Mind the Gap (part 3)

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(You’re reading Part 3 -may I suggest you read Parts 1 & 2 first!)
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I hadn’t got naked in front of anyone new for nearly 4 years, so I should’ve been nervous.  I was so caught up in the moment, however, that I barely thought what I looked like, I was so eager to unwrap this delicious viking treat!  Pressed against his lean and hard young body we kissed and shed clothes! I ran my hands over his shoulders, pushing off his grey hoodie.  I tried not to wince in sympathy when I noticed the multi-coloured bruising around his ribs.

Hamish was not so subtle when he lifted the sweater over my head, he groaned his appreciation of my green bra with breasts jiggling invitingly in its lacy confines.  It felt wonderfully powerful being so admired – Hamish was reminiscent of a cartoon character whose tongue rolls out of his mouth like red carpet!  He pressed his hands to my abdomen to unfasten my jeans, then began to peel them down my legs, sinking to his knees so he could kiss the path of bare skin he revealed.  Sensations of lust curled and swirled in my belly and goosebumps raised on my skin.  His butterfly kisses were delightful. Looking down on his silky blonde hair I was tempted to grab a handful to pull his face into my pubis, but I decided to let him do things his way.

His smooth hands grasped my buttocks and  I thought he would pull me onto his face. My anticipation was escalating to fever pitch, but he bypassed my melting folds and simply dragged my scanty lace underwear down with his thumbs.

“Wait a minute!  First let’s take my boots off!”

I balanced on one foot, he pulled at my long boots, then helped drag my jeans from my legs.  When I popped his fly buttons open I was delighted to see his boxers distorted by a delicious bulge!  There was a damp stain of pre-cum and when I drew the waistband down an impressive cock sprang free, engorged and curving slightly towards his smooth belly.  

Sinking to my knees on his mattress, which was on the floor, I opened my mouth to swirl my tongue around his glossy helmet.  I looked up in Hamish’s face, and he was biting his lip, watching me intently.  Great!  I maintained eye contact as I enveloped his cock in my mouth, fastening my lips around his girth to move slowly up and down.  I wasn’t able to deep throat him, but I took as much in my mouth as I could. I used one hand to tighten round the base of his member, bobbing up and down with a tight grip combined with constant mouth suction.  It felt good to me, I liked when the tip touched the back of my throat, my pussy throbbed with appreciation.

It felt good to him too!  He sank his fingers in my hair and thrust his hips gently into my face.  When he began to shudder and tense, I pulled back, clear strings of saliva still connected my mouth with his dick.

“Did you say you had some condoms?”  I enquired, a glint in my eyes.

Hamish grabbed a small decorative wooden box, removed a foil packet and tore off the corner with his teeth.  I watched as he pinched the tip and rolled it down his length, then we tugged his jeans off and sank down onto the mattress.  He pulled me on top of him, reaching behind me to unfasten my bra – but then he groaned – not in a happy way.

“What’s the matter?”

“My ribs,” he moaned, his eyes squeezed shut.

“Oh God, I’m sorry!”  I was mortified, rolling off him onto his good side.

“S’ok.  Please don’t stop.”  His eyes were wide now.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, go on top.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

I felt his gaze on my neatly trimmed pussy as I straddled his hips.  There was no bruising around that area, so I felt more confident I wasn’t causing him pain.  Hamish watched me like a kid in a sweet shop as I slowly drew the zip at my cleavage down to reveal my breasts.

He had a firm grip on my hips, digging his fingers in just how I’d dreamed he would, as I rose high above his slender cock to tease it between my slippery lips.  It felt divine when it brushed against my thrumming clit and I teased myself for a few moments, but Hamish was impatient, pulling me onto him, impaling me on his length, to fill my slot.  He thrust up with his hips as I sank down and ground against him, using my upper leg muscles to rise and fall like a pony on a carousel pole.

A vortex of pleasure began to build inside me, while a flush crept over my skin.  I looked down at the young buck beneath me, his golden hair fanned out on the pillow and a sheen of exertion on his brow.  His face was contorted with pleasure and I realised he wouldn’t last much longer.  I was, however, not as near the peak of my pleasure; condoms always slow things down for me, and my clitoris doesn’t get the stimulation it needs when I’m on top.  Time to get creative!  I leaned forward to kiss Hamish while sneaking a hand in between us to rub and strum my little bud.

A great plan, but hatched too late!  Hamish began to buck up into me in such a way that I knew he was cumming.  I continued to bob onto his thrusts whilst clenching my muscles to squeeze his cock.  He gasped and grunted, involuntary twitches running shock-like through his torso.  I still felt thrills and pleasure at our coupling, but I couldn’t climax.  It was like shooting for a goal and missing, not the delightful release that I’d yearned for.  The tenseness of my arousal sat coiled within me like an unfinished sentence.

Hamish was all delight and satisfaction, a puppy who’s had his tummy rubbed.  He pulled me to his un-bruised side and kissed me deeply, fondling my breasts as if sculpting them into shape.  I tried to embrace the moment, this handsome young guy was into me, we had the house to ourselves and several more days before my vacation was over. I had high hopes it would be better next time, once we were more familiar with the geography of one another.

“So Posy, I promised you supper,” he smiled.  Rising to his feet, Hamish moved awkwardly on his sore leg, dragging his boxers and jeans back up to fasten them.

“Yes, thank you.  I’ll be down in a minute.” 

I found the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit.  My make-up had smudged and my hair looked slightly wild!  I tried to dismiss it, but felt the now familiar cramp of frustration inside, a hard, aching ball in my gut. I was so disappointed, our early kisses and fiery touches had seemed so promising, but all they’d done was rev my motor!   

I didn’t want to bruise his ego, but I was definitely going to use my experience to guide Hamish.  It seemed he might need this older woman to show him what he was missing, and I bet he’d be up for another session once we’d grabbed something to eat!

The luscious underwear photo is, as previously, provided by Petra Pan.

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11 thoughts on “Mind the Gap (part 3)”

  1. Oh my, that was fantastic. I absolutely love the honesty of him not bringing you to climax this first time, it's unexpected and feels realistic. After all, he's young and inexperienced. Beautiful, but we all recognise that gnawing need left over afterwards 😉

    Absolutely fell in love with this story!

  2. Well, it's about time, Posy! But 'good things are worth waiting for' they say, and I was not disappointed. By the second paragraph I was beginning to get an erection and by the end of your story… well let's just say… it was a great read.

  3. Thank you all for such constructive and encouraging comments. They are just what I needed as this storyline had me worrying – but you've reassured me it's OK to not always have the ideal happy ending.

  4. A spicy number for sure! I do hope he learned how to give a little of the pleasure that was needed. Can’t leave a girl unsatisfied!

    Cara T

  5. Oo, do lovely, Posy. I decided to take a break and read someone else on the hop- I don't always make it to that since I'm still trying to push out more words with how my CPTSD messed up my writing. I do love the way you describe the physicality; as I'm not cishet, I find quite a few male/female pairings routine and uninteresting.

  6. I really liked this. In my dream (with the younger man) I didn't find as much satisfaction in certain elements as I'd wanted (in the dream, lol) but everything else was so good, it was fine. That's why I want to get back to it, so I can show him how to make it even better next time, lol.

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