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Joe and Beth had the house to themselves.  They had just taken Polo, their little white west-highland terrier out for a walk around the nearby park, the early autumn sun slanted through the trees and their four-legged companion had enjoyed snuffling about amongst the leaves and prickly horse chestnut shells which had fallen to the ground.  Strolling around the paths between flower beds and grassy spaces their hands had linked because still, after several years of marriage, they enjoyed each other’s company.

Now Polo was snoring under a blanket in his dog bed so, entwining fingers again, Beth pulled Joe upstairs behind her, giving her hips an extra wiggle to lure him on!

“I have a little something for you to try.”  She smiled a secretively  and pressed gently on his shoulders to seat him on the bed.  She foraged in her bedside cabinet, producing a small black box with a flourish.

“What’s that?”  Joe was curious.

“A guybrator.  I charged it up earlier.  I read a review raving about how great it felt so ordered it for you to try.”

She removed the black toy from its packaging, it looked a little like a napkin ring and was worn around the cock like a sleeve.

“Let’s get it on before you get too hard!”  Beth impatiently tugged at the flies of her lover’s jeans, his jersey boxers revealed that his anticipation, which was already making him bulge.

They giggled as they fed his cock through, like a fleshy belt through a buckle then Beth checked the instructions to determine where the activation button was.  Joe set it buzzing and then scrolled through the different speeds, selecting a low one which he pronounced felt nice.

“What are you going to do?”  Joe struggled to wipe the beatific grin off his face.

“I’m going to interview you!”  Beth sat down beside him, resting a notebook on her knee, pen poised over the paper.

Joe laughed nervously, “Really?” he still hadn’t quite got used to the idea of his wife as a toy tester.

“What does it feel like?  Do you like it?”

“It feels great!  Yeah, I like it.”

“God, this is going to be a fascinating review!” she huffed.  “Could you give a bit more detail?”

“It’s getting me horny.”
“God yeah, you look big!” Beth admired his cock held firmly in the fist like grip of the guybrator, the black silicone was stark against his skin, which still showed the white outline where he’d worn trunks on their holiday.

Joe smirked and looked down at himself.  He was still getting used to the look of his chest without hair, he’d had it waxed before they flew out, and it’d barely grown back.  Beth appreciated how it showed off his muscle definition, Joe liked to visit the gym and worked hard to make sure he stayed strong as well as fit.

“Can you help me?” Joe asked with pleading eyes.

Beth eyed him sternly and tapped her pad with the tip of her biro.

“Pleeeeaaase” he wheedled, so she took pity on him.

Reaching into her bedside cabinet  Beth rummaged to locate a tester of lube.  The packet said it had ‘warming’ properties so ripping it open she rubbed the clear gel onto Joe’s neat pink nipples.  His groan of pleasure caused a fist to tighten in her gut.  Beth swirled her fingers around his aureola, knowing it electrified his erection.   Watching his face confirmed it was having the desired effect.

“Feels nice, eh?” she observed, nodding at the drool of precum leaking from Joe’s stiff tool.

“Mmmmm, but I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to make me cum.”

Beth tweaked at his nipples into hard, peaked nubs.  It wasn’t easy to pinch or twist at them, slippery as they were with lube, so she used her nail tip to tease, slicing across and around the stalk of each one in turn.  Joe’s hips began to buck, a groan crept unbidden from his lips.

Beth felt a trickle of moisture leak out of her pussy, it really turned her on to have the power to deliver pleasure to her man.  Joe was fisting his cock now.  Over the top of the guybrator he grasped his foreskin between his fingers and stroked it up and down over the tip of his shaft.

“Do you need to take it off?”  

Beth helped him remove the device which had buzzed him to a state of high arousal, allowing Joe to continue choking his cock up and down in a firm grip.  Each time he dragged his foreskin down she could see the throbbing head, engorged and purple with arousal.  His precum was copious, lubricating his movements and indicating how the vibrations had excited him.

While Joe wanked himself ever closer to release, Beth continued to stimulate his nipples, her long nails slicing back and forth, teasing the nerve endings hotwiring a connection to his groin revving his engine to fever pitch.  Beth noticed the tell-tale hitch of his scrotum, Joe’s balls tightened into his body.  Beth flicked and tweaked his nipples relentlessly until Joe groaned aloud while streaks of come spurted from his cock, trails decorating his firm abdomen.  Beth’s pussy clenched with sympathetic delight. 

“Great teamwork!” Joe exclaimed, pulling Beth in for a kiss. “What a lovely lazy way to spend a Saturday afternoon.”

This story is submitted for #WickedWednesday.  Please click on the link to see who else is participating – this week the prompt if you choose it is ‘Champion’.

The ‘adult toy’ featured in this piece of fiction is a Pulse from Hot Octopuss why not treat a penis-owning friend to hours of vibrating pleasure?

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    I tried some of that warming stuff – was great! and yes that sounds like a great way to spend a weekend afternoon 😉 x

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