Cam Girl Fantasy


This is my fantasy about being a cam girl 

Which I am submitting for #KoTW: Sex Workers & #MasturbationMonday

I haven’t much clue about the technical details, how I would publicise myself or gather money, but the idea of anonymous people watching me strip and touch myself gets me very wet.

I would get dressed up in something I consider sexy – pretty lacy and silky underwear is usually my go-to with stockings and suspenders and killer heels.  But it would depend on my mood really, because I also love some of the lighter fetish wear – latex, PVC and neoprene are arousing to wear and make me feel more powerful – I love they way they drag me in, shaping my body and restricting my movements.  Hold-up stockings or long boots work well with these types of outfits and I might throw in some fishnet for the fabulous way it shapes and hugs my skin, drawing people’s eyes to my curves.

I have a growing toy collection, but am sure if I was a cam-girl I’d have even more. I would set out a selection in plain sight of my camera, so that my audience could tell me what they’d like to see me play with and how they want me to use them.  

This is the crux of my arousal over this scenario – being told how to play and pleasure myself.  I wrote a post earlier this year about my curiosity about BDSM and how I could (possibly) fit it into my sex life.  I described my attraction to the idea of someone other having the control, but not wanting to totally hand over the reins.  Being a cam-girl would be ideal as the suggestions would come in from anonymous viewers but in the end I would be inserting the butt plugs, riding the dildo or clamping my own nipples!

I am shy by nature, but there is a bit of a show off under the surface!  I think once over my initial nerves I would be able to lose myself in the moment.  I would feel as if I had my armour on – my vampy make up : smoky eyes and glossy dark lips, false lashes and eyeliner flicks to give them some extra definition.  A wig would cover my real hair to disguise its colour and add length and I’d choose a delicious dark manicure for my nails.

I’d start by stroking my hands over my body, as I’d wish a lover to begin, emphasising my curves and smoothness.  I would to pinch and pluck at my nipples and sneak teasing fingers under the edges of my knickers and stocking tops, undoing zips or fasteners a little so my clothes loosened to bare more flesh.

Checking my laptop I’d take note of the comments I was getting: admiring remarks about my outfit or my breasts and legs.  Viewers already impatient to know if my pussy is wet.  Biting my lip I’d dip a finger inside me, sliding it along the cleft of my lips before sinking it into the hot depths of my snatch then showing my glistening lubrication to the camera.  Of course I’d lick my fingers and enjoy the taste of my excitement before rolling my nipples between cruel pinching fingers to drag them into hard, aching stalks.

My next prompt would be to show my tits, so I’d make a little striptease of this, turning my back to the camera as I unfastened my bra or loosened the laces of my corset to let my breasts spill over the strict confines of fabric and boning.  I’d show my audience how I like my breasts played with, stroking and cupping which leads to teasing touches which focus on the sensitive nipple area.  I’d keep up the pinching and pulling and slicing back and forth with my nails until the skin remained puckered into hard points and their throbbing sensitivity gave them the heavy feel of overripe fruit.

More suggestions and demands would pour in whilst I stoked up my arousal with breast play, so I’d fasten nipple suckers to my nips then reach for the lube and a medium sized butt plug.  Camera close up on the black silicone toy which I coat it liberally with clear gel, then I’d turn my back to my viewers and use a well lubed finger to tease my anal whorl.  I would look over my shoulder so that people could see my expression of anticipation and pleasure whilst fingering my butt.  In and out, up to the 2nd knuckle, before pressing the tip of the black toy to my secret place.  I would push the butt plug home – my sphincter suddenly giving in to the pressure so that the slight burn makes me gasp and then it slips inside me!  

I’d tell them how it felt, so full and so heavy, stretching me.  Moving about I would show it off to my audience, wiggling my curvy behind and pulling at my butt cheeks to fully display it’s bulbous grip held snug in my cleft.

My viewers would be clamouring for different things now, so I would announce that if I got enough money they could watch me fuck myself with a particular dildo.  Whilst I waited for the pledges to reach the target, I would use a wand to tease myself.  I’d let its rumbly vibrations stimulate my under-breast and cleavage, I’d trail it up the pale skin of my thighs above my stocking tops and I’d drive it over my swollen and dripping labia, before raising it to my mouth to lick off the glistening fluid.

