked how heavy my breasts felt as the support dropped away.  I studied them in the mirror, the nipples were hard like pebbles and the puckered skin a deep rosy colour. I pinched and rolled each nipple between finger and thumb and I longed to have a dildo or willing cock close to hand.  Never had I felt so horny from so little manual stimulation.  I ran my hands up my thighs and over my stomach, then I held my index and my middle finger together and slid it deep inside my pussy, allowing my thumb to stroke my straining clit.  I bit my lip to avoid moaning out loud but the relief and the delight was intense.  I held my phone so that it took a picture of me frigging myself and I e-mailed it to Mike.


“Jeez Freya!” came the instant response, “Are you still in the shop?”
I reluctantly withdrew my fingers and wiped them with a tissue.  “Yes” I texted.
“I can’t bear the tease of it Babe!  I wish I was there to touch you like that.  I’m no longer in the meeting room, I’m in the toilet stall as I was nearly cumming!”
“Lets finish you off then Mike,” I pulled the basque towards me and began to put it on backwards – doing up all the hooks and eyes first – I felt it nipping me in at the waist.  Next I swivelled it round so that I could pour my heavy breasts into the demi-cups – they were entirely made of the latte coloured lace but were so low that half a nipple was clearly visible on each side.  The shoulder straps were detachable so I left them off, but I wanted to wear the stockings and the suspenders, so I un-stuck the hold-ups from my thighs and let them slide to the floor swapping them for the silky mink coloured stockings – super sheer and shiny but with a faux seam at the back which I took care to get straight. I remembered my Uncle Tony calling seamed stockings the stairway to heaven before my Aunt Val nudged him in the ribs and told him to ‘Shhh!’


Turning to the mirror I wonder if I actually need any knickers with this – the light brown straps of the suspenders and the darker stocking tops seem to make a frame around my pouting pussy. I let my eyes travel up over the creamy satin basque, tightly laced at the front with milk chocolate coloured ribbons – the boned bodice pulls my waist in with a delicious sensation of restriction, something I have always known I enjoy.  My breasts are squashed up and almost spill out of the lace, and my engorged nipples are plain to see.  As I arrange the mask to take the picture, I also pinch one nipple and bite my lip – I want this picture to be as horny and wanton as possible.  I want Mike to shoot his load when he sees me looking like an expensive concubine.  I send it then I step into my heels and turn to take a shot of my rear view, my bare bottom squashed into extra fullness by the boning of the corset – my lovely legs encased in the shadowy, glossy stockings.


“See anything you like?” I caption it, and send the photo to Mike.
His reply is almost instant “All of it! All of you!”  “I want you right now,” “my cock’s so swollen but so lonely.”  “Meet me tonight, I really want to fuck you.” “Never looked so horny.” “I’ve shot my load.”


So Mike’s got his rocks off, but what about me?  I pick through the items I’ve tried on, deciding to keep the turquoise blue stuff, and the fishnet stockings.  Also the red thong and the matching bra – it seemed to release Mike’s inner ‘thug’, but I’ve decided not to purchase the basque, I already have one I like better.  I put on my bra and button up my dress, stuffing my own knickers into my handbag – I’m going straight to the nearest ladies to ‘release the tension’.  At the till I call Mike and he gives his credit card details to the shop assistant to purchase the items for his own 1:1 X-rated fashion show.  I’m not sure if the shop assistants guessed what I was up to, but I’m past caring as I hurry to the rest rooms.


I get a nice clean stall to myself, hang my bags on a hook and reach into my handbag for my silver ‘bullet’ vibrator.  I twist it’s base and it begins it’s vigorous but silent waves of vibration.  I tease it around the lips of my cunt, standing with my legs a little apart, then I hold it against my clitoris and let the buzzing waves travel to my core, my free hand plucks at my nipple through my clothes, pinching and pressing hard – I’m way past delicate touches now.  As I feel the throbbing and clenching building inside me I press the silver bullet in-between the soaking folds of flesh and let myself pulse around it as I rub hard little circles over the top of my clit.  I have to bite my lip to suppress moans of pleasure but fuck that feels good, as I cum at last.  Wave after wave of pleasure and relief wash over me … and then I’m back in the room!  I wipe off the vibe and store it away once more, and step back into my knickers.  


Mike has texted me begging for a meet later tonight.  Yeah perhaps that would be nice, we can see how our little game pans out when he gets the full, 4D experience!
I missed the boat to submit this story for Marie Rebel’s #WickedWednesday meme – but I suggest you click the link to see who else is participating.

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