Pretty in Pink
By: The Psychedelic Furs


… Pretty in pink, isn’t she?
Pretty in pink, isn’t she?
All of her lovers all


Talk of her notes and the


Flowers that they never sent


And wasn’t she easy


Isn’t she pretty in pink?


The one who insists he was


First in the line is the


Last to remember her name


He’s walking around in this


Dress that she wore


She is gone, but the


Joke’s the same


Pretty in pink, isn’t she?


Pretty in pink, isn’t she?
Iconic song from an equally iconic movie.
My picture is about being impatient … 
To try on your latest purchase

To pleasure yourself,

luxuriating in delightful endorphins …

You decide!

Sinful Sunday lips

If you want to see who else is sinning, click the link!


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