The pledges don’t reached their target yet but someone wants to see my tormented nipples, so I release the suction, groaning as the blood rushes back to fill them.  I tease them with the rumbly vibes of the wand and my pelvis bucks with spasms of desire that I can’t control.

A sum of money is pledged for me to tease my clit so I kneel on the bed with legs spread wide, leaning back, pushing my pelvis towards the camera, I’d rub and pull at the very engorged flesh of my clitoral hood.  The rumbles would feel so good that my eyes drift shut and I bite my lip, indulging myself in the blissful sensations which wash over me, a warmth and well-being that would have me thrumming.  

I would check my laptop again and if my total had been reached I’d put the wand aside and take up the dildo.  I’d give a great show of giving the dildo oral sex, which my audience loves!  The pledges would increase and the brightly coloured silicone, now shiny with my saliva, would be presented to my throbbing pussy.  I’d ease it in slowly and gradually, being very vocal about how fucking awesome it feels, groaning because it’s such a full sensation to have it inside me while I have the butt plug inserted too!  My legs would be spread wide and my audience would clearly see the two-tone swirling colours of the phallic shaped dildo disappearing inside me before I slowly teased it out again, its reverse journey every bit as delicious as its penetration.

Once I had slid the dildo back inside me I would reach underneath me to agitate the head of the butt plug – oh my!  The sensory overload!  Then I’d continue the tease by stroking my stomach up to my tits to pluck at my nipples again – they’d hurt so good!  Pinching them would make my cunt pulse with lust and my hips buck.  I’d return one controlling hand to the dildo sunk deep inside me and the other hand would locate the wand.  

I’d hover it over my clit and look at the on-screen pledges – once they hit the pre-set figure I would press it to the side of my clitoral hood (directly on it would be too much) and let the sensations build. Fuckity-fuck it would be good!  To come undone in front of complete strangers, who are treating my like their sex-toy puppet, and have paid for the privilege of watching me pleasure myself, that would be the ultimate orgasm! I would cum and throb and buck and keep thrusting that dildo in and out of my slippery hole while my butt was throbbing and my juices would flow out of me in a slick of satisfaction.

Once I was spent, and the throbs had died back and my spread legs had begun to tremble I would withdraw the dildo and show it to my audience, smeared with opaque juices from my pulsing pussy.  A pledge might come in to fellate it clean, so I would gladly lick and suck it, who cares if my lipstick smears now?  The show is almost over!

My followers would get notification of my next show.  Another fan would get my used panties sent to him in the next day’s post, while the readers of my blog would enjoy my next sexy post with pictures to accompany it.  Sex sells, so I’d be happy to provide as long as it gives me pleasure too!

Shout out to Asrai whose serialised story More Than Friends inspired much of my cam-girl fantasy.


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9 thoughts on “Cam Girl Fantasy”

  1. You mention not knowing the ins and outs of camming, but the great thing about fantasy is that it doesn't matter whether you know the technical details of how something works in real life; if it works inside your own head, that's all that matters! 🙂

  2. I guess in many ways I was a cam girl for Michael when we were LDR. It is actually something I look back on with great fondness and have some very sexy memories too


  3. That is certainly hot – I know I could not do it though, I don't like any kind of performing – that's why I like my man to be dom in our sex life – I don't have to think about what i do – just looking like a slut and being treated like one by him turns us both on 😉 xx

  4. I love how much attention you gave to your fantasy, including things like describing the dildo as phallic; it could have been too easy to skip by something that most people think of anyway. And I know have thoughts of something I want to write 😀

  5. I'm with May on this, I don't think I could do the cam thing in reality but am pretty happy to do whatever G tells me to. This is very hot though and I can see why people do it for a living.

  6. First of all, "anal whorl" might be my favourite part of this whole piece. And I don't always love the blow-by-blow (heh) style of narrative, but the heat in this piece was never compromised – you nailed painting this word picture every step of the way. Super hot!

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