#SoSS – my first for October 2018.

There seem to be more entries on the #MasturbationMonday meme, this week it took me 2 nights to read all the entries, which  put me behind with the equally important #WickedWednesday posts, but I have found plenty to recommend this week.  It is also time to get nominating for Molly’s top 100 and on the 8th Kinkly‘ s blogger round up will openn for votes.  

Please be sure to give credit to the blogs you regularly visit and whose content you enjoy – an important point to be making on Share our Shit Saturday!

CW: #punishment #nonconsent #restraint

This stripe almost stings to look at it!

Rachel Woe is a new writer to me, but after reading her tale of a divorcee wading into love again, I am a devotee! 

Kisungura writes a very erotic yet disturbing tale, ideal for “teachers” picture prompt  #abuseofpower

What a sexy club Purple’sGem describes, and what a lapdance

Rebel has found her sexy connection again!  

This sex scene has an imbalance of power, but unexpectedly so! 

What could a sex toy mean to you? Sexy yet poignant. #humiliation

Would you take Miss Kitty’s bus to school, or prefer to meet her at her night job? 

Tarot cards can be sexy and spooky, especially the way Lucy tells it!  

This week, I have shared these posts on my blog:


Sinful Sunday :  Picture – I touch myself


Masturbation Monday : – Fantasy


Wicked Wednesday : – Story


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    It's long overdue, but still a heartfelt thank you for mentioning my post.

    Rebel xox

    PS: I had this on my screen since the day you posted. Running way behind with these things :/

